Pets for childs

The Perfect Pet on the Move

Moving to a new house or transferring to another place may be inevitable at times. And since your pet is already considered a member of your family, it is just natural to bring them along. Of course you would not have painstakingly taken care of it just to leave it behind. After all it is not easy to find the perfect pet for your kids. Here are some guidelines on how to safely move your beloved pets.

Devise a Plan Ahead

Planning in advance on how to go about the move will make it less stressful for both you and the pet. Gradually pack your pets belongings and as much as possible maintain the daily routine your pet is used to.

Purchase a Safe Carrier

In moving your pets, be sure to keep them safe by purchasing the appropriate carriers for them. Prepare the carrier ahead of time even before a few days of the day when you will be moving. This will help the pet get accustomed to the carrier by letting it stay there for some time each day. Once the pet will a get the feel of it, fussing or being ballistic on the day of the move will be avoided. For pets that are especially in need of sturdy carriers such as dogs and cats, make sure that it will not be too confining for them.

Buy a New ID or Tag for Your Pet

Upon knowing your new address, have a new pet ID or tag wherein your new address is indicated including your contact numbers. If this is not possible for such short time, be sure to obtain a distinct form of pet identification like a collar with imprinted information on it. A band may also be attached to the collar just make sure it does not dangle like a traditional tag. An updated tag will help you find your pet in case it will be lost during the move. A recent photo of your pet will also be helpful in case it will be lost.

Secure Your Pet

On the day of the move, place your pet in its carrier safely or if this is not available keep it inside a safe and confined place such as a bathroom to prevent it from escaping. Be sure to put a large sign outside the door and inform the movers about this.

Ensure a Safe Car Trip

If you will be travelling by your car, it will be necessary to restrain your pet. Never place an animal inside your car’s trunk. There won’t be enough ventilation for them which might result to their death. Check on them from time to time and never leave on their own during stop over. Weather changes are quite unpredictable and leaving your pet alone in the parking lot when a change in temperature occurs might be detrimental to their health. Also, a pet left on its own will be most vulnerable to other people harming or stealing them.

Consult Your Veterinarian

Schedule a consultation with your veterinarian prior to your move. With a professional advice, you will be well guided in going about the move and you could also be offered choices on medication or behavior modification that would make it less stressful for you and your pet. You may also need to procure additional vaccinations and obtain your pet’s health certificates depending on the destination.

Set Up Their New Home

Be sure to take with you all the necessary belongings of your pets and other things that are familiar to them to make it easier for your perfect pet to adapt.

The Perfect Pet Dog for Kids

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and may just be the perfect pet for the entire family. They are generally cute and cuddly. The best thing about them is the loyalty they possess and the unconditional love they can offer. However, dogs may be dangerous, produce a lot of noise, and a bit messy.

Also, taking care of dogs entails a great deal of dedication in terms of time and money. Walking them for exercise is necessary to keep them fit and may require a fenced area specific for them where they could play and thrive. Getting a dog for your kids will definitely mean that you have to give ample amount of your time since taking care of them might be perplexing for your children. If you are considering a dog as your child’s pet. Be sure to get a particular breed that is known to be great around kids. The American Staffordshire is one of the breed of dog suitable to kids.


These breed of dog originally came from a region in England called Staffordshire. They came to be during the nineteenth century when bulldogs were experimentally being cross bred with a variety of terriers. The result was a muscular, combative, and active Bullterriers. Later on they were brought to the United States.

The Americans preferred the breed but modifications on its appearance have been made. Breeders have made a way in order to increase its height and for it to have a more powerful head as compared to its relative Staffordshire Bull. Originally, these dogs are made for fighting. However, in the 1900s dog fighting were banned in the United States and resulted to the breed’s division into two strains. One is the developed as the show type while the other is labeled as the fighting strain.


Nowadays, the American Staffordshire is known to be a separate breed and not just a mix up of breeds. They are being bred in accordance to the American Staffordshire’s gentle nature and are generally good for kids. They are considered by many as outgoing, happy, confident, and stable dogs.

Being good natured, affectionate, and loyal are their endearing qualities that make them well loved by both adults and kids. Almost always extremely loyal and obedient, these dogs are bent on pleasing their master. This breed of dogs makes such a great pet to their owners. They are esteemed companions of man and when socialized at an early age will not be dangerous to little kids at all.

It is also a very courageous guard dog that is so vibrant with life and exudes agility. They can be trusted in police work and weight pulling. Most of the time, they act as watchdogs that will guard the domains of its owner really well. The breed is difficult to housebreak earning its prestige for being outstanding in guarding a property. With its extremely high tolerance for pain, they will really fight to the end.

As parents, be reminded of the pet you choose for your children. When it comes to acquiring a dog as a possible pet for your children, you have to be very mindful. Be sure to do a lot of research in order to ensure the safety of your kids. The best way to finding the perfect pet for your kids is by doing your homework.

The Legendary Perfect Pet

Legend of Cats

People from all over the world see cats as the perfect pet. Since time immemorial, there is a popular belief that cats do posses magical powers. From the fourteenth until the sixteenth century, most Europeans have a notion that witches would turn their enemies into cats. A strange cat that is left astray is thought of as a victim or a witch disguising to be one. Superstitions involving cats are commonly heard from then on. In fact, the black cat is feared to bring bad luck, misery, or cause a disease. Even a person’s death is attributed to a black cat’s unfortunate omen. Even in some parts of the world today such as Europe and the United States, there exists a fallacy that once a black cat crosses your path bad luck is sure to come your way.

Contrary to that, accounts about a cat’s heroism redeemed them to many. The most popular legend is that of « Puss in Boots ». The European fairy tale exemplified a cat as a protagonist who helped his owner in defeating an ogre and eventually marrying a princess. This story left a mark and endeared cats to many.

At present times versions of the cat magician have evolved and innovations have been adopted across cultures. In Asia, farmers from Indonesia bathe their cats as a customary ritual in order to implore the rain god for a rainfall. True enough, rain falls to irrigate the rice fields they plow. On the other hand, Romanians have a different belief about the cats’ control over fertility. For them placing a cat in a cradle would help recently married couples in having a baby. Newlyweds rock the cradle in order to have a baby very soon. In the meantime, sailors coming from various countries suppose that one could predict the weather condition especially storms at sea by merely observing the feline creature’s behavior. All these positive anecdotes ushered the cats’ fame in being a favorable household pet.

Cat’s Self Care

Cats are deemed to be affectionate and sweet animals. They are friendly and love being around human beings. Most of them are easy to have as pets. Handling them won’t be difficult since they have fairly light weighing barely four kilograms. Taking care of them is almost effortless. Unlike dogs, cats do not necessitate walks with their owners. Playing itself is considered enough exercise for them already. All they need is a pat or a stroke. Also, they do not take up much space and could just lie silently on a corner without proving to be a distraction to the people around. A purr coming from them is an indication that they are very relaxed. They like to stay in one place claiming it as their personal space. They hate travelling and it would take them some time to get used to the new place. For the most part of the day, majority of a cat’s time is spent sleeping particularly while their owner has left the house.

Grooming them does not require much especially the ones with short hair. Although they are neat squeaks, there is still no worry since all cats maintain their cleanliness by tidying themselves. Cats are extremely graceful and walk lightly on their feet. They love playing with balls of threads among other cat toys. Even when they are quite old, being playful is characteristic of them. Being independent is something that they are known for.

Cats would make a perfect pet for those who love to cuddle animals but do not have so much time to spare. They are ideal to be given to kids who are just learning to adapt to the responsibility of taking care of another living thing.

The Child’s Perfect Pet Bunny

A rabbit has been a traditional symbol of Easter. It is in this time when you could readily see them almost anywhere. These cute, huggable bunnies are being sold at the road side, parking lots, and in those pet shops. Putting them on display and making them look interesting is never a problem for merchants. The soft fur, twitchy nose, and pretty eyes are definitely hard to miss. In fact, any child who would look at them could never resist the rabbits’ charm. Because of this kids will not cease from bugging their parents to buy one for them and parents will have difficulty saying no since they themselves are besotted. Rabbits are truly adorable and their endearing nature makes them a perfect pet for kids.

Rabbits in History

These furry, little animals could be found in most regions of the world. They are able to survive in almost any sort of habitat. The domesticated rabbits we commonly see these days are descendants of wild ones coming from Europe. However, they are originally from the lands near the Mediterranean Sea.

During the ancient times, Romans raise rabbits not as pets but as food. They are a favorite because they are a good source of meat. They were kept outdoors in pens for them to proliferate and increase in number. In those times, wars were waging anywhere and since they were favored, Roman warriors and colonizers took rabbits with them to various parts of Europe. It has been that way until the coming of the Middle Ages during which French monks tamed wild rabbits and that started their domestication. It was in the sixteenth century when people began developing different breeds and kinds of domestic rabbits. To this day, the existing number of rabbit breeds is approximately fifty.

Traits of a Rabbit

What makes rabbits as interesting and exceptional as pets is that they remind people of the essence of kindness, patience, and gentleness. All these are wonderful values most parents want their children to imbibe. Having them as pets would bring a child closer to nature. Through them, kids would learn to take the time in appreciating even the most miniature things in life.

They may seem to be cumbersome animals but don’t be tricked by their charming appearance. Rabbits are much wiser that one think of them. Wild rabbits are being hunted by several numbers of predators which is mainly the reason why an evolution of traits occurred in order for them to survive. Even domestic rabbits possess this knack for survival. According to studies of animal behavior, rabbits in general have a 360 degree vision which allows them to see everything around them without even turning their heads. Sounds coming from various directions are picked up by the long ears that they have while the constantly wiggling nose are used in detecting and determining scents of both whom they see as enemies and friends.

Taking care of pet rabbits is quite easy and they are also trainable in the use of a litter box. Allow them some time to get used to the environment of your home and let them feel safe. After some time, they will have no qualms of playing with you. Be forewarned that they actually like to chew almost everything in sight. Be sure to keep those electrical wires from them. Feed them with carrots, apples, lettuce, and similar feeds.

For those who are fond of gardening, having rabbits around would come handy. Their droppings actually make a good fertilizer. This might be reason enough for you to consider them as the perfect pet for your kids.

Sources of a Perfect Pet

Acquiring the perfect pet is not as easy as you think. It entails a lot of decision making. First, you have to think thoroughly what animal would be most appropriate to give to your child and whether this is the opportune time to introduce a pet to your home. Once you have come up with the decision, it is important for you to consider where the soon to be member of your family should come from. There are several options you have to be regarded. Every single one of them has to offer.


Some people are attracted to a particular breed and for those who have a fetish on this, the only way to go is to a breeder. There are a number of advantages in getting a pet from a breeder. Just be sure to get a conscientious breeder. They will assure you that the animal you will be purchasing is purebred. The advantage of opting for this is that a wellness check done by a veterinarian is a guarantee. You will be provided with a pedigree and you could also ask about the animal’s relatives and how they fair. The genealogy of your pet is important in order for you to anticipate how your pet will turn out as it grows older. Through this, you can ascertain that your pet will look the way you expect it to and will most probably display the characteristics that you found endearing. However, this will mean that a larger amount of money might be involved since this would be an expensive source.


For those who are not very particular about their pet’s breed getting them from a shelter is a welcome possibility. There are several breeds available for adoption. Adopting from shelters does not decrease the possibility of the pet turning out exactly as expected. Acquiring a pet from shelters assures you that the animal has undergone a disease screening. Plus, you will also be provided with a history about the pet you adopted.

Most of the animals from a shelter come with a full history. Information that is deemed important in dealing with them will be given to you. This is necessary especially kids will be involved in handling their care. The good thing about getting a pet that is previously owned is that they have gained a fair training of basics. It is also easier to be aware of their personality as well. Having been domesticated, they have already adapted to human beings and would be a lot safer for children to be around.

Also, acquiring a pet from a shelter is just like hitting two birds with one stone. Usually, there will be no charges involved or if there is it would be very minimal. You not only get a pet through an inexpensive mean but you have actually saved a life. More often than not, the reason someone relinquishes or gives their pets away is numerous. Allergies to animals are primarily a reason. Another very common ground is a change in the previous owners living conditions. It would add to your gratification knowing that you are in fact showing kindness. This is yet another of those values you wish your children will imbibe.

The bottom line to all these is that wherever you get the newest member of your family from be sure to think things thoroughly. It is imperative that you know that you are certain you have chosen the perfect pet for your kids.

Perfect Pet for the Technophile Generation

Every parent would want the best for their children. Parents work hard in order to give the needs and even the whims of their kids. As much as possible they would give them everything they want. There are times though when what they ask is not within the capacity of the parents. Giving in to the children’s whims all the time is not a good idea. For parents who find themselves in situations when it is just impossible to give what the kids ask for, try to find for a replacement that will achieve the same effect as what is originally asked for. Take the case of finding a perfect pet for example.

The Compelling Reason

Having a pet seems to be a part of a one’s childhood. It is during this time when most kids would appeal to their parents to get a pet. However, introducing a real animal to the family entails compromises in various aspects of family life. Children are not the only ones who need to adjust; every family member should do his or her share to accommodate the new addition. Most of the time, it is the parents who carry the burden of making a big adjustment. Even if getting a pet is contrary to the parents’ wishes, they are compelled to give in knowing that it is essential in the fulfillment of childhood stage. For those families living in small apartments or children whose parents do not have the time to spare for pet care, you might just find the newest invention heaven sent.

The Pseudo Pet

Gupi, a mechanical guinea pig was released in the market just recently. It is a better version of the now defunct Sony Aibo. Although it is a product of robotic technology, it looks and feels like a real guinea pig complete with accessories to make play time lots of fun. It is awesomely autonomous and posses a playful behavior that is very interactive.

The gupi strolls around the house very realistically with the aid of its patented feet. You wouldn’t have to worry of bumps and collisions since it is guided by the sensors located in its eyes to avoid obstacles. It could even find its way out when walking through mazes. Its actions depend on its mood. Your caress will be detected by pressure sensors and will give it a feeling of being loved and it instantly becomes happy. It is very reactive to voices and sounds. Whenever happy, it will run towards the person calling it. Be sure not to make so much noise or too loud because this will scare the gupi away. If something scares the gupi, it runs away and hides into the dark. When no one plays with it and is being neglected, it becomes lonely and withdraws into a corner. After an hour of not having human interaction, it puts itself to sleeps as a way of power saving.

The carrots that come with it serve to replenish its energy. Whenever the gupi gets hungry, feeding it a carrot will revitalize it. With its renewed vitality, the gupi is fun to play with once again. Being a homing device is another of its three functions. Pressing the carrot will release an infrared beam which is detected by the gupi.

Others may think that this is just a toy but then again its being close to the real guinea pig makes it a way for parents to assess whether their child is ready for bigger responsibilities. For now, the gupi will serve as a perfect pet.

Perfect Pet for Beginners

The best idea for a child’s first pet is to give him or her hamster. They are adorable and fuzzy little creatures but nonetheless appealing. No matter what the size of an animal is, they all could be used as a means of teaching the value of love. The importance of finding the perfect pet is the experience that a child undergoes in taking care of it.

Differentiate Hamsters from Gerbils

Hamsters are different from gerbils in two very important ways. First, hamsters are more inclined to be solitary and that means they ideally live alone. Syrian hamsters should not be placed in just one cage together with the others. They cannot share their domain to others without constant fighting. Although, the Chinese and Russian breeds are able to live in pairs or groups, it should be done while they are still at a young age. On the other hand, gerbils must live in groups so it will be so unkind if you keep only one as a pet. If this is the case, the gerbil will be lonesome and miserable. Unlike hamsters, gerbils relish the idea of companions. When in a group, they will most probably spend a big part of their time cleaning one another and commonly sleep curled up together.

First Step

Hamsters are generally trouble free. Their need for care is very basic yet still a good way for children to learn the importance of responsibility and elicits affection from them. Mostly, caring for these little ones entail minimal chores. Naturally like any other living creature they need fresh food, water, and adequate air on a regular basis. Feed them well and provide them with potable water.

A good thing about them is that they you will have no problems with pungent odors since they do not have very overwhelming smell. Compared to other animals, they do not shed as much. Despite of them being rodents, these tiny ones are fairly sanitary animals. But of course their cage would still require cleaning one to two times a week to maintain their cleanliness.

In order to tame a new hamster, offering those treats is an excellent approach. Initially, they tend to be timid and nervous but their curiosity would lead them to you. Reach out your hand slowly inside the coop and allow them some time to sniff you at least twice day before you could actually start holding them in your hands. Speak to them with a gentle voice. Be calm and patient in dealing with them. Soon, they will get used to your presence and will most likely start climbing onto your hand.

Another great thing about them is that they can be acquired at a minimum cost and caring expenses is not pricey. All you need to buy is an appropriate cage together with an exercise wheel for them. This is also the only thing that would produce a bit of noise. Not to worry though, hamsters will not stay on the wheel all night long and even that is really inconsequential so they are usually quiet. Overall, whenever a child asks for a pet it is highly suggested that hamsters should be given to them. This will serve as a perfect pet for starting up. Let the child take one step at a time. Once the child’s capacity to take on the task is established and they become very dependable that will be the time when you can start pondering on other possible animals that are suitable as pets.

Guidelines in Getting the Perfect Pet

Seeing animals at pet shows and looking at how amazing they are would really melt one’s heart. The thought of having a pet crosses your mind and you remember that your children have been asking you to get one for months already. Suddenly, the idea of giving one as a present seems wonderful. Tempting as it is, don’t get a pet based on whims. Look for the perfect pet for your kids. Keep in mind that having a pet entails a lot of responsibilities. One should be well prepared before acquiring. The reason why some people could not continue with the task and end up relinquishing their pets to humane shelters is because they have undermined the duties that come with it. Avoid this eventuality from happening by bracing yourself to the challenge. Fulfilling the necessary preparations will definitely be of enormous help in ensuring that the pet will be taken care of and that it is provided with a happy home.

1. Ask your children why they want a pet.

Unfortunately, some people acquire a pet for the wrong reasons. It is the most important question to ask. Most of the time, their reason for wanting a pet will give you an idea of what type of pet they are looking for.

2. Ask your children what kind of pet they want.

Prior to adopting a pet, ask your kids what kind of animals they like best so you would not inadvertently bring home something that might end up scaring them. Discuss with them what they find endearing about the pet of choice and what would make them dislike it. It is imperative that you know what the child’s expectations are.

3. Research on the pet your kids want.

First, explore whether the animal of choice will best suit your children’s personality as well as the entire family’s lifestyle. Doing some research and finding factual data will save you from so much trouble in due course. Having comprehensive information about the pet your children want to have will give you ten steps ahead. Educate yourself well in order for you to have sufficient knowledge to impart to your kids. Read books or search the internet about the animal itself and the proper care it would require. Do some inquiry and ask for feedback from those who are in the know.

This includes breeders, veterinarians, rescue group volunteers, and pet owners themselves. Each one of them has their own perspective which may allow you to see things in a different light. It would be very beneficial to talk to people who have actual experience in taking care of that particular animal. The greater the number of people you interview, the more information you get before making the final decision.

4. Make sure the whole family is ready.

Once an animal is brought to the home, changes will surely occur. Pet care will inevitably soon become a part of your family’s ongoing obligations. Things like cleaning up the pet’s poop, its cage, including bathing and feeding the animal. Regardless of how mature a child is, constant supervision and guidance should be provided. As a parent you are expected to become the back up whenever something comes up which is beyond your child’s ability to handle.

Hopefully, the four points given above would be of assistance to you in finding the perfect pet for your kids.

Fishes are Perfect Pets for Small Kids

Fishes could be an amazing household pet. Among all the animals, they are the easiest to care for plus they don’t really take so much room. However, most kids lose their interest in fishes rather fast especially those children who want to have a pet which they can cuddle up with. They tend to be a bore for kids who are active and always on the go. That must be the reason why not too many would ask for a school of fish. Nonetheless, fishes can be the perfect pet.

Sensible Choice

Whenever parents think of granting their little kids’ plea for a pet, most often the choice is to give them a fish. Even with the little care it requires, they could still teach them how to be responsible in taking care of a living thing. Having a pet fish would instill in them the value of love and acceptance of simplicity.

Parents really have a great deal of accountability when it comes to introducing a pet to a child. They have to keep in mind the child’s well being and that of the pet. With fishes there is less threat to the child’s safety. It is ideal especially for a kid who easily gets tired of new things and just wants it for the novelty of having one. This would save the parents a lot of trouble in the long run since more often than not; it is them who are burdened with the duty once their child bails out.

Basic Rules

There are only a few things to remember in taking care of them. The rules are very basic and could easily be followed by little children. One, do not dump anything in the fish tank. Two, do not take the fish out of the water. Also, they need a minimal amount of day to day and weekly care. All you have to do is feed them adequately and clean the fish tank at least once a week. Keeping an aquarium of fish can be educational and an enjoyable experience.

First, consider the size of the tank that will be adequate for the fish to swim freely. The aquarium’s size will determine the number and kind of fish that you would get for the child. Second, think of the best place in your home where you can put the fish tank. Make sure that the stand serves as a good foundation will support the aquarium and in the right height so the child will have no difficulty reaching the brim during feeding time. Put it away from busy traffic to prevent it from being collided into. Place it where there is enough sunlight and ventilation. This would prevent mosquitoes from plaguing the area. However, placing it near a window where there too much sunlight would cause the water to turn green easily. When this happens, you will need to change the water more often. If there is no other place, you can solve the problem by covering the window with curtains.

After everything is set, teach your child the right amount of feeding. Overfeeding will result to the fishes’ death. Be sure that the child is under supervision when he or she does the feeding. Cleaning the tank could also be a time for the parent and child to bond. You will have to do it but have your kid assist you. The bulk of the chore is just about it. No matter how simple it may seem, the goal of turning your child into a responsible person could still be achieve. Thus, fishes could possibly be the perfect pet for your kids.

Choosing the Perfect Pet for Your Kids

Being responsible is a very important quality of a person. This trait is not gained in just a snap of a finger though. Acceptance of responsibilities is a long and winding process that should be inculcated in an individual as early as possible. Childhood is the most appropriate time for kids to learn how to be responsible. Teaching your kids the value of being responsible could start by giving them a pet. Through this you will be able to achieve your goal while your kids are having an eventful experience as well. However, you do not just give them any animal you could think of. Bear in mind that the length of time the will be with you may range from months to years. It will never be easy that is why you really have to choose the perfect pet for your kids.

Benefits of Having a Pet

Having pets brings a lot of benefits. Aside from learning the value of being responsible, pets could in fact give their owners unconditional love. They are very reliant to human beings for love and affection but give it back to you too. Be sure to really take care of them and you will feel their warmth for you. They may just stay where they are but once you approach them you would soon find out that they are regaled with your presence. They may not be able to speak how they feel but you could sense that certain warmth through their body language. Jumping excitedly, running towards you, or just staying by your side is their way of communication.

Pets have a great way of comforting kids especially when they are sick or having a bad day. They comfort people during the times of need. They may not do it exactly the way another person does but in their own way they would achieve the same goal.

Factors to Consider

Choosing a pet for children depends largely on a number of factors. The child’s current age is a key element in making the decision. Very young kids might unknowingly mishandle or hurt the pet. There is a possibility that they would pull, drop, or pick the pet improperly which would cause undue hurt or pain.

Health of all family members should also be considered. Some people have a hypersensitivity reaction to pets. Hairy animals will most probably exacerbate a person’s asthma attacks. In some instances, contact dermatitis may ensue in various parts of the body especially on those areas that constantly touch or adhere to the pet. Assess your family’s health status first to avoid them from happening. If you are not certain whether or not your children have allergies, allow them to spend some time at a pet owner’s house. This would help you gauge whether the pet is suitable for them and will not be detrimental to their health.

Another thing that you have to look into is the financial aspect. Determine how much can you allot for the pet and their care including food, vaccine, and grooming. Building an appropriate coop up for a particular animal might be more expensive than you think. Even animals require play pens too.

Apart from that, you have to consider how big your house is and how much space you could spare for the kid’s pet. Ample space will be needed in taking care of pets. If you have a rather small place, then choose an animal that would not require so much.

Having a pet would also entail apportioning the parents’ time. Even though the child promises to take on all the responsibilities, parents still end up helping out. It is important that you supervise your child while she performs the chores to make sure that everything is done right. It is only after a period of time when they could really manage.

Hopefully, the worst case scenario will not happen. Some kids get tired of the pet and the parents end up doing the chores or finding a pet sitter in some cases. In order to avoid this from happening it is important that you find the perfect pet for your kids.