Retirement Gifts For Golfers

There is a common notion that golf is a common past time and sport of big shot entrepreneurs and businessmen. It also has a notion of being an exclusively elite sport, and not accessible by regular blue collared employees. However, this is not the real case as modernization and commercialization has brought these so called elite sports into the hands of the common worker.

This is because there need not be a sophisticated equipment to be acquired to make this happen. Unlike big game fishing and polo which needs a lot of resources to acquire a boat and a horse respectively, golfers just require a set of golf clubs, which are affordable. With this in mind, retirement gifts for golfers and aspiring ones are easier thought of.


Making retirement gifts in relation to golf personal is quite an easy task as you could easily accessorize the golfing equipment with items such as home made golf club pouches, and caddy covers. These can be crafted by knitting (that is if you are into knitting) or any similar craftsmanship requiring different materials.

Another idea is to tap into the fashion aspect of golfing which is to focus on the things worn by a golfer. You may even start setting a new trend in golfing apparel just by a good imagination and a timely combination of clothing design for your retiree.

The Usual

The most common and usual method of getting a retirement gift for golfers is to hop on to the nearest sports shop and get your retiree the things sold there. It may sound a little impersonal to just get the retiree a commercially sold gift but then this may prove really useful if the retiree is still starting to become a golfer. Definitely you would want to get him a golf club set first of all as this is the basic requirement to be able to play golf.

Furthermore, you may find what other things and accessories your retiree golfer may still need, and perhaps also contribute to your imaginative side on what things can be made to enhance the golfing equipment he may already have.

The commercially made golfing equipment is also a safe bet to acquire if you would want to make your retiree feel good and professional by having a named set of clubs, making him like a pro.

Gagged and Loaded

The fun part of choosing to give a gag gift instead is the novelty of such items to be created out of it. It also adds up to the lighter side of playing golf, have the golfer catch a few smirks and funny side comments from colleagues as they too are influenced and humored.

The gag gifts should be taken quite carefully as it may be a sensitive matter for some, especially those who are still starting out as newbie players. Gags as gifts in relation to golfing might be negatively taken and discourage or at least hinder their learning and progress as they are disturbed by the idea emphasized by the gag or joke given to them.

As for the veteran players who are already well adapted to the game, placement of a good gag gift on their retirement day would be quite lightening on their part as they would see golfing not necessarily as a way to relieve stress but to actually just have some fun and perhaps a little competition to whet the winning urge of an individual.

Retirement gifts for golfers are just a simple way to make your golfer friend enjoy life after career.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Most working women look forward to this day, when their superhuman endeavors come to a close. Days of juggling both work and being a good mother takes a toll on them. And most sons and daughters will always look up to them and wonder: “how in the world did they make it through?” With that said, a retirement gift should be in place for them. Something that rewards all the decades of hard work and it should be with that hint of sentimentality that makes it utterly priceless.


When it comes to gifts, women, of course, want something different from what men receive. They’re not into sports since it usually disrupts their delicate yet valuable nature. They want to be pampered rather then beaten up, so to speak.

A gift that fulfills this basic requirement is a yearlong membership to a spa. Those mesmerizing foot massages and that wonderful and endless feeling of bliss can already make the retiree jump for joy. Another is a gift basket. Let her rekindle her love affair with food and baking with’s selections that only feature the best quality apples, almonds, pears and a host of other fruits that sell for merely $90. You may also opt for their coffee basket that has two kinds of creamers, stir spoons and it also has tea cookies and bonbons.

You can also opt for the universal weakness of women: chocolate. In the internet, offers personalized mahogany boxes which you may engrave with anything you want and of course, has wonderful Swiss chocolates which may be handcrafted into anything that seems appropriate (the retiree’s favorite flower, perhaps?)

If you want the retiree to feel truly pampered, you may give her a roundtrip ticket across the world, letting her experience the rich cultures of other nations while staying in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. And don’t forget the shopping opportunities!

One may also opt for jewelry, but that’s probably the most uninspired gift one could give, right?

Don’t Forget the Children

But a woman cannot fully embrace retirement if there is no assurance if her children’s financial future isn’t secure. As a son or daughter, make sure you bring that off her back because nothing worries a mother more than her children having a tough time. So, you may give all the wonderful things for her but don’t forget that your happiness is what she keeps thinking about. Make sure that you’re already having the time of your life and there’s simply nothing for her to worry about.


Unlike men, there are more gifts one can think of to make the woman retiree as pleased as possible. It all hinges on one theme: pamper her and make her feel privileged. Douse her with luxury; offer her only the best. These are the things one must keep in mind when giving a retirement gift for a woman.

One must remember that the feeling of love and privilege is the dream of every supermom. So when retirement finally comes for her, when all the sacrifices she did for her children and all the hard work she has done to secure the family’s finances, it should be a time when she begins to embrace and taste the best life can give.

There are tons of options you can take. You may give a ticket to the world or a lifetime membership to a spa. Whatever it is, make sure it takes her giggle like an innocent little girl once again.

Retirement and Depression

It is not at all uncommon for people who have been used to
spending a lot of hours at work, to feel useless or as if
they aren’t worth anything anymore.

Retirement is the ending of one phase of life and the start
of a new one, so allow yourself or your partner the
separation time grievance period.

Often workplaces are a support system, and social network
as well as validation that we are worth something.

Here are some common signs of depression. Any, all, or a
combination of these may indicate a problem, or potential

Constant tiredness Reluctance to leave home Lack of
personal care Mood change A feeling of constant sadness
Lack of concentration Withdrawal from friends and family
Cease doing things that used to be enjoyed

The important thing to know is that depression can happen
to anyone and it isn’t something people can just snap out

People often put on a happy front even when depressed, it’s
the time the spend alone, that can signal depression.

Every single person in the world wants to feel they are
contributing and they have a purpose. Stopping work can
often take this away, especially if a close social base has
been formed in the workplace.

Make sure you are ready for retirement, many companies are
only too happy to have your continue beyond retirement age.
Be sure to seek help for depression, it is treatable, and
it is not a sign of weakness.

Retire On Permanent Holiday

It’s quite possible and done often, retirees are using
money to live on cruise ships and travel the world. Cruise
ships often cost around the same per day as a retirement
home, and there is no worry about maintenance, cleaning or
fresh linen.

Food is well taken care of, and so is entertainment. When
you want a change of scenery, swap ships and go see another
part of the world.

You might even find a neat place to buy a nice little
cottage and sun yourself everyday. Place like Costa Rica
are very popular.

Often the family home is too big once the family has grown.
As people move toward the permanent-holiday type of
retirement companies have residential cruise ships

These have everything you would ever need to live
comfortably. Here is one of the descriptions as found on

Unique in design, with all of the comforts and conveniences
of a sophisticated upscale retirement community or condo or

Health Care, pharmacy, groceries, entertainment, leisure
activities, golf, restaurants, World class spas, 24 hour
concierge, international banking, offshore bank and
financial service, business services, and more world class

Imagine, being able to travel around the world, within the
security and comfort of Your own home, and what you bring
along on Your trip, is everything.

Everything in Your ideal luxury home, Your complete
wardrobe, your interior accents, and your personal

Or you can use this as a second place to live. We’ll design
the interior and furnish it.

Retire from work-Not from life

Sometimes the reality of retirement can be a far cry from
the dreams of what retirement will be like. Many reasons
occur for this and it is quite common to go through a
perion of feeling down in the dumps.

Not planning properly is one reason for this. Plan ahead
and make it something to look forward to. A new stage in
life, a new door opening.

Retirement can fall short if your money situation isn’t as
flush as you’d expected, feeling bored or like you have no
purpose, may have the tendency to let depression creep up.

The important thing is the realize there are so many more
things you can do to contribute to your life. Allow
yourself to relax and know you deserve to take some
recreation time.

The very best way to get a boost is to try something new.

It can be difficult if unplanned illness or loss of a
spouse arises. Give yourself plenty of time to reconsider
your options.

Be sure to still plan activites and join some clubs to make
new friends if you need to. Remember it’s a big world and
there are thousands of things you can do.

There are also many support services available, so use
them. Most importantly, plan to live your life regardless
of what happens.

Sitting at home won’t replace that feeling, so find a few
interests and join some groups. You’ll find plenty of
kindred spirits and swapping stories will be fun.

Personally Made Unique Retirement Gifts

Make It Personal

Retirement gifts are part of a global tradition for the different industries to acknowledge the service of any worker or personnel, a company official, employee, or perhaps even a trustee. It is a way of showing a career person his worth and acknowledging what he has done for the maintenance of the company. It is also an added bonus for employees to work hard to be able to stay in the company for a longer period of time.

Companies and colleagues alike give out retirement gifts as a final commemoration of someone’s work portfolio. Nevertheless, the kind of retirement gifts is not limited by anything, but is instead flexible to be as unique as possible. Unique retirement gifts are anything but personally made or crafted.

Uniqueness Equals Non Conformity

For one, uniqueness of such a retirement gift should be considered as not commonly acquired in the commercial market, ordered from a third party manufacturing agency, or given to any other retiree from previous and even present retirement parties in an institution.

A unique retirement gift should be the first item of its kind in terms of tag, item type, occurrence of being given, or award. Furthermore, being unique in the simplest sense, the retirement gift should also exude some sort of distinguished prestige for a specific accomplishment of service. This would not only allow the retiree to personally claim that such a gift was meant for only one, but also raise self esteem for the self as well as others as they work hard to achieve such recognition.

In line with recognition, this is one of the most probable reasons for creating a unique retirement gift. A personally crafted gift makes it gain an identity that it has been crafted not by any commercial means but with the individual’s effort and passion in going through the trouble of making one.

Most probably, it may not be as extravagant as a car or a golf club, or anything of that sort which would require such complex machinery and equipment to create, but personally crafted unique retirement gifts could be anything, given the proper resources. Ever wonder why limited-edition, and order-based cars are so expensive and valuable? It is because these cars were crafted not in the industrial assembly line but are custom built, which adds up to the aesthetic and face value.

Personal Touch

What makes unique retirement gifts nicer and more valuable than any other extravagant commercial gifts is the personal touch. Even a kid who has no idea of such extravagance and complexity of creating lavish gifts or even acquiring them could still create a simple gift, by his own means, and present it as a retirement gift.

It never is limited by the sole occasion alone. Retirement gifts are classified as such only because it speaks of an event of a worker that he is formally stepping down from work. The gift’s essence in itself is pure and simple in the sense that it is a thing worth keeping. Nonetheless, unique retirement gifts is a combination of a pure intention to acknowledge someone’s work service and the parting of something worth keeping.

Uniqueness is only limited by the imagination. Even still, once a person has started to think of an idea of what to give a retiree by heart has already started to imbibe a personal touch to the unique retirement gift.

Military Retirement Gifts: Ten-Hut!


Military tradition is based on several centuries of honor and discipline, and has been imparted on each military personnel that has graced over the age-long existence. Year after year, new batches of fresh graduates from military academies begin a new frontier as soldiers. Each day as well, new veterans formally step down from active duty and also begin a new frontier as non-commissioned soldiers, living among civilians, enjoying a much more relaxed stated of living.

In stepping down from the service that a veteran has endured and enjoyed, a military retirement gift is going to be one of the best reminders of his life’s service to the protection of his state.

Retirement gifts could be generically crafted as mementos such as blankets, pillows, mugs, plaques, guns, and maybe even watches and fountain pens, each with a personalized engraving of the name, designation and rank of the retiree. However, there is also the option of making the retirement gift more specific. What make retirement gifts colorful in this career are the varied branches of the armed forces.

Each specific armed forces branch has its own specialized brand of military service and has its own way of distinguishing itself from the others. The type of retirement gifts would also be different in each branch as it would denote the uniqueness of that branch’s military tradition.

The Different Branches

There are basically four basic fields for the armed forces such as the Marines, Navy, Air Force, and the Army. These denote specific specializations for Amphibious, Sea, Air, and Land operations. Within these, more specialized and specific sub branches are made for a higher level of combat operations such as Green Berets, Snipers, Rangers, Airborne, Navy SEALs, and the like. Each of these categories boast its own identity as being the best among the best, and each veteran coming from each of these fields would definitely want something not less than what is best as they retire from active duty.

Retirement gifts for Navy retirees would have more of a Navy Feel to the souvenir if the object or thing would be about Boats, Gunships, or any part that would relate to these. The same goes for Air Force retirees, which would most appropriately be related to airplanes, bombs, a propeller, or the like. As for the ground forces, miniature scaled models of tanks, jeep, artillery, or guns make up most of the given retirement gifts.

What makes all these different branches come together though is a common gift given to all retiring personnel. This specific retirement gift not only holds all the information on the identity of such a retiree but also is imbibed with the honor and prestige of being in the armed forces itself known as a military ring.

This ring may just be an ordinary flashy piece of jewelry worn by people, but for the military, this is one of the most honor-distinguishing object other than a medal and formal recognition. This not only makes as a perfect retirement gift, but also a very valuable one in terms of being brought anywhere with the retiree.

Military again is based on honor and discipline, and until such time that a military man has already served his country, he would most definitely want to continue his pride and prestige in being part of the military workforce, with a military retirement gift such as a ring or a memorabilia.

Lighten Things Up With Retirement Jokes

Most people approach retirement in a gloomy countenance. They approach it as if it is a surrender to the hands fate and debilitation of the body. So it is important that one will help them realize that it is something to be accepted since it is an inevitable stage in one’s life. But how can one do that? It’s simple: poke fun at retirement.

Retirement jokes, like ones said on speeches are popular. Speeches tend to become emotional that it hinges every one in the room in a state of gloom and sympathy. But one can raise the bar in retirement jokes (without insulting the retiree, of course).


In addition to talking about the wonderful moments the speaker has shared with the retiree, he/she can add something that will lighten up the atmosphere. One may give a stone slab, which has inscriptions on it, “in advance”. Friends may also joke and call the retiree “grandfather” whenever the latter tries to reprimand the former in a conversation can also help lighten the mood. But don’t overdo it, of course.

Other gags that might be of interest is a wig with an unusual color like pink or purple, a follow up item to the joke that he may need a wig in the future. If he, in an inexplicable moment, declines it, say: “okay, then wear a paper bag instead if you get bald”. Always be ready whenever jokes don’t succeed; so keep those backup jokes ready!

Believe it or not, some service providers also write and sell personalized retirement speeches with witty jokes after understanding the personality and interests of the retiree. These companies usually add jokes about the retiree’s profession.

If one cannot find enough retirement jokes, a little visit to the bookstore can help a great deal. There are joke books that cover a wide range of topics, one of which is retirement. A little scan here and there will help inspire the reader if he/she isn’t the natural comedian. These may also be good retirement gifts as well, helping the retiree have a good laugh in one of those boring Tuesday afternoons.

There are also a lot of websites available on the net that provide a lot of jokes and free retirement e-books like The e-books that they have range from the “200 best things said about retirement” to “retirement wisdom you won’t get from your financial advisor”.


There is a lot of leeway one has on inserting jokes in a retirement party. If you know someone who is coming near to retirement, you can send an email or two which has retirement quotes like “retirement is when everyday is Saturday” and “retirement: goodbye tension, hello pension!” It is a good gesture and gives off the sense that you know what the future retiree is going through. Again, keep the retiree (future or not) off tension as much as possible and make him/her anticipate retirement with smile and not with a sigh as much as possible.

And when the retirement party does come, keep the same lighthearted approach, inserting jokes here and there and probably some gags like the ones said above. Not only will the retiree will be less fussy about retirement, he/she will focus more about the people who kept him happy on that bittersweet day, especially the one who gave him that weird pink wig.

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Their Legacy: Retirement Gift Ideas For Executives

For the elite people in the business industry, who have probably tasted the finer things in life, personalization is the key for the perfect retirement gift. It must be something that lets them remember their legacy in the corporation, where they had grinded it out for decades to get into the position of their dreams.

It must be related to their interests, where after successful deals and spot-on investments, where they relish in those activities that make them happy and fully human again. These two things are basic and necessary to help the former executives remember how they lived their lives, and of course, the one who thoughtfully gave it.

For the golfer

Nothing says leisure and passion more than the sport, golf. The demand of golf clubs, gloves and the like has soared over the years due to the advent of new industries like hedge fund investing and business solutions. More businesspeople simply mean more golfers since golf is the sport where most of them bond and get to know more about each other. Another evidence of which is that golf courses are becoming more commonplace in rising economies like China, where Mission Hills and many others are frequently advertised in sporting channels.

All it takes is some creativity. One can put their company logo, family seal or monogram in golf balls, markers, tees and golf bags to exude that certain kind of privilege only they can taste. And for those who love to bring along friends in the golf course, nothing says camaraderie more than personalized golf vests for the group of friends!

Also, in memorable tournaments with other golfers, a miniature personalized scoreboard print will also help bring out memories as much as photos do. With podium finishes and ranks immortalized, it will conjure up the spirit of competition and help the golfer (and other participants) again as if they’re playing and enjoying the sport right now.

Recreational Sports

Some executives spend their free time in casinos, where they flaunt their wealth and win more on the way. So to speak, such people live life on the fast lane, gaining and losing a lot as they go. For the perfect gift for these kinds of people, there should be items that represent his/her lifestyle, like a cigar personally blended or a cigar case and cutter with monograms. A customized card deck with logos that represent the retiree’s trade/industry can also be done for them.

One can also go for the classic expensive wine or champagne, where the taste of which reminds one, with its incomparable sparkle, of the good life. A 1787 Chateau Lafite, Cristal Brut and Clos du Mensil are on this list.

Letting these type of people taste privilege is integral to the perfect retirement gift for them. And cigar cases with monograms and expensive alcohol go a long way.


Nothing else reminds them of themselves and their lifestyles more than personalized items and things that represent their way of life. Giving these kinds of gifts to retiring executives hits it right on the spot; they should live their golden years the way they want it to be. And luxury and personalization will help you find the best retirement gift for them.