Getting a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is never complete without a wedding photographer.
He is the one who captures the best moments of the wedding
through his lens. Without the photographer and his
pictures, there would be no way to look back at the
ceremony after a few years.

Of course, the couple’s friends and relatives can take
pictures of the event, but nothing beats shots taken by a
professional wedding photographer.

First of all, only photographers have the access to some of
the finest moments of a wedding. Sometimes this is done to
prevent people from crowding in one place to take pictures
during the ceremony.

Then there are also times when the relatives and friends
would rather watch the ceremony than snap pictures of the

But how do wedding photographers take fantastic pictures?
Good photographers always visualize their pictures even
before snapping them. That’s why it isn’t surprising to see
them going to the venue at least a day before the wedding.

By doing so, they will be able to anticipate what happens
during the wedding and be able to decide on the best angle
to take the pictures.

Aside from that, photographers also have a wide array of
equipment that will help them get the job done. Couples
don’t need to worry about dim shots or shots that are out
of focus because wedding photographers will always come in

And since they already visualized their shots, the tools
that they will bring will be geared towards taking the best
pictures of the wedding.

Fun Wedding Photo Ideas.txt

Pictures are an integral part of any wedding. Newlyweds are usually thrilled to get their pictures back from the photographer so they can relive their special day. But there are many special activities you can build into a wedding that involve photos.

One fun idea that many brides employ is to take photos of everyone as they arrive at the wedding, almost like you do at a high school prom or company Christmas party. You can provide a backdrop and couples can pose either for a paid photographer or for whoever happens to pick up the camera. These pictures can be taken with a Polaroid camera for instant fun or with a disposable camera. If you want slightly higher quality photos, go for a digital camera.

This can be an excellent way to keep guests busy and happy until the « official » reception begins with the arrival of the bride and groom.

As an extension of that idea, you can take instant photos and create scrapbook pages or memory book pages with the photos. There can be supplies on hand so guests can create pages on site, or pages can be pre-made and photos simply placed into the prepared spaces. If guests don’t want to create pages on site, or the bride doesn’t want this particular activity going on, the photos can be saved for later. As a gift for the bride and groom, someone can create memory books with these photos.

If Polaroid cameras are used, another option is to have the people in the photo sign the Polaroid photo and place that in a basket somewhere. The bride and groom will enjoy looking at the photos later.

While it’s not a particularly unique idea, many brides like to provide disposable cameras on each table at the reception so guests can capture candid shots of the reception and the table guests. These photos can be added to the newlyweds’ wedding album or they can be placed into a separate album showing the wedding from the guests’ perspective.

Another fun activity sure to be entertaining is to create a « silent photo guess » area. Here’s how this works: before the wedding, someone close to the bride and groom collects pictures of the bride and groom at various stages in life. The photos should depict the bride and groom doing things, not at Christmas or with their first birthday cake. In other words, the photos should include some action, but it shouldn’t be obvious in the picture what has taken place or where the person is.

Much like a silent auction, people will come along and look at the photos, then take a silent guess as to what the photos show. They can write their guess on a piece of paper and put it in a numbered basket that corresponds with the number on the photo. Reading these guesses during the reception is entertaining and sure to be amusing. The bride or groom can provide the real answers. This is a particularly fun activity at a relatively small, family wedding where the participants know the bride and groom very well.

If you want to provide an area for guests to have their photos taken but aren’t thrilled with the « prom night » idea, how about having a photo corner set up somewhere in the reception hall or facility. Here, the wedding photographer will take candid shots of wedding guests. They might be couples, but could also be entire families, friends having a good time, or the groom being carried on the shoulders of the best man. Whatever the pictures end up being, they provide a fun, « let it all hang out » area for the wedding guests and a surprise for the bride and groom. Since they will likely be busy with all the reception details and having the time of THEIR lives, they might appreciate knowing their guests had a pretty good time too, as evidenced in the photos.


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Fun Wedding Music Activities

Music is as much a component of a good wedding as food and drink. You can have a wedding without music, but it’s likely it will seem a little quiet and dull. So whether you have a full live band, a string quartet, a DJ spinning tunes or recorded music from a boom box, it should be included.

But music’s not just for dancing. There are a myriad of activities you can plan around the music that will add an element of fun to your wedding.

One popular idea is to play musical chairs. Sure, this is a fun kid’s game and you don’t want to insult your guests in any way, but you can have some fun with this version of musical chairs. The chairs can be just about anything, from chairs lined up from the food tables, to the floor, if you think your guests might be open to sitting on the floor (and then having to get up and down again). One fun option is to use the men as the chairs – they kneel on the floor, with one knee on the floor and the other bent. The women sit lightly on the men’s’ knees as they are playing musical chairs. When either the man or woman falls down, that couple is out, until one couple is left.

Some brides and grooms like to play musical chairs in order to give away the table centerpiece, which many guests like to take home. Instead of assigning a number and awarding the centerpiece to the person in possession of that number, you have each table play musical chairs until the person left standing is the one that gets to take home the centerpiece.

How about a rousing game of « name that tune »? This is a game that’s best for a smaller, intimate wedding where everyone knows the bride and groom well. Prior to the wedding, whoever is planning the wedding should get a list of favorite songs of both the bride and groom. Create a CD of those songs, and then create a game of « name that tune ». Guests can be divided into teams and then be played just a small snippet of each song.

After guests hear that first snippet, they can then « bid » on how quickly they can name the tune. So one group might say they can name the tune in 10 seconds, while the other group might say 5 seconds. Once one group has bowed out, the other group will then have to « name that tune ». This is a fun game that gets everyone involved and which the bride and groom are particularly delighted by.

Depending on the style of the wedding, there are many fun games you can play to get the bride and groom out on the dance floor. Now, if this is a very large and very elegant wedding, this option might not work since there is certain decorum to maintain, but for a casual, fun, family-centered wedding some of these games can be fun.

If guests want to « call out » the wedding couple onto the dance floor, they can be asked to get out on the dance floor themselves first and hula hoop or perform their own version of a break dance. Much in the way guests sometimes have to « perform » to get the couple the kiss this is another way to get the guests involved and having fun in order to create fun wedding memories for the bride and groom.


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Fun Ideas For Unity Candles

If you are planning a wedding and plan to have a unity candle as part of the ceremony, you might want to think outside the box.

Traditionally, the unity candle involves three candles. The bride has one, the groom the other, and their two lighted candles light the third candle. This is done to represent the coming together of the two people to make one unit. In some alternate methods, family members are invited to participate in the unity candle lighting, often the mothers of the bride and groom, or other close members of the family. Each family then lights a candle, and together they light the unity candle to symbolize of the coming together of the families.

Now, there are a few twists you can add to this fairly conventional aspect of a wedding ceremony. You can provide each guest with an unlit candle when they arrive at the ceremony. After the couple lights the unity candle, they can ask the guests to move to the front of the church (or wherever the ceremony is being held) and light their candles with the lighted unity candle. This can take a bit of time and might be best with a smaller guest list. But it is a meaningful way to not only get your guests involved in the ceremony itself, but also symbolize the union of family and friends with the marriage.

If there is a large guest list and it would be a prohibitive waste of time to do a candle lighting involving everyone at the ceremony, some brides and grooms like to bring the unity candle to the reception. Light the candle again and provide each guest with a small votive candle (the candle holder will be on the tables at individual table settings). As guests come into the reception area or hall, they can light their votive and take it to their table to place into the votive holder. This small votive candle can double as a wedding favor, particularly if you decorate or enhance a plain votive candleholder in some way to coordinate with your wedding.

Of course, you can forget having a unity candle at the ceremony altogether. Many brides these days are trying to reduce the length of the ceremony and spend more time planning the reception. In that light, some choose to do away with a unity candle altogether. You can certainly do this, or you can cut it out of the ceremony and make it part of the reception.

To do this, you can use the votive candle option suggested above, or you can simply incorporate the unity candle lighting into the reception activities themselves. For example, you might choose a quiet moment in the reception to have a lighting of the unity candle. It might be during a short prayer prior to the serving of the meal, or right before the cake is cut. In this case, the unity candle can then be used as decoration on the cake table. As the bride and groom cut the cake and pieces are served to guests, the candle can also serve as a reminder of the couple’s new bond and that the bond is shared with all the guests as well.

Although having a unity candle at the wedding or reception isn’t necessary, it is certainly an option that many brides and grooms opt to include. But it’s important to remember that as with so much surrounding wedding planning there are ways to make it unique and interesting and special to the couple getting married.


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Finding the Best Wedding Videography Services to Capture Special Moments

For most women, they have been dreaming about all the details that they would want to happen on their wedding day. As the time nears for the occasion to finally come true, you will realize that it is not that easy to plan for your own fairy tale. If hiring a planner will cost too much, you have to accept your role and prepare on your own.

You must create a checklist of what must not be forgotten on this special day. Aside from all the glitz and glitter, the food, the venue and other matters, you must take note of the services that will handle your wedding videography. You would not want to miss out on having a souvenir from the one of most memorable dates of you and your partner’s life.

Keen Eyes for Special Moments

If you are planning on having someone who is not a professional in handling camera capture your wedding, you must think very hard about the decision. They may be your best friend or your closest relative, but if they are not adept in shooting for this kind of event, you won’t get the kind of satisfaction that you will have if you will get the services of someone who is a professional in this field.

If you are so concerned about the budget and you think that you cannot get the services of the pros, you should first ask about the matter before you decide about the matter. In the end, you can always do some adjustments, like maybe cancelling the more expensive flowers and opt for simpler kinds to be able to afford the video services of those who will be able to capture the whole event more dramatic and much more beautiful than what it would appear to be.

Before you decide on anything, you must first be briefed about the basic factors and things that you need to know about the topic. You must know the right people that can give you the best services at affordable rates. You can only achieve this if you will divulge on a brief research about this. You can begin by asking people around for recommendations.

If you see people with this kind of business near your area, you should also come up to them and ask about the packages that they can offer with the kind of budget that you can allot for the venture. You can also spend some time online and browse through various websites that deal with this topic. You may also want to try online forums where you can meet brides and grooms to be who are also searching for the kind of services that you are also looking for. You will be lucky to find the right people at these venues because you will be able to tell them your apprehensions about the matter.

Reasons for Choosing the Pros

There are many things that will happen on your wedding that won’t be easily captured by untrained eyes. This is the reason why you have to rely on the wedding videography services of those who have been into this kind of business for quite a time already. You would want to go back to the events to know the sidelights or even how you looked like months or years after you have tied the knot. You will have more reasons to smile and be proud about that moment if you will be able to view the whole occasion from the eyes of the professionals whom you have hired to document the festivities.

Aside from the proper training, they know what to shoot and what certain angles most clients are looking for. They can also ask for your suggestions when it comes to songs and other features that you may want to include on your video. They have the latest software that they can use to edit everything to make it appear dramatic and grand than how it really was.

Engagement Party Games

The engagement party is a time when the families of the couple will get to know one another. In some cases, this might be the first meeting between the two families or groups of friends and any icebreaker activity will be a welcome event.

In that light, whoever plans the engagement party (likely the bride’s family, but it can be the engaged couple or anyone else who wants to plan the party) should plan a few games and activities designed to help everyone get to know everyone else.

First up is a trivia game. Create a « Trivial Pursuit » type game with questions about the bride and groom’s lives. You might contain the questions to just facts and events relating to both the bride and groom (such as how long did it take her to say « yes » when he asked, where did he propose, where did they meet, etc), or you can include questions pertaining to their lives outside of each other and before they met each other. Not only can this be fun, but also it’s an entertaining way for people to get to know each other and the engaged couple better.

One popular icebreaker that’s used at corporate functions and company parties can also work really well at engagement parties. Tape a card to each person’s back and encourage him or her to work the room, mingle with everyone and particularly try to get to know someone they have never met before. Before moving on to someone else, be sure to make a comment about the person on the card on his or her back. Partiers write an impression of that person, such as « she seems sweet » or « he knows a lot about the weather ».

This icebreaker ends when the mingling session is over. The cards are then read one by one and people not only get to know each other better, but enjoy hearing all the comments people made about them. Try to ensure that comments are complimentary or somehow presented in a positive light. Hurtful comments, obviously, are not appropriate.

If this is truly the first time many of the guests have met, then another fun game involving the wearing of cards might be in order. In this game, each guest wears a card on their front that has their name on the front and a number on the back. They don’t share with anyone what their number is. Guests mingle and chat and get to know each other over the course of the evening.

Toward the end of the evening, the cards are flipped over and the number side is shown. Everyone gets a piece of paper and writes the numbers on the paper, then tries to correspond the name of someone with their number. This fun game can be hard for people who are bad with names, but it’s fun nonetheless.

For an activity that doesn’t put people on the spot quite so much, consider letting the already marrieds help out the to-be marrieds. Place two pieces of posterboard on the wall and mark them « advice from women » and « advice from men ». Now is the time to offer advice about wedding planning, not about being married. That advice can come later. Encourage guests to offer their own wedding planning advice. The advice from older people at the party could be decidedly different from the younger couples in the group, making for an enlightening group of comments.


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Digital wedding videography

Weddings are definitely a joyous occasion in one’s life. This is because to some, it only happens once in a lifetime. And since this event is very special, couples who are to be married would want to make sure to capture everything. The best option for this one is to have a reliable wedding videography coverage.

Because of the viability of income in this field, more and more people are getting into wedding videography business. If you are one of those who have plans of putting up a wedding videography venture, it is a must that you conduct a research about the trend of the times when it comes to technology.

Going digital

Like the traditional cameras or film cameras, videography has also changed its face and has turned digital. In important events such as weddings, gadgets such as the video camera are very important to ensure the quality of the shots.

If you are one of those who are planning to get into wedding videography venture, the major consideration is if you are going digital or not. In choosing video equipment fit for you, you must first weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using a digital one compared to the traditional or films. If you have been using or shooting with film, here are some of the differences you will have to adjust to once you shift with digital videography:

- battery. Majority of the digital video cameras that come out in the market today use batteries that are designed specifically for the unit. In film ones, disposable cell batteries are usually used. These require replacement depending on the type. Disposable cell batteries are single-use batteries that usually adhere to standard conventions and sizes and made up of lithium, alkaline, or oxy-alkaline. If you are using disposables, lithium is advisable because its lasts longer and can make the cameras speedier and faster. Disposables are also light and readily available in stores. In digital video cams, compact lithium batteries are usually used. In fact, digital cameras today one or more of a variety of battery types that may include disposable and rechargeable that usually require frequent replacement or recharging. Battery types in most digital video cameras include model-specific, universal rechargeable and also disposable.

- storage option. This can be the biggest advantage digital video cameras have over film video cameras. Digital video cameras use different media types as storage options such as CompactFlash Types I, II, Floppy disk, Hitachi Microdrive, Mini CD-R/RW, SD/MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick/Select, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro and xD-Picture Card that can be used and reused over and over again unlike in film video cameras that you have to use a rolls of films that come in different frame sizes and different sensitivities to light.

Buying video equipment

In fact, the primary thing that you need to consider is choosing and buying video equipment. These days, with so many options available in the market, finding the suitable video equipment such as video camera can be a tiresome yet significant task.

If you don’t know what you need and what you want, buying equipment for wedding videography is nothing simple. The first thing that you should do if you’re planning to buy a digital video camera is to conduct a research about he specifics you would want to have. List down all of these and then search for brands that offer the best quality of each specification.

Destination Wedding Activities

As brides get more and more creative in planning their weddings, locations weddings are becoming more and more popular. Although this might result in a smaller guest list, it can also result in some fun opportunities for activities.

Many brides like to have their weddings seaside, so they move the festivities to a beach locale, either on their local coast or somewhere more exotic like Jamaica or the Bahamas. In any event, there are several activities that can be planned around this theme. If the wedding is also a weekend event where guests will be around for more than just the wedding, the bride can plan a sailing excursion. Charter a boat for a day and bring your guests out on the water to relax, rejuvenate, and perhaps enjoy a meal.

If the wedding is in the Caribbean, how about a cooking demonstration? The bride and groom can arrange for the wedding guests to enjoy a complimentary cooking demonstration put on by the hotel or a local cook. Since much of the food the guests eat while visiting for the wedding will be different than what they eat at home, they might enjoy learning how to prepare it for home enjoyment.

Say the wedding is in Hawaii, another popular destination wedding location. Here, you can plan several activities around the location. For example, what about a luau? This could even take the place of a more formal or conventional sit-down rehearsal dinner.

In Hawaii, guests will enjoy a hula lesson. Depending on the age of your guests, be sure there is enough time between the wedding and the lesson for the resting of aching bones, in case there are any.

At the wedding itself, there are many ways to incorporate the location into the ceremony itself. At a beachside reception, you can play « pass the shell », where a large shell is passed around and guests « listen » for some advice from the other world. Once they get a piece of advice (really something they think of themselves) they share it with the bride and groom, either verbally, or it can be written into a book for the couple.

Other pre-wedding activities can include guided tours, shopping excursions and wine tasting activities (if applicable). If you choose to include any of these activities keep in mind that the bride and groom (or their families) are expected to pay for the bulk of them. If you arrange a sailing excursion, for example, you are expected to pick up the tab for the trip. Do not tell people ahead of time that the activity will be x dollars. It’s likely that won’t sit well with them.

Since one of the great benefits of the destination wedding is that only your closest friends and family will likely surround you, you can plan some meaningful activities that you wouldn’t plan if the wedding were a larger event. For example, you might plan a slumber party night with close friends that includes movies, popcorn and drinks in your hotel room, villa or cottage, depending on where the wedding is held.

Of course, if you plan a destination wedding, for some people this might double as their vacation. In that event, you might not want to schedule too many activities but instead let people find their own activities and entertainment both before and after the wedding.


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Dance Floor Activities

Dancing is an essential component at most wedding receptions. We look forward to the couple’s « first dance » and the bride’s special dance with her father. It’s also a place to get loose and funky, if you’re a guest or a member of the wedding party.

But what if the wedding planners decided to add some fun and surprise to the dance floor by adding fun activities there? This doesn’t mean a rousing version of the « Bunny Hop », which, while maybe essential, is hardly unique.

There are, however, many fun games and activities you can add to your dance floor activities that are sure to be a hit.

Try a fun game of the « chicken dance ». Ok, so that doesn’t sound too original. But if most of your guests are just sitting at their tables, watching a few brave couples dancing, or just finishing their meals, you might want to get everyone up and having fun. Try this game.

The DJ announces a number. Everyone looks under his or her chair, where there is a number. Depending on the number of guests at the wedding, there might be only numbers « 1″ and « 2″ or more, up to 5.

So, say the DJ announces number « 4″. Each person checks under their chair to see what their number is. These numbers can be written simply on a piece of masking tape and affixed to the underside of the chairs when the reception is being set up. Each « 4″ in this scenario will head to the dance floor to do the chicken dance with the other « 4s ». Not only does this get people out of their chairs and on to the dance floor, they get to know other wedding reception guests they might not otherwise know.

One dance floor activity that’s gaining popularity is to bring in a dance teacher for the wedding reception. As a kind of pre-dance activity, the teacher will quickly walk people through their paces on the dance floor, perhaps teaching a bit of the waltz or, for something completely different, a little bit of the tango, before the music officially begins and dancing commences.

Having a dance teacher do a bit of teaching not only livens up the reception right from the start, but it gets people out on the dance floor who might otherwise be too self-conscious normally to get out there and let it all hang out. And practically speaking, it will likely make the wedding guests feel more confident in their skills before the « official » dancing begins.

Another fun activity to get everyone on the dance floor, including even the most reticent, is something you can refer to as the « snowball » dance. This is a good way to jumpstart the dancing at the beginning of the evening.

Here’s how the « snowball » dance works. The wedding party, bride and groom included, will head to the dance floor for a fun dance. The music for this dance should be fast, something with a disco beat or a fast song that most people have at least a passing familiarity with. After a bit of wedding party dancing, the music stops. The female members of the wedding party move into the crowd and bring back one male each. The male members of the wedding party do the same, but they bring in female guests. The dancing then begins again. This is repeated until all the guests are dancing. It’s truly a snowball effect!


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Colorless wedding videography

Who says beauty is absent in the absence of hues and colors? In black-and-white creation—especially in wedding videography—this is no longer the case to most people who tie the knot these days.

Despite the boom of color in visual arts such as photography and videography in advertising and in almost all forms of media, many videographers are enthusiasts are shifting back to black and white because there is another facet of beauty in subjects when they are in grayscale.

Finding beauty in grayscale

In the beginning, everything was black-and-white. Before color videography that invaded national telecasts, black-and-white videography has dominated mainstream media. Being the more convenient to use and produces better results compared early on in video processing, b&w was safer to use. But with the resurgence of color videography —with the help of modern technology—more and more people craved for colored videos, making the videographers in events such as weddings shoot almost everything in color.

B&W kept plummeting with the presence of manufacturers who offered better color processing at lower prices. As a result, less and less B&W options were available in the market, making it more expensive and hard to find.

In reality, black-and-white (b&w) videography didn’t lose its glory despite the dominance of colors in this field. This is because its foundation leads back to great symbolic values in people’s culture like birth, wedding, death and other solemn events where the basic white and black are present. And in between, unlimited shades of gray continue to define the other realities.

Over the years, the certain abstract quality of b&w prints never fades to appeal to the senses of imagination and intellectual standpoint. The absence of hues and other shades of color let people unlock the mystery and appreciate the innate beauty in an ordinary scene. Its “simplicity” also forces the audience to see things in a different light and urges them to concentrate on other aspects of the photo like composition, lighting, and the like.

Breathing new life

These days, wedding events breathe new life to B&W because more and more couples want « drama
in their wedding coverage. Most amateur videographers are being lured to colored works because of its almost limitless possibilities. But as they become seasoned videographers, they go back to black-and-white shoots because of their beauty and mystery.

Being part of the power of videography, a new life has been breathed into B&W today. Back in print advertising, as well in movies and other documentaries, B&W continues reinvent itself because it can now be manipulated digitally. In fact, more and more Internet sites create series designed to introduce the new generation of videographers as well as photographers to the possibilities of B&W outputs. These sites tell how great B&W videography is especially in weddings as it reintroduces the photographers to the concepts of shadow, highlights detail, film, image contrast, exposure, and tonal range.

If you are into wedding videography whether as a business or a hobby, there are some things that you can use in shooting in black & white:

- Make sure that you will check about the chronology of the wedding. By doing this, you can decide what to shoot in b&w that would emphasize the beauty of the subject.

- Start learning how to convert color into gray tones because it can be more convenient and less expensive.

- Do test runs because you can examine your contrast and key skills by balancing major shade components before the actual videography coverage.