Printable Halloween Masks

Have you ever thought about what makes Halloween so much fun? Are you jealous of the little ones because they get to have such a great time while all the adults are supposed to do is answer the door all night long?

Well, that is no longer the case. Halloween is no longer just for the kiddies. Halloween is a time for the grown-ups to have a howling good time as well, and one of the coolest ways to do that is to become a kid again. What better night is there for that than Halloween?

One of the greatest tools we adults have for making our own Halloween fun for our October celebration is the computer. If you are planning a Halloween party this year, why not make it a return-to-childhood Halloween theme? The computer offers all kinds of freebies that can make your Halloween childishly fantastic – from printable Halloween masks to coloring pages to great costume ideas to tips for decorating your house.

Before the big event, send out your invitations and make sure everyone knows you will be doing childlike things again as a part of this year’s Halloween fun. Here are things you can do:

Go online and get some printable Halloween masks. Give one to each party guest and have him or her color them in (if you choose the kind that need to be colored) and put them in a big box and let people pick their favorite to wear.

Or go online and get printable Halloween masks that don’t need to be colored in. Simply print them and follow the directions for applying some elastic and cutting out eyeholes. Then, as each person is greeted at your door, he hides his identity behind one of the printable Halloween masks. Everyone gets to be someone else for the night, and trust me, that’s one of the most fun things about Halloween.

You could even turn it into a guessing game if you like. The guests are required to arrive in costume – minus the mask. Then, each one gets one of the printable Halloween masks as they enter. The only one who knows who is who is the host; all the others have to guess who is behind the mask simply by observing the costume and the mannerisms of the hidden person.

Another option for a way to use printable Halloween masks is to tell everyone who is coming that they must arrive wearing a printable Halloween mask that they got off the Internet. That way, there is a little continuity and a theme is produced – the printable Halloween masks party.

When planning your adult get-together this Halloween, it can be so much fun and way cheap if you incorporate the use of your computer and use printable Halloween masks.

Organizing a Halloween Party

Are you running out of ideas to make the coming Halloween exciting? Perhaps, you could not think of other activities to facilitate other than the usual trick or treat and costume pageants. You could make the occasion livelier by culminating the day with a lively and extravagant costume party. Kids, teens, and parents surely would like the idea of having to attend a lively celebration after all the tasks and activities in the day. To make the party even more interesting, you could require all participants and guests to come in their full Halloween costumes. Rarely could parties be tolerated for costumes; only on Halloween. Thus, you should grab this opportunity.

Do you intend to organize a Halloween party? Doing so could be easy. Yes, it may sound and seem tedious at first, but as you go along, you would find yourself truly enjoying it. Begin the activity by planning the party. The first step should be conceptualizing. Aside from making the party a costume inspired one, why not think of many other creative twists to challenge all guests and make the activity more fun and livelier? Perhaps, you could ask families to come in full family costumes. You could also dwell away from the usual spooky costumes. Why not prefer popular superhero attires? Children and adults would surely love it.

Think of creative ideas to motivate and lure people. You could do so by thinking of a contest or competition that could serve as the main focus of the party. Perhaps, a costume competition would do. Make it a point to hand an award to a child or parent who is wearing the most creative and most convincing costume of all. This could double the excitement. Of course, everyone’s competitive side could emerge. Before you know it, all in your community would be very tediously preparing to win the costume award. It could be fun, challenging, and thrilling all at the same time.

Invite sponsors. It would be great if huge and attractive prizes would be given away for people who come in great costumes. The prizes may not have to come from your own pocket or the contributions of every parent in the neighborhood. You could solicit for generous sponsorship coming from various companies and businesses in your area. You may be surprised at how supportive such organizations could be. Of course, the party could be a great venue where they could promote their good and services and at the same time show their commitment to support community efforts.

Prepare for the food and beverages to be served. You could hire a catering service for the purpose. There are alternatives. Some sponsors could cover some food items. You could also try to organize a potluck party where everyone attending would bring his or her dish to be partaken by everyone in the party. Doing so could be fun as there would be a wide variety of food and drinks to be served in the great Halloween party.

Interesting Facts about Halloween

The name Halloween has been derived from the phrase ‘All Hallow Even. It is logical that the word ‘even’ has been shortened to e’en. It is even a shortened derivation of the word ‘evening’. The original phrase was even derived from an Old English phrase ‘Eallra Halgena afen.’ Now, that old English term is known as All Saints’ Day. Halloween is basically coinciding with the observance of All Saints’ Day on November 1. However, many Halloween parties and events are held on the eve of the 31st of October.

In the 800s AD, the Catholic Church has measured the day as beginning at sunset. This is in accordance to the Florentine calendar. It was believed that modern Halloween observance came directly from the Celtics in Ireland. Samhain is an old Irish word that means ‘summer’s end.’ The same festival was also observed by ancient Britons who called their celebrations as Calan Gaeaf. Samhain commemorates the end of the year’s lighter half and the start of the darker half. Thus, some people then called the occasion as their ‘Celtic New Year.’

Halloween has truly become customary. caring and being scared has become part of pure Halloween fun. Every year, you would notice that people are getting more and more creative in putting up unique Halloween ideas. Interestingly, some people are able to create freaky decors and unique looking foods without actually altering the way things are done. Do you want to scare the nerve out of your visitors this coming Halloween? You do not have to spend too much for it. Here are some practical and effective fun ideas.

Halloween has become synonymous to spirits. It was believed that wearing ghostly costumes and putting up scary decors could be a way to appease the harmful spirits that could roam around. Thus, most people try to wear spooky costumes and make their homes look scary to be able to avoid encountering problems with the third kind. To this day, this belief is still creating waves.

Halloween has always been associated with orange and black, now known as the universal Halloween colors. These are associated with the popular symbols like jack-o’ lantern. Aside from the decors, the colors, and the symbols, Halloween has been made even more fun and interesting by the many activities that have created a unique modern tradition. Observe that when you go to department stores, there could be color scheme featuring black and orange storewide.

The occasion is now known for fun tasks like trick or treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, pranks, watching of horror movies, and reading of ghost stories. Halloween has also become that time of the year when people sit back and hear stories and anecdotes about ghosts and paranormal encounters. This notion has created a great scare among children, who now are changing gears and are seeing Halloween more as a fun celebration.

No wonder, people from all walks of life are now looking up to and anticipating the fun Halloween experience. Every year is a different year for parties and celebrations.

Inexpensive Halloween Decors

Halloweens would be dull without decorations. In the ancient times, it was believed that Halloween decors were important in that they help drive away bad and harmful spirits. These days, such ornaments are considered part of the Halloween tradition. Enthusiastic decors provide expensive effects. Props are considered wickedly cool and spooky materials and costumes are musts. Most households even allot a significant amount of budget to fund various Halloween decorating tasks. But during this time of economic downturn, how could Halloween get spookier than ever without actually incurring high costs? Here are helpful and cool ideas to flame your imagination.

Halloween candlelight

Candlelight is so far the cheapest way to decorate Halloween. You could opt to purchase a hundred-bag of tea lights. Use creative containers that you could make on your own. You could put up and light such candles all around your house. It would look spectacular. Pumpkins or small hallowed-out gourds could do the trick. Also use small vases and drinking glasses and plain tea lights in a mantel to create an eerie atmosphere. Furthermore, arrange old and broken twigs in glasses near candles. You would be surprised how these could create spooky shadows.

Halloween bargains

The local dollar store would serve the purpose. Find and buy artificial spider webs and glow-in-the-dark skeletons. You could hung these materials all around the house to create a spooky atmosphere. In such bargain stores could also be found cheap costumes and inexpensive scary masks that you could also opt to put up in the ceiling as décor instead of wearing them. Your dollar would surely reach miles.

Improvised of home-made creatures

You could spice up your Halloween décor with a scarecrow. There is no need to spend much for that. Cut several old clothes and even newspapers into strips. Use these to stuff several other clothing so that you could creatively create a scarecrow. It could be that easy. You could hold all the materials together using a belt, safety pins, or threads. Opt to use a balloon with yarn as a head. A stuffed pillow case could also do. Put up a spooky face then add a hat to make a Halloween creature.

Post Halloween shopping

The best time to buy Halloween decors is right after Halloween. You could still catch some of those items at the department stores are retailers for a few days after the occasion. Why buy after Halloween? The idea is that price tags of all Halloween items during the period could be much cheaper. You may not have been able to use the decors in the recent Halloween, but mind you, you could store them up and keep them to be used in the coming Halloween next year. Thus, you would not have to spend on the next. This is more like wise shopping. Halloween decors never go out of style so there is no need to worry too much.

You could surely adapt some or all of those great Halloween ideas. Who says there is a need to spend much for the occasion?

How to Plan a Cheap Halloween Party

In just a few days, midnight will struck and your kids will be at it again. Don’t you just love Halloween but hate the days and weeks that come before it? And who can blame you? I think most moms will probably be pulling their hair right now in frustration because of costume problems and other party details. And with the economic crunch putting a sorry spell into the celebration, it will be harder this time of the year to organize a bigger and more elaborate party, what with the limited budget.

But you don’t have to spend big money in order to have a great Halloween party. You just need to use your head and take advantage of things that are already inside your house and look for bargains that will help you stay within your budget. Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you organize one of the best Halloween parties at really low low budget.

1. Recycle the old ones
Who says you cannot use the old costumes that your kids used the other year just because they are too small for you? If your kids are already too big to fit in any of those costumes, you can still use them as decorations inside the house or in the front yard. You can for instance, dress up a mannequin with the costumes and display them in the front yard. This can become a great Halloween mascot in your home.

Parts of the costumes can also serve other purposes. For instance, you can use the cape of the vampire as a table runner or use the witch’s hat as a place where kids can get their candies during trick or treat hours. You can reuse the masks and the baskets that are often with costumes and put them as centerpieces on the table. There are lots of other things that you can do.

2. Make your own
If your kids are only going to use it for the day and will not be going on a party, you won’t really need to buy an expensive costume. It is actually pretty easy to make your own costume. If you have no idea how and you are not so crafty, you can always download instructions from the internet or look at craft books that specialize on Halloween stuff.

You can even make your own Halloween trick or treat bags and Halloween place cards. There are a lot of things that you can make on your own. Make sure though that you compute the cost of all the materials and check if you really are going to spend less when you do the crafts. Sometimes, do it yourself projects can be much more expensive. So computer first.

3. Shop on sale
It will be already too late for this article as most sales have already come to pass. But you can still take advantage of the sales and promos after Halloween. Buy for next year if you have the extra money. If you don’t another option is to rent costumes. It will be vastly cheaper than buying one.

Halloween Preparation Made Easy

Here comes Halloween again and you are probably in pins and needles trying to prepare the house and the food and the trick and treat baskets and the costumes and the… Halloween can be a great event for kids but for their moms, it is a nightmare literally. Not only do they have to cut some things on the budget (which is now harder than before with the recession kicking in), they also have to make sure that everything is in order with the kids’ party get up and decorations at home. Below are some useful tips that moms and dads can check out to make their Halloween more fun and less stressful.

1. Recycle from last year
This is perhaps the secret of all moms who do not really stress out, come Halloween time. They reuse what they have used the last time and simply put them in other places or use the items differently. For instance, a costume that your kids cannot wear anywhere can become a scarecrow right outside the home or maybe a hanging vampire on your wall. A pair of baskets that will not really match the costumes of any of your kids this year can be filled with candies that you can display as a centerpiece. There are a lot of things that you can do with items that you have already used. It is not only less stressful to you but also to your budget.

2. Plan the whole year round
The wise parent will not wait the last minute for Halloween to come. He or she will be on the lookout for items for decorations and costumes for the next year months before. This is actually even better on your budget because you are able to take advantage of sales and discounts that will probably be coming right after the Halloween period. But don’t buy the chocolates in advance. They might get spoiled when Halloween comes.

You can also take advantage of the promos immediately after Halloween. This is the best time to shop as items that were not sold the week before will surely be sold on a discount now. Make sure though that you have somewhere to store the stuff that you bought. Otherwise, don’t buy. They might get destroyed. So weigh in all your options too.

3. Involve the whole family
Nothing beats having the whole family working with you. The job becomes small because it is divided into piecemeal sizes and you also get to hang with your kids and bond with them. Having these kind of activities will also help your kids realize just how hard it is to organize a Halloween party or to prepare their Halloween costumes.

Thus, they will be less demanding when it comes to changing costumes every year and less snooty when things do not go according to schedule. With them working with you, they will learn that it takes a lot of work and not just done with a swish of the mommy wand.

Halloween Party on a Budget

With the economic crunch, some people are seriously thinking of not participating in this year’s trick or treating celebration. But this is easier said than done if you have little kids who are looking forward to the event the whole year round. Explaining to these little kids that you don’t have the budget to buy new costumes and candies to give away will be harder to do.

But you don’t really need to have a big budget in order to organize a great Halloween party or to participate in a Halloween celebration. The most basic thing that you need is the costume and some candies. If you know how to properly budget and make use of your creativity, you can come up with both without really spending so much. Here are some ideas that might help you with your seemingly impossible task.

1. Rent a costume
Costumes need not be bought. You can always rent a costume for your kids. Make sure though that they are clean and disinfected before your kids wear them to avoid skin problems. There are numerous costume rental shops in the city. If you have a hard time looking for one, you can check out the directory or surf the internet for some listing.

2. Make your own costume
If your kids are only going to use the costume for a few hours of trick or treating and there is really no party that they need to attend, a simple costume can do. They don’t need anything elaborate. You can even make your own costume with the use of paper products. If you are not the crafty type, you can always look for patterns and easy to follow instructions on craft books and online.

3. Recycle old decors and costumes
If you have costumes in your attic that you will not be using, don’t let them rot inside there. You can reuse them by putting them in front of the yard as a scarecrow or a mascot. Costumes can also become a centerpiece on a table. Halloween baskets with Halloween costumes can also serve as casing for candies. There are lots of things that you can do for old costumes. Some can even be cut up and the fabric can be used to make new ones that your kids can wear. It’s all up to you. Let your imagination run wild and your creativity soar.

4. Check the online promos
Online shopping is actually not a hassle especially if you have lots of promos and discounts to avail. Some stores are promoting their online shops and are selling their products cheaper online. If you are on the lookout for a particular item, why not check out the online stores of the bigger chain stores and department stores like Target and Wal-mart. They offer lots of great deals for people. Make sure though that you check their delivery dates. The goods may be delivered to you too late if you do not look.

Halloween Games for Kids and Adults

Whether you decide to take the kids out for an hour of trick-or-treating and then come back for the party, or just forego the neighborhood wanderings this year, it is an absolute must that you have a fiendishly good time by playing Halloween games. This holiday is usually considered a kid’s day, but I like to think of Halloween as a time to become a kid again, and Halloween games – even if they are really designed to please the kiddies – can really be Halloween games for both kids and adults.

Here are some great ideas for Halloween games to make everyone giggle and have a good time:

• Pass the Pumpkin – This game is great fun and all you need are three pumpkins and some people. Just group up the players into groups of pretty even ability levels, or make it kids against the adults or boys against the girls if you like. Each group starts with a pumpkin and the first player passes it to another in the group. Then that person passes it on to someone else, and so on. The winning team is the team that does not drop the pumpkin. Ohhh…did I forget to mention, you should put some Crisco on the pumpkins first? Howling good fun! This is an outside game of course!
• Mummy Maniacs – This game is way cool and all you need is some white crepe paper or rolls of toilet paper. First, divide up the kids (or adults) into teams of two players each. One takes the paper and makes the other one into the mummy, being sure to wrap the legs together, not separately. Then, the non-mummies run around in a roped-off area, and it is the job of the mummies to “capture” an enemy partner. The first one to hug the enemy is the winner.
• Witches Broom Dancing – This is a variation on follow-the-leader, and all you need is a broom. Put all players in a circle. The first person takes the witch’s broom and dances around the circle with it. Then, she hands it to whatever player she chooses, and that person must imitate her dance exactly. If she doesn’t she sits down and another person takes a turn. The last player standing wins.
• Spider Sack Relay Race – This game makes players into spiders and requires just a little forethought and before-the-party preparation. All you need are three old pairs of panty hose and some old rags to stuff inside them. Put the rags in the legs of the pantyhose. Then, divide the players into three teams. The first player ties the pantyhose around his waist so that the legs dangle on his sides. He bends over and crawls on his hands and feet (or hands and knees, whichever) and goes to the finish line, where a teammate waits for him. Then, the teammate takes off the dangly pantyhose spider legs, and puts them on herself and crawls back to the beginning. Play continues until all players have crawled. First team to get everyone across a finish line wins.

It’s easy to become a kid again on Halloween night and make it a special night with your friends and the kids. All you to do is put your thinking cap on and introduce everyone to one of the above games or another Halloween game you come up with.

Halloween for the Little Kids

Not everyone can go trick or treating. Little kids and toddlers can be handful to watch over especially during Halloween when there are a lot of people and kids run around all over the place. They are much too little and gullible to really realize the danger that they can possibly be in.

If you do not have an adult child who can go with your little ones to every house on Halloween, better rethink your decision to let him do it. These days, it is important that little kids have adults with them when they go out especially at night. With lots of people out on Halloween, your little one might get lost in the shuffle. It is important that one kid partners with one adult. This way, the buddy system will be working. If one of your kids do not have a partner and you cannot go, then stay at home. You can celebrate Halloween inside the house anyway. Here are some ways to celebrate at home with your little kids without boring them out.

1. Make Halloween crafts
This is by far the most effective activities for little kids and toddlers. They love colors and they love shapes. You can try making Halloween masks that they can wear during dinner or a visit to a relative’s house the next day. To minimize the cutting, cut the pieces yourself and then have them organize them and paste the parts onto each other. Make sure that you include lots of different colors for them to choose from. You can also ask them initially what mask they want to make and then prepare a set for each of them.

2. Bake a cake
Kids will love this activity because there are sweets and colors and eating involved. You can for instance ask them to help you bake a huge cake for dinner. Tell them that it will serve as the table’s centerpiece and they can help decorate it. They can also help you bake small cupcakes that they can personalize according to their favorite Halloween character. There are also cookies that you can do with Halloween cookie cutters that you can buy from any cookware and bakeware shop. There are lots of things that you can do with them in the kitchen. Make sure though that you keep away the sharp things from them. Give them instead plastic utensils that are not dangerous.

3. Scare people off
Trick or treating does not only involve going out and going to different houses. People in the house can also participate by giving candies to those outside and well… trying to scare them. You and your kids can thus enjoy the celebration while still inside the house. You can play a game and see who can scare the trick and treaters outside the most. You can have them give out the treats while in their costumes. For kids, it’s not actually the walking that’s great, it’s the costume and the feel of the occasion.

Halloween for Teens

They say Halloween is for children. How about teens? Many teenagers are also waiting for the occasion to come. That is because Halloween could be a great fun. You know for a fact that teens love fun, perhaps in the level as children do. Thus, it is also correct to assert that Halloween is for teens, too. Why? Teenagers surely are looking up to many exciting activities in the coming event. Surely, they may already be done with the traditional trick and treat. But they surely are counting up for more other Halloween activities. It is just natural for them.

Teenagers could use Halloween as an occasion to get opportunities to have fun with their groups or peers. You could surely find some teens in your community who may still stick to the traditional trick or treat. It could be truly fun seeing those teens still at it. Perhaps, you could tease them about the idea of the inappropriateness. They may not be serious anymore about the candies and goodies they may collect, but they could still gather for the sake of fun. On your part, perhaps you could give them a different stuff like pastries or other food stuff that they certainly would appreciate.

Do not be surprised to see teens with their groups during Halloween. Teenagers naturally stick with their peers. They could do something else aside from the traditional trick or treat. Do not underestimate their creativity. You may see a group of teens organizing a mini concert or a street dance as way of enjoying the occasion. They may showcase all their other talents to awe children and surprise adults. It may be truly be fun to watch out for what teens are up to on Halloween.

Of course, expect teenagers to actively participate in any Halloween party. If you are organizing one, do not forget to acknowledge their presence. You could think of specific activities in the party that would be directly participated in by teens. You could let them take their time. How about a fun and challenging competition or parlor game? Expect teens also to impress in their costumes. Indeed, they would not let children surpass and beat them when it comes to creative costumes. You should strive to motivate and inspire these people to sincerely participate in and attend in your organized party.

During such parties, allow teens to socialize by themselves. You should not break them away if ever it appears that they are creating their own faction in the Halloween party. They could take the opportunity to impress the opposite sex. Or they could simply hang out with their companions. Whatever they do, respect them and understand how being a teenage is different. You have passed that way in the past as well, you, of all the people, should be able to relate to them. This could be your advantage as well.

You could relate and think about Halloween activities that teens would surely like. Make this Halloween memorable to all teenagers in the community.