In Search For The Best Chocolate-Related Recipes

Chocolate Recipes Made into Drops of Cookie Heaven

It was pure serendipity when Ruth Wakefield, the one who discovered baking of chocolate chip cookies, when she had to think fast when she unexpectedly ran out of ingredients while baking cookies for some guests. She was using another type of chocolate in one of her famous chocolate-related recipes at a small inn she was operating when she thought of using semi-sweet Nestle chocolates. And surprisingly, instead of melting, she found the chocolate chips just turning soft. And the result? A truly delightful treat of crunchy but chewy-on-the-inside cookies, now popularly known as the ‘chocolate chip cookies’ loved anywhere in the world!

Boundless Possibilities of Reinventing Choco Chip Cookies

And since the discovery of these all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies, hundreds of recipes have already evolved, each recreating the recipe and trying to improve the cookies to even greater perfection! There are just so many varieties of the recipe of the chocolate chip cookies we all love.

Try going on a chocolate chip cookie operation, and search for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe you can try at home and for sure, another addition of this recipe to your collection will bring delight to your loved ones’ faces!

Search for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Just a few days ago, I started on my chocolate chip cookie operation scouting for the best and unique recipes for these delightful cookies. Yes, there are so many quick-baking chocolate chip cookies available in the grocery stores, but I need to find the best recipes. I have tried those from the local grocery stores, and after baking the goodies, they do not look too good to me. And I thought to myself, » Mission Failed »!

Still On the Look-Out for the Best Choco Chip Cookie Recipes

I keep trying out different kinds of recipes but still the cookies turned out either too thin for my liking, the other chocolate chip cookies I tried baking ended up appearing too cakey or spongy. You might have a good chocolate chip cookie recipe you might like to share. If you do have a unique recipe for these all-time favourite cookies, please post it online. And I am sure, you will make not just a single soul happy, but countless of us!

You see, I’ve got a long list of choco chip cookie recipes that I have tried and I am trying my best to find the one that will exceed my standards in baking them. With my repeated baking of such goodies, there’s one thing I learned though. Changing the amount of sugar in the recipe can really bring about tremendous changes in the cookies!

Maybe I should try one or both of the recipes or even the original Nestle Toll House recipe that we find at the back of the semi-sweet chocolate packages. Some comment that these cookies are unbelievable! They say you only have to bake it at a lower temperature than in the ordinary recipes, and you will get that very texture, crispness and thickness you so desire! I might just try them really soon! And who knows it might be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have long been looking for!

But I should remember that the best tasting chocolate chip cookies will always remain dependent on the taste buds of the chocolate lover eating them. So, if you feel like baking up a set of this chocolate-related recipe, you may as well try some variations and who knows, perhaps you’ll be the lucky one to find the world’s next best chocolate chip cookie!

Impacts and Facts of Chocolate in Humans and Animals

For decades and centuries, chocolate is still a known sweet and delicious treats or snacks in the whole world. However, it is still a doubt that surrounds chocolate myths that if it takes awesome, that must be awful for health. Well, we are not surprise to hear this but the study amazing shows that this irresistibly treat has a lot of health giving benefits, most likely if being conscious in choosing chocolate .

There are 300 known substances and compounds in chocolate. Scientific group of people and other research laboratories have a lot of studies made to prove the effects and essentials of each component. And here are the summary of the results. There is an antibacterial agent in one of the source of chocolate called cacao, this antibacterial agent fight against tooth decay. Theta Brain Waves are increase caused by the aroma of a chocolate and it results for the brain and body to relax. There is also a presence of mild mood elevator in this chocolate and we called that substance as Phenyl Ethylamine. Eating chocolate increases the level of HDL or good cholesterol since there is a presence of a substance commonly found in olive oil; the Oleic Acid. Appetite can be diminishing by taking one cup of hot chocolate before eating. Life expectancy goes beyond one year in favor to those who eat chocolate than those did not. Any form of blood clotting can be avoided by keeping the blood vessel more elastic which is maintain
ed by a substance called flavanoids. The level of antioxidants in the blood can be increases by eating chocolate. A level of Serotonin in the brain can be increased through the activity of carbohydrates in this chocolate thus promoting a sense of alertness and well being. Another interesting fact is that the dark chocolate contains less sugar and more Cacaos compare to a milk chocolate. It only concludes that a health giving benefits is more present in dark chocolates.

A Montaignac diet will allow eating of dark chocolate but the milk chocolate due to some factors mentioned. It only shows that there may be substance present on black chocolates that is absent on white or any other forms of chocolates or vice versa. Thus substances of a black chocolate are more reliable for some health conscious than that of the white chocolate.

There are doubts and worries concerning how the body will react to hundreds of compounds induced to body through eating chocolate. Here are the very latest results according to studies made all over the world. Chocolate is not a factor in causative acne. There are only small quantities of a stimulant Bromine and Caffeine in cacao and it never cause any nervous excitability. Chocolate is not addictive. There is a neutral fat called Stearic Acid that never raises LDL or bad cholesterol. Chocolate never makes us « high » unless eaten in a huge quantity of approximately 25 pounds at one sitting.

If there is a positive outlook, there must be also a negative side, and these are said to be proven. Headaches through migraine are trigger by taking chocolate. There is a high in calories, sugar, and saturated fat in milk chocolates.

And when it comes to a pet lover, it is so said that chocolate is considered harmful to animals since it has a stimulant known as Theobromine, which animals cannot digest. Baking chocolate and dark chocolates are a lot dangerous since they contain a high level of concentrations of Theobromine.

History of the Loved Chocolates

Who would ever think we have an ongoing recession today, what with the volume of people buying loads of chocolates in the local grocery stores, chocolate shops and the shopping malls? Yes, a 2011 sales projection for American chocolates had been released and it amounted to a total of about $18 million. It seems that the plunging market has not even affected a single bit the craving of consumers when it comes to these delicate sweets. History of chocolates has always been documented from its very beginnings until present times. And until today, the popularity of these famous sweets called chocolates has never waned nor questioned. Truth is, if my logic will serve me right, people are now finding more ways to develop the use of chocolates, other than merely satisfying themselves with these wonderfully tempting sweets of delight!

Food for the Gods

Chocolates were said to have originated from the Amazon were the first cocoas were discovered in 2000 BC. Largely used by the Maya Culture, the word chocolate came from xocoatl meaning bitter water. The Mayas love for cocoa was imprinted in history thru the wood carvings discovered dating all the way back to about 300AD, showing pictures of cocoa pods. The Mayan territory expanded in 600AD and they took their cocoa with them to the northern parts of South America until their wanderings took them to the Guatemalan shores. This area became birthing soil to large cocoa plantations where the pods are often presented as holy matters in rituals. They believe cocoa to be food exclusive for the consumption of gods.

Dark Waters in Gold Goblets

The hot chocolate drink was considered in the earlier times as a dark drink that is sweet to the palate. They were regarded by both Aztecs and Mayans as a real health-energizing drink and even used it for several therapeutic purposes. They also believed that drinking the dark juice or eating the fruits would bring them wisdom. Even then, the natives believed in the chocolate’s nutritious benefits. The influential and privileged quenched their thirst with several gallons of dark chocolate dyed in red. Those were served in gold goblets.

In Exchange of Cocoa Beans

Because of chocolates’ fame and significance, the cocoa beans were even used as a form of payment among Mayans and Aztecs. The early peoples used these cocoa beans to sell or trade and buy commodities during the earlier times. In 1492, Columbus presented King Ferdinand and his Queen with cocoas upon his return but very little attention was given to them and even on his journey in search for spices in India, Columbus didn’t realize the great potential of the chocolate. Otherwise, he could have been the one who discovered and proclaimed the enormous potential of such sweets.

And with this, more and more people have begun using the sweet chocolates as an important currency signifying wealth depending on the vastness of plantations owned. In fact, an explorer by the name of Hernando de Oviedo y Valdez claimed to have bought slaves and prostitutes using cocoa pods.

And in 1519, some parts of Mexico were eventually conquered by Hernando Cortez mainly because he was so fascinated by xocolat more for its currency value than its taste. At that time, the taste of the chocolates was a little bit bitter sweet and spicy. Leaning further that cultivating the cocoa tree is obviously a great business, he established multiple plantations thereby cultivating money for Spain.

The Journey of Chocolates

And regardless of the controversies, it is interesting to know how the history of chocolates has prevailed, and how chocolates have struggled and captured the hearts of mankind today. Chocolates are made from the mature seed pods of the cacao tree which are then soured for several days to make the Chocó tang evident. Thanks to these cacao tree pods, if not for them we would not have discovered the wonderful gift of chocolates!

History Of Chocolate Recipes To Keep You Warm

There is nothing else that will surely perk you up on a cold and rainy day than a cup of hot and creamy chocolate drink. Thanks to the Aztecs who discovered and gave us this wonderful gift of sweet delicacies that we just love! The Aztecs, during the earlier times of chocolate history, believed that consuming large amounts of chocolate would bring one’s health and power. That is why they did not only call it in « energy drink » but a very strongly defined « divine drink ».

Chocolate Drink Shops Growing Like Mushrooms

And I believe this still holds true until today. No wonder hot chocolate recipes have popped up everywhere, every chocolate shop claiming to have the best chocolate drink ever! But that is highly expected since they must be chocolates experts to be putting up a chocolate shop, in the first place! Home made hot chocolates are most intriguing, though. For how do you turn a simple chocolate drink into something sumptuous, tempting and tantalizing?

Another natural chemical of chocolates that is responsible for that rushing feeling and tingly sensation of homey goodness began many years ago just like a cup of chocolate drink. They started out liquid, would you believe? Now, here are some hot chocolate drink recipes that you may want to try at home for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

However, let us clarify something first. You must know that there is a very huge difference in ordering for hot chocolate and hot cocoa in your favourite local chocolate shops. The chocolate you drink is made out of pure chocolate compound while the cocoa drink you order is prepared using cocoa powder and mixing it with water. An expert would know right away even if blindfolded which drink is served to him, by merely smelling. Indulge in these recipes below and you will surely be delighted and satisfied with the warm and fulfilling sensation these concoctions will give you!

Warming Chocolate Recipes for the Sweet-Tooth’s

If you are born a sweet tooth, then you will surely adore this warm Coconut Hot Chocolate drink! Instead of putting milk on your warm chocolate drink, you can put coconut milk instead. Nothing could taste better than this. It actually tastes like chocolate daiquiri!

Chile Hot Chocolate Beverage
But if you are fonder of eating spicy food and drinking spiced-up beverages than drinking and eating sweets, well, the Chile Hot Chocolate beverage is the right warm chocolate beverage for you! Just add up a little of cayenne, about half a teaspoon, to get the kind of kick in the taste you want. Rest assured the spice will never overpower the sweet taste of the chocolate giving you that tangy and delightfully sweet flavour till the last drop!

Double Anise Hot Chocolate Drink

Or you can also try the Double Anise Hot Chocolate if you still want to keep that spicy tang on your drink! Don’t get surprised though if you get too buffed up about it, everyone else who tried this warm chocolate drink got addicted and never got off the hook! The sweetness of the licorice combined with the bitter taste of star anise is actually the culprit why so many fall into the pit of addiction to this drink!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Drink

For those who like their chocolate drink minty, get a hold of the Peppermint Hot Chocolate drink where chocolate is blended with compressed peppermint candies for the holiday seasons!

Caramel Hot Chocolate Drink

And last of all, for kids who just adore chocolate drinks, energy drinks, as they call them.

Let them try the delightfully sweet Caramel Hot Chocolate drink. This caramel hot chocolate drink is a must for everyone who wants to feel like a kid once again! Because these heart-warming chocolate drinks just taste so great, they will undoubtedly leave an sweet indelible etch on the history of chocolates!

History Of Chocolate Cocktails

High-class parties have to have two things to be called such: alcohol & chocolate. There is nothing better than a sip of cocktail to calm your nerves when you need them, especially after a long week of hard and exhausting work. Then ultimately concluding it off with a delightful bite of your most loved and favorite chocolates that have made a name throughout the entire chocolate history. But first, it would be even more delightful to find out how chocolate cocktails really started in the first place!

Chocolates, a Commodity Exclusive to Nobility

As we know, chocolates started as a commodity restricted to the noblest of people. Chocolates in the earlier times were used as presents to give away during formal and serious engagements, especially when there are royalty figures participating in the event. Chocolates, on another angle, were considered an element that would promote love, passion and romance. And for a reason, chocolate drinks were made available to the mediocre as well. Restrictions and exclusivity of chocolates to nobility gas been lifted and therefore, stores opening up everywhere to offer the enjoyably luscious chocolate drink we love today!

Chocolate Drink’s Journey to Spain

The chocolate or cocktail drink continued to develop in Spain. More than a few other flavor ingredients such as vanilla or cinnamon were eventually added to the chocolate beverage to improve its flavor. And because of the popularity of the chocolate drink, it motivated the Spaniards to plant several more of their cocoa trees and even kept the recipe a sweet hush-hush for a long time. However, as any excellent food, the recipe reached the other parts of the world including Europe and became a well-loved favorite satisfying drink!

The Magical Blend of Chocolates and Alcohol

For many people, eating chocolates has an effect of calming their spirits and you will notice how energized you will feel for next week or the rest of the week. Can you ever imagine how delicious a drink it will be to combine these two ingredients, alcohol and chocolates, to make a great cocktail drink? There are countless chocolate cocktail recipes you will surely love once you taste them, and for sure they are cocktails you will undoubtedly be proud of to serve on your party tables!

The Beginning of a Chocolate Cocktail Party

Now that we know how the early peoples of civilization started concocting mouth-watering chocolate cocktails, it is high-time we discover where and how chocolate cocktail parties all began! Etiquette says that party hosts should always keep a cocktail party brief and sweetie. It should only be about two hour tete-a-tete to catch up with peers, reconnect and celebrate with. Always go for the classic cocktail party when you are planning of setting up one. And you better make sure that you will never ever be oblivious to the best cocktail Martini, what with its sophisticated taste on the palates.

Partying on a Martini Night

You may even call it a « Martini Night » and set up your own Martini Bar serving chocolates, canapés, black olives, and some cheese bits. While others get too concerned about finding costumes for a chocolate cocktail party, others are too pre-occupied with concocting up cocktail drinks on their own in the cocktail mini bars and mixing up vodka with vanilla and chocolate. Hmm, how I wish I could get a shot of the Russian Vodka I loved in my younger years, the Stolichnaya, and mixing it up with vanilla and chocolate. I bet it is going to be even much better than Bailey’s. Really, chocolate’s history will never be complete without a chocolate cocktail party! Anyone giving out a chocolate cocktail party tonight?

Healthy Chocolate-Related Recipes for your Loved Ones

Ever tried using chocolates for your home-cooking recipes? Well, if you have not yet done that, it is high-time you start doing it and start concocting your own choco-related recipes ! Combining chocolates with the old-fashioned recipes as well as the contemporary recipes you and your family have enjoyed for years, will surely be a great treat for you and your loved ones! Besides, chocolates have their share of health benefits that the whole family can benefit from. Perhaps you are asking what makes chocolates healthy. Well, here is the answer.

Plants give us the chocolates we are enjoying now, and therefore it would mean that they are full of the countless health benefits that can be taken from various kinds of vegetables. These known benefits of chocolates are from what is called the flavonoids. They act as antioxidants to protect human body from becoming old which as we know, may be caused by some free radicals or toxins responsible for causing heart illnesses or disorders. The flavonoids are also responsible for the making of nitric oxide as well as putting some hormones in the body to a state of equilibrium. Did you even know that dark chocolate is full of a huge number of antioxidants which is almost 8 times those found in strawberries?

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake Topped with strawberries

15 pcs of fresh strawberries
2 c Vanilla wafer crumbs
6 tb Margarine, melted

1 ea 14-ounce bag of caramels
1 cn 5-ounce of evaporated milk
1 c Chopped of pecans, toasted
2 pk 8-ounce of cream cheese, soften
1/2 c of Sugar
1 tsp of Vanilla
2 pcs of Eggs
1/2 c of Semi-sweet chocolate pieces

Baking Procedures
1. For the base, mix crumbs and margarine then press into the bottom of a 9-inch baking pan. Bake the mixture at 350 degree F, for about10 minutes.
2. For the body, in a 1 1/2 quart clean and heavy saucepan, you may start melting the caramels with some milk. Do this over low heat, stirring often until mixture becomes smooth. Pour mixture over crust then drop all pecans.
3. Combine the pre-measured cream cheese with sugar plus vanilla. Mix all ingredients at a medium pace on your electric mixer until everything has been well blended.
4. Add eggs, each at one time, mixing them well after every addition.
5. Blend in the chocolate and pour over the pecans. You may now bake the mixture at 350 degrees F for about 40 minutes.
6. Loosen the baked cake from the rim of your pan and cool it before removing from rim of the pan.
7. Chill then garnish with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top. You may also add finely chopped up pecans, if preferred.

Now, eating your heart out on this delectable chocolate-related recipe will never be complete without a freshly concocted chocolate drink you and your family will love! Try this chocolate drink recipe and see the delight in your loved ones’ faces!

Chocolate Banana Supreme Shake
1 c of Diet chocolate soda; chilled
1/2 med sized Banana; peeled
1 pk of Diet choc. shake mix
1 tb of Smooth peanut butter; frozen
1. For each of all 4 sections of your ice cube tray, you may pour 2 tablespoons of chocolate soda. Freeze the preparation until all cubes appear solid. Wrap the bananas in plastic freezer wrap and let them stay in the freezer until they are solid.
2. In a blender, mix the remaining half cup of soda with the frozen bananas and halves, the chocolate drink mix and some peanut butter. Process all ingredients at a high speed until mixture becomes smooth.
3. Add the soda cubes one by one while melting out ice is dissolved. Wait for mixture to be thick then serve immediately. This recipe makes one serving only.

Health Tips for Making Chocolate-Related Recipes

When the craving for chocolate strikes, it becomes such a complicated and difficult situation when you cannot give in to that yearning that is why never deprive your self. Remember, anything taken in moderation is safe for you! And besides, chocolates, especially the dark chocolates have been found to be good for the heart. Eating a small bar everyday can actually help your heart as well as your cardiovascular system do well. So, why not include chocolates in your chocolate-related species and get lower blood pressure from dark chocolates as well as lower cholesterol! Just make sure that you integrate the following tips to your chosen home cooking using chocolate-related recipes.

Chocolate Tip 1 – Chocolates Remain a High-Calorie and High-Fat Food

When you say balancing calories in the body, it does not mean that you are prohibited from eating chocolates from now on. No! You may still eat a pound of chocolate each day. As a matter of fact, chocolates remain to be a high-calorie and high-fat food. There are studies to prove that not even 100 grams of chocolates were used, or that is about 3.5 ounces of pure dark chocolate eaten each day can already give you the benefits.

Again, one bar of pure dark chocolate is found to have around 400 calories. If you eat just half of a bar of chocolate per day, then you should balance those 200 calories you get from the chocolates by eating a little less of other foods. It might be best to cut out on your other sweets or extra snacks and replace instead with some chocolates that will maintain your total calories.

Chocolate Tip 2 – Combining Taste of the Chocolate with your Recipes

Chocolate is a composite food with more than 300 compounds as well as chemicals in every bite. And the only way to really enjoy and appreciate eating chocolates is to take some time to savor its taste. And this you do not only do with your mouth, but professionals taste chocolates by using the mouth for the taste, eyes for the appearance, nose for the smell, and then getting the total taste of each chocolate.

Chocolate Tip 3 – Incorporate Dark Chocolates in your Recipes

Dark chocolates are found to have greater antioxidants content than milk or white chocolates. These other two variants of chocolate cannot make any of the health claims that the dark chocolate has always claimed. This may be attributed to the fact that dark chocolates have higher cocoa content of about 65 percent compared to the milk and white chocolates.

Chocolate Tip 4 – Skip the Nougat in your Chocolate-Related Recipes

Always go in search for the dark chocolates that are pure and not combined with anything. You may also go for those dark chocolates that are mixed with nuts, some orange peels or with other flavorings put on it. The key here is to avoid anything that has caramel in it, nougat or any other fillings as these will just add up to the sugar and fat which are already inside your body.

Chocolate Tip 5 – Avoid Combining Milk and Chocolate in your Recipes

Combining chocolate and milk when cooking your favorite recipes, or concocting your own recipes may taste very good; however, some studies show that pouring milk over the chocolate may actually prevent the antioxidants from being absorbed and used by your body. Therefore, never combine chocolate with milk for al your chocolate-related recipes!

Health Benefits Of Chocolate: Are They For Real

Few studies have proved that chocolate has health benefits. Findings have resulted to the fact that chocolate food can be actually good for the health since it contains more than 300 chemicals, where health benefits derive from. This is in contradiction to the old myth that anything that tastes good can be bad. It used to be that old folks warn their children against eating too much chocolate or other folks being very cautious believing that eating this food can be causative factor of certain illnesses.

But researches conducted demonstrated that there is quite a large amount of antioxidants, found in chocolate, and is relatively higher than other high-antioxidant foods. See one of the results of researches:

Cocoa powder – is found to contain the highest quantity and quality anti-oxidants.

Dark chocolate – is found second to cocoa powder. Results also showed that dark chocolate has eight more times of the polyphenol antioxidants than those found in strawberries.

Milk chocolate – is the third kind of chocolate food that contains high antioxidant contents.

Furthermore, in a research conducted in 2001, 23 participants who included in their diet dark chocolate and high flavonoid-rich cocoa powder were found to have higher HDL cholesterol, also called the good cholesterol, concentrations as opposed to other control participants. Although the investigation about the health effects of chocolate was done in a relatively small group of people, it suggested that there is more to what the chocolates were believed to have.

Subsequently, another research was done in 2005, where another small test group was involved. The output was similar, suggesting that dark chocolate can actually lower the blood pressure in individuals suffering with hypertension. It produced the comparable result as with the other research, wherein LDL cholesterol levels, or the bad cholesterol, were found to drop by at least 10 percent.

In these few researches alone, it can be concluded that chocolate food contains high amount of good chemicals, which therefore almost completely opposes the old myth and half-truths established long ago how it can never be good part of anyone’s diet. This must not be reason though for people to consume chocolate products at their own discretion.

Remember that there are chocolate foods that can be good to your health while there are others that can be bad, especially those that are highly-processed and poorly made. Some of those are chocolate candies and bars, which you often find in stores and are high in calories, sugar, and fat.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to entirely avoid these kinds of chocolate; however, take them in moderation. If you want to enjoy health benefits of chocolate, you can opt for the healthier version such as the three mentioned above.

Note too that health benefits found in chocolate are not good for your pets. This is for the reason that the food contains theobromine, a kind of stimulant and which pets cannot digest. Even baking and dark chocolate is not advised to be administered to pets. The same is true in cake, puddings, ice creams, candy bar, and cookies that contain chocolate.

For people with health concerns, it is a must to do a lot of researches about chocolate. Health benefits of chocolate may not be beneficial at all if you have a serious condition, so it will likewise help if you consult with your trusted doctor or nutritionist to avoid unnecessary medical consequences.

Eating Dark Chocolate Keeps the Doctors Away!

Indeed, this is quite true, as based on scientific research findings that may very well alter the image of chocolate forever — from junk food to health food! Isn’t it quite refreshing? Millions all over the world would be thrilled to know that the treat they all love is also very beneficial for our health.

So start chanting now, eat chocolate for a healthier you!

Well, before, we start getting excited over this, let us discover what the scientific studies have found out about chocolate, dark chocolate in particular – the type that quite a lot of people favor.

Findings have sufficient proof to declare that dark chocolate contains much more health benefits compared to white chocolate and milk chocolate. These two latter types actually have higher contents of fat and lesser health benefits to consumers.

Dark chocolate, also considered as bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate, has been found to be very beneficial for people. One of its foremost benefits is that it enhances your mood and keeps you on a lighter, happier state of emotion. It has serotonin that affects a person much like an anti-depressant would.

So now you have discovered the why your mood becomes visibly improved after a bar of chocolate on a bad day.

Furthermore, aside from soothing us and lightening up our mood, it also improves the flexibility of our blood vessels and thus, eases the circulation of blood in our system.

Another outstanding aspect of chocolate that is very beneficial for people is the fact that nutrients can be found in it that are now known to prevent cancer. Cacao, an ingredient which dark chocolate has in abundance, contains antioxidants that are essential for the body to have in order to fight free radicals that cause heart ailments and other types of diseases.

Flavonoids can be found in chocolate and is a major enemy of free radicals that may come from other foodstuffs ingested by the body or absorbed from the environment. Flavonoids, called Epicatechins and Catechins, help a lot in protecting the body’s immune system. This is why, consuming chocolate with higher cacao content, or consuming dark chocolate for that matter is healthier.

Who would think that even with the delightfully thick and velvety texture of chocolate, minerals are present in it, minerals such as iron and magnesium? Now, you know that even if you cannot resist chocolate, you are not wasting yourself away. As long as you keep it moderate, eating chocolate is perfectly healthy!

The antioxidants in chocolate have been found beneficial for joints and help in reducing pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. Getting better sleep for a well rested you on the following day is another benefits offered by chocolate’s antioxidants. Vitamin B is also present which significantly increase the energy level of the brain and body.

Who says that eating chocolate would increase your calorie consumption leading to higher cholesterol and blood pressure levels? Well, they are mistaken – and what’s best, we have the studies to prove it! Eating dark chocolate actually even helps lower the cholesterol and blood pressure levels of the body. That’s definitely a resounding « Yay! » for all chocolate lovers. Even if chocolate has fats and cholesterol, they are the good kind that does not interfere with production of insulin in the body.

Who says you will become a diabetic if you eat chocolate? These people got it all wrong – a healthy dose of dark chocolate is beneficial for diabetics, who must constantly limit their sugar consumption. Since dark chocolate is low in carbohydrates, it is good for diabetics.

However, citing the health benefits of chocolate does not mean that you have to start eating loads of chocolate now. As in all things, excessiveness is not healthy. Remember to keep things in moderation – especially in consuming your favorite chocolate.

Chocolate-Related Recipes for Kids

It is necessary that parents spend time with their children. Several bonding activities can be thought of to make the experience as memorable as possible. Among others, cooking and baking are good activities to engage in because they tap on all senses of your kid especially if it involves recipes which they can enjoy afterwards. Now, who said kids don’t love chocolate recipes, especially if they are chocolate-related recipes?

Chocolates, aside from the health benefits it can bring such as regulating blood pressure and cholesterol, are nothing but an delectable concoction enjoyed most especially by children. Aside from these physiological benefits, it can also do wonders in your emotional relationship and bond with your kids.

Chocolate Lollipops is a child-friendly chocolate recipe that can give your kids a happy and enjoyable learning experience with you. You will need very simple ingredients and equipment to make these adorable lollipops. The creative ideas of your kids will be needed in designing and decorating the lollipops. While preparing this, it will be nice to tell tales about chocolate to your children—where it originated, how is chocolate done, what it can do to you and other facts that can make your kids love chocolate more.

1. Blocks of semi-sweet or white chocolate
2. Butter
3. Food color for fun painting
4. Chocolate candies, crispies or sprinkles for decorations

Equipment and Materials:
1. Lollipop mold
2. Straws to be used as lollipop handles
3. Paint brushes for the food coloring
4. Ribbons to be tied in the lollipop handle
5. Cabbage where the kids can stick their lollipops

All the cooking that you need to do is melt the chocolate block and the butter in a heated pan. Once smooth and free of lumps, you may now pour the melted chocolate in the lollipop molds. It would be nice to use children-friendly mold designs such as animal faces, letters or numbers. Have your kids stick the straw at the lower part of the chocolate. Set aside and let it solidify. If already in a semi-solid state, you may ask the children to put candies, sprinkles or crispies for added design. You may put it in the refrigerator afterwards for faster solidification. For sure, those little angels will be too excited to wait for the chocolate to harden.

Once the chocolate has hardened, carefully pull each one off the molds. Now the children will have their part. Allow them to paint the chocolate lollipops with food color. Make them design the straws with ribbons. Ask them to give names to their lollipops and before they eat up all those lollipops, invite your children to wash the dishes and wipe the tables used as well. Yes, they need to take part of this process so that they see the entire process of cooking. Ask them nicely and make them see the beauty of the task. This will teach them to be responsible.

Cooking or baking chocolate-related recipes is not only fun for your kids. It is a hands-on training and exposure for them that can teach them a wide array of values while providing the most fun experience for them. It is a great bonding idea with their friends as well so next time you make another batch lollipops or other chocolate recipes such as cupcakes, muffins, chocolate drink or chocolate chip cookies, make room for more kiddies who would want to join your baking session.