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Your Rights as an eBay Buyer.

When you buy things on eBay, you pay the seller before they send you anything. This means that you, as a buyer, are vulnerable to all sorts of problems. You might not get the items you have paid for, or they might be damaged or faulty. Luckily, you have two very important rights when you buy on eBay.

The Right to Receive Your Item.

Maybe the seller never sent the item, or maybe it got lost in the post. Whatever happened, you paid for the item. If it doesn’t arrive in the post as described, you have the right to a replacement or a refund, whether it’s the seller’s fault or not.

The fact that you bought something on eBay doesn’t mean that you don’t have the exact same rights that you would have if you bought it in a shop (these rights are pretty much the same all over the world). Plus, under eBay’s rules, the seller isn’t allowed to change their mind about selling you the item: once the auction ends, it becomes a contract – you must buy and they must sell, or face eBay’s penalties.

The Right for Your Item to Be as Described in the Auction.

Sometimes sellers don’t wrap items properly, and so they get broken. Occasionally they write descriptions that are misleading or just plain wrong to begin with, leaving out vital details that would have caused you to change your mind about buying. If this happens to you, you again have the right to a replacement or a refund.

So How Do I Use My Rights?

First, you should take it up with the seller – most will be responsive, as do not want to have their reputation damaged when an upset buyer leaves negative feedback for all their future buyers to see. If that doesn’t work, report them to eBay.

While eBay don’t have many people handling complaints, they do have a relatively effective set of automatic process to handle common problems buyers and sellers have with one another.

Finally, if that doesn’t work, then you should seek advice from consumer groups in your country, and as a last resort from the police. You should never have to get this far, though: problems on eBay that can’t be resolved easily are extremely rare.

Don’t Be Too Quick.

Remember not to get too annoyed and be unfair to the seller: nice sellers have agreed to give me refunds for undelivered items, only for me to find out a few weeks later that they were being held for me at the post office! Always try your best to communicate and think of everything that might have gone wrong: eBay works best when buyers and sellers sort out their problems together, instead of reporting each other to the authorities straight away.

More often that not receiving what they paid for, buyers have an altogether different problem: they knew what they were paying for, but didn’t realise that what they were paying for was overpriced, low quality or a scam. The next email will give you a list of tips on how to avoid being ripped off on eBay.

How to Get Your Favorite Video Games at a Cheap Price

We all know how expensive video game systems are. After purchasing the game, you will usually be given by the distributor one or two free games for the video game system you purchased. Now, if you are an avid video gamer like most people, two measly video games just aren’t enough to satisfy your entertainment needs.

And, you have to consider the fact that these games don’t come cheap. Aside from spending hundreds of dollars on the video game system, you also need to spend more money on the video games itself. In fact, some avid gamers buy so many video games that the actual value of the video games they buy exceeds the cost of the video game system they purchased.

You also need to spend for the accessories that some games require. An example of a very entertaining game that requires a lot of accessories is the Guitar Hero World Tour. In this game, you will need to get a guitar or two, the drum kit, and also a microphone. Each can cost you hundreds of dollars.

However, you don’t have to worry about this as there are ways on how you can get your favorite video games for a much cheaper price. How?

Well, first of all, you need to stop shopping for video games in your local retail outlet. It’s too expensive here. Instead, try shopping for it online. You’ll be surprised as to how many people are now selling their video games at less than half its original price. That’s how cheap you can get these games. All you need to do is know how to look for them.

So, just how can you find these great bargains in the internet?

The best way to start is by searching for it in auction websites. Here, you will find all sorts of people selling all sorts of stuff that they don’t want in their homes anymore. And, the good news is that this includes video gamers who are now sick and tired of playing with the same old video games they have in their home.

And, in order to get the money or at least some of the money to buy a brand new video game, they will try selling the video game they grew tired of in the internet.

You’ll be surprised as to how many people are selling their games at a fraction of its original cost. However, you should make sure that the video game you purchase doesn’t have any scratches or damages. Because you really can’t be physically there to check out the video game DVD, you can try taking a look at the reputation of the seller. If it’s high and they received plenty of positive comments, then you can trust him or her but if they receive a lot of negative comments and they have negative ratings, then this obviously means that you can’t trust the seller to provide you with quality products. In fact, you can’t even trust this type of seller to deliver the product they are selling.

As you can see, there are ways on how you can get your video games at a low price. By remembering these tips, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars when you buy video games.

What Not to Put in Your Social Network Profile

Online social networks have rapidly increased in popularity, especially over the past couple of years. Social networking websites are popular because they easily allow you to find, connect with, and develop friendships with other internet users, often ones that share the same interests as you. To find those individuals, you must join a social networking website and create a profile. It is often advertised that your social networking profile is the key to making and finding friends online.

As previously mentioned, your social networking profile is important when it comes to meeting other internet users. This is because, in most cases, internet users are looking to chat with someone who has the same goals, views, beliefs, and interests as they do. Without a personal profile, it would be difficult or impossible to tell what your interests are. That is why social networking profiles are not only important, but they are needed.

When it comes to social networking profiles, a lot of focus has been placed on what you should include in your profile or display on your profile page. It has been said that pictures produce the best responses, as well as detailed personal information. Although a picture and detailed personal information may help to increase your page views, you may be getting views that you do not necessarily want. Despite what you may believe, most social networking websites do not have restrictions on who can view your personal profile. In fact, internet users, even those that do not belong to your online community, can easily see profile.

Since anyone, literally anyone, can see your social networking profile, on most social networking websites, you are advised to be cautious. Essentially, this means that instead of focusing on what you should put in your online profile, you should be focusing on what not to put. This is one the best ways to protect your safety, both on and offline.

As previously mentioned, pictures are often recommended with social networking websites. If you are interested in positing a personal picture of yourself in your online profile you can do so, but you are advised to carefully choose that picture. While you will want to look your best, you are advised against posting a picture that is too revealing or seductive in nature. Most internet users can look at these types of pictures without feeling a thing, but for others these types of pictures spell danger.

If you make the decision to post a picture of yourself in your social networking website profile, you need to be careful about the rest of the information that you post. Although you may not necessarily think about it, a picture is just a picture, but combined with your name and address, it could be a deadly combination. You are advised to only post your first name in your profile. This will make it more difficult for anyone to try and contact you off of the internet.

It is also advised that you carefully choose your location. A large number of online social networking sites require that you select a city, as well as a state. If it is allowed, you may only wish to list your state and not the city. If you are required to list the city and the state that you live in, you may want to think about using a nearby city or town, especially if you live in a small town. If an internet predator wanted to contact you and you lived in a small town, it could be fairly easy for them to find you. That is why it is advised that you carefully select the answer to the location question.

In addition to the above precautionary measures, it is advised that you do not post detailed information on your children, the location of your home, your income, or when you will be leaving for vacation. By keeping these and the above mentioned points in mind, you should be able to enjoy online social networking without having to always look behind your back.


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Sony PlayStation 3: Why It Is the Most Anticipated Gaming Console in the Market Today

Sony is dubbed as one of the leading manufacturers of gaming consoles in the market today. The PlayStation and PlayStation 2 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the market and many households all over the world own at least one of these gaming consoles.

Besides, with stunning and realistic graphics and sound technology, who wouldn’t want to play with it? The PlayStation and PlayStation 2 took the world by storm upon its release and many people are still buying these gaming consoles today, because of its latest graphics and sound technology that will definitely make you feel as if you are really part of the game itself. Aside from that, PlayStation and PlayStation 2 also have a wide library of popular gaming titles that will surely get you glued to your seats for hours.

Today, the widely anticipated gaming console, also developed by Sony, named PlayStation 3 is already very popular even before its official release in the market. It is a fact that many people are now making preorders or reservations to ensure them ownership of this widely eagerly awaited console to be released on November 2006 in Japan and North America, and March 2007 in Europe and Australasia. You may now ask what sets the PlayStation 3 apart from its predecessors and other gaming console in the market today.

PlayStation 3 is integrated with the latest in graphics and sound technology that will give gamers one of the best gaming experiences of their lives. Sony promises that PlayStation 3 will change the way people will look at gaming consoles of the past. This particular gaming console has features that are not found on any other gaming consoles released in the market before.

First of all, PlayStation 3 has two different configurations, the basic and the premium configuration. Here are some of the features that PlayStation 3 has and why this particular gaming console is widely anticipated by many people worldwide:

Basic Configuration:

• Cell Broadband Engine CPU
• Memory: 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
• 20GB Upgradeable HDD
• 4 USB 2.0
• Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR)
• Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
• Wireless Bluetooth Controllers
• Blu-ray/DVD/CD Drive

Premium Configuration:

• Cell Broadband Engine CPU
• Memory: 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
• 60GB Upgradeable HDD
• 4 USB 2.0
• Memory Stick/SD/CompactFlash Slots
• Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR)
• Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
• IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi
• Wireless Bluetooth Controllers
• Blu-ray/DVD/CD Drive

As you can see, the difference between the two configurations is that the premium configuration has more features, such as built-in Wi-Fi, larger HDD capacity, and has Flash Card readers.

You will also see that it has the Blu-ray disc drive. This particular disk drive is the next-generation in media format that will deliver high definition entertainment. The Blu-ray disc is very much like when the DVD disc was compared to CDs. Today, the Blu-ray drive is integrated in the PlayStation 3 to let you experience high definition gaming that is not found on any other gaming consoles available in the market today.

In other words, Blu-ray Disc will allow game developers to express their creativity more by allowing more storage space for game data. This means more realism and also more quality for your Blu-ray games.

So, if you are considering buying a new gaming console, you would want to consider PlayStation 3 as one of your choices when you go shopping. Aside from the sleek-looking outer shell, it will also give you a quality gaming experience that you have never experienced before from other gaming consoles that were introduced then.

Tips for Teens on MySpace

A lot of teens enjoy using the MySpace community to communicate with their friends, meet new friends or just to express themselves. Individuals who are over the age of 14 are eligible to use MySpace so there is a large congregation of young people who are creating and maintaining MySpace pages. However, teens that use the Internet to meet friends are possibly more at risk than adults who use the Internet for socializing and networking. This is due to a number of factors including teens being more trusting of others and unaware of the potential of harmful consequences and predators specifically looking for teenagers on the MySpace community.

Parents Need to Stay Involved

One of the best ways parents can help to protect their teens on MySpace is by staying involved in the child’s life. Parents should be aware of whether or not their teen has a MySpace profile and if the teen has created a profile the parent should let the child know they will be reviewing the profile frequently.

Then parents should follow up on their vow to check the profile periodically to ensure the teen is not engaging in questionable activities or interactions. Teens who know their parents will be viewing their MySpace website are less likely to make poor choices when designing their website. Also, parents who view their child’s MySpace website regularly will see the friends the teen is making and can put a stop to any potentially harmful relationships such as budding romance with an adult member.

Teens Should be Taught Internet Safety

Although the Internet is a great resource for teens and they can learn a great deal through socializing with others online, teens should understand the Internet can also be full of predators. The Internet allows users to disguise their identity if they wish to do so and as a result those who use the Internet might be putting themselves at risk when they befriend these predators.

Providing teens with basic Internet safety rules can help to protect them. Some of the rules parents should enforce for teens include the following:

* Do not give out personal information such as full name and address.
* Do not send photos of yourself without your parents’ approval.
* Do not agree to meet someone in person without your parents’ approval.
* Do not respond to threats or other forms of harassment. Instead report these occurrences to your parents or Internet service provider.
* Do not enter online areas which require additional fees without your parents’ approval and do not give out credit card information without your parents’ approval.

Offline Meetings Should be Chaperoned by a Trusted Adult

Teens who meet friends online may want to meet with their online friends in person. Meeting online friends in person can be a wonderful experience but it can also be dangerous especially in situations where the online friend has deliberately concealed his true identity.

The previous section mentioned offline meetings should not occur without the approval of the parents. Parents should not only approve all such meetings but should also accompany their teen on these meetings. Personal meetings should be arranged to take place in a busy, public location during daylight hours and parents should accompany their teen to these meetings to ensure their online friend was honest about his identity.


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The Role Of Wireless Router In The Mobile Computing Industry

The mobile computing world has seen many advancements in different form but all going wireless and making the lives of the people extremely functional, seamless, efficient and sophisticated. The wireless networks have become the latest craze in the industry spurring an immense demand for wireless products and devices.

People are always on the go because of wireless computing industry. So much so, that wireless router is becoming popular than ever. Wherever you may be, at work or at home, the wireless router can be seen integrated into broadband systems or networks and subsequently providing the much convenient wireless network.

What is Wireless Router?

It is the easier and faster way to create network and get everyone connected. It is the device that makes the mobile computing world so accessible with the use of devices capable of receiving and sending wireless internet data. It is that device that functions as a regular router and at the same time wireless access point, but minus the cabled connections.

The wireless routers are flexible devices, allowing them to function in any network technology such as wired LAN and WLAN. These are equipped with features very similar to the ones featured in WAPs, or wireless access points. Wireless frequency bands are used although when communicating with the wireless router, the wireless device must be in the same service identifiers or radio channel.

What it Does?

The wireless router does not only make everyone share the internet connection but share files and hardware devices integrated like faxes, copiers, and printers – very ideal within an office environment. When used at home, it is very convenient especially when several desktops and laptops are used, as well as mobile handsets, PDAs and Pocket PCs.

When the router is use, the internet connection must be re-routed so all computers within the network can connect. The router is becoming very popular now simply for the reason that it simplifies tasks of connecting to the internet and building a network and at the same time not sacrificing top speeds.

Range Choices

Low range, basic selections with up to 56 mbps speeds are available. Wider ranger is also available in the form of dual-band and ultra range selections. The latest model is advisable especially if you prefer to enjoy the technology advancement, given the fact that depreciation of technologies is easy these days.

802.11g and 802.11g Wi-Fi models are common choices of today. If you are trying to get a discounted price, there are combo packs being offered by the manufacturers. The combos include network adapter and the wireless network. The problem however with this offer is they don’t usually contain the latest technology, which presumably is better performing than older models.

The world, it seems, is getting and getting wireless – and getting more accessible each day. With the mobile computing industry leading technology, the wireless connectivity defines the fast-paced, more efficient, and better performing daily lifestyle of the many. With the wireless router as one of these devices to get you connected, everyone enjoys the freedom of being connected, wirelessly and automatically.

Why Use A Dedicated Server?

Why use a dedicated server? There are many reasons why you should choose to use a dedicated server. The most important reason is that you have full control of the server and no longer have to share space and bandwidth with other websites.

There are so many options to start an internet based business. According to a study done by UCLA, nearly 90 percent of Americans have access to the internet. In addition to business websites, people are using free internet servers to make their own internet pages.

There is a vast difference between an internet website and a web page. Most sites offer customers a free internet page. You can post photos of yourself and your family members and keep in touch with your friends across the internet. These pages are hosted by a server that may or may not put mandatory ads on your web page.

You can also find a web host server that will give you space for a free website. This can also be a good idea for a small website that is mostly used for social purposes. Some people use such websites as an online resume of sorts.

Online businesses, however usually want to have a lot of perks such as databases that allow forums and shopping carts so that customers can keep coming back. Databases take a lot of space. A free server will not be able to handle such a request; there would not be enough space. These businesses often, when they start out, seek a paid internet server to host their site. They pay a monthly or yearly fee and get assistance with the server operator when needed.

This can work well for small businesses. However, if a business really starts to grow, it makes more sense for it to host their own website. In essence, a dedicated website is a way to host your own website and your website only. The server is dedicated only to you and your online business.

How does this help you? For one thing, since you no longer have to share space with other users on the shared server, you have more space for your own website. You can add more pages and options for your customers.

You will also be able to use as much bandwidth as needed without sharing with other websites. The bandwidth of a server is what allows the traffic to the website. If too many people are trying to access several websites at once and the server cannot handle it, they may be turned away. No one with a serious internet business wants to turn away customers.

Although dedicated servers cost substantially more money than shared servers, they are a wise choice for growing internet business. In most cases you can save money by not only improving the options on your website, but allowing easier access for your customers so that they will not be turned away, therefore, making you more profits in your internet website business. A dedicated server is the only way a large internet business can grow.

Online Data Backups

Backing up and protecting data should be something that every business or individual strives to do. Data is very important, especially for businesses or individuals who make a living using their computers. If you have never looked into backing up your files or haven’t backed them up before, you should really look into it before it is too late.

Among the many ways to back up your files are online data backups. Online backups are great for businesses, as they will protect your data. You can think of this method as being a server and a host, as the company stores your information over the Internet. You can log in at anytime, and access your data. If your hard drive crashes, you can easily access the information you need without having to wait until your data is recovered by a specialist.

Although online data backups are great, they do have some concerns with security. Although the server is indeed encrypted, it isn’t completely safe. Hackers can get into the system if they are good enough, although it is very rare. Online back up companies make their living protecting data, which is why they are so very popular. They know what they are doing, and they can keep your data safe.

The best thing about online data backups is the fact that the information isn’t stored at your office. It doesn’t require the amount of space that CD or DVD media back up uses, nor do you have to protect it from employees who aren’t authorized to access it. The company that you select does all of the work for you, and they protect the data from prying eyes. You upload the data to their servers, then you and whomever you give the login data to are the only ones who can access it.

Before you make a final decision on whom to use for your online data backup services, you should choose one that is fully secure, has great lockout policies, and human security around their facility as well. The better companies will offer state of the art security, with no fear of anything coming in contact with your data. Even though they can tend be expensive, the last thing you want is to pay money for a service that doesn’t fully protect your information.

If you do your research and think about what each company has to offer you, you can plan accordingly. You should always look into the track record and past history of the company as well, to find out just how well they protect data. Your data and information is your life, so you’ll obviously want to choose and online back up company who takes a lot of pride in their performance – and will protect your data no matter what.


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Using Craigslist to Network

Networking is an important part of any business and Craigslist offers individuals a variety of networking opportunities. Whether you have an established business and are looking to advertise, you are looking to learn more about a particular business or you just want to meet individuals who share a particular interest, Craigslist can be an excellent resource. Craigslist offers all of these opportunities and more to those who are interested in starting to network or expanding their networking capabilities.

Using Craigslist to Organize Offline Networking Opportunities

Organizing offline networking opportunities is just one of the many ways in which individuals can use Craigslist for networking purposes. One example of when this type of opportunity may be worthwhile is for a situation where a businessperson is in the line of direct sales. Often these direct sales opportunities involve the individual hosting parties where others can sample and learn more about the products offered. These types of parties can be very lucrative for a skilled salesperson that has a passion for the products they are selling.

Examples of the types of businesses which benefit from sales parties include direct sales opportunities including cosmetics, toys, pet products, romance items, nutritional supplements and other products. Whether the products are so wonderful they literally sell themselves or they require a skilled salesperson to convince the audience of their worth, the most important part of direct sales is networking. This is where Craigslist can really help. Those who are interested in organizing sales parties can take advantage of the large number of community members reached by Craigslist to find new potential clients. Placing an advertisement in an appropriate section on Craigslist gives the salesperson the ability to reach a large target audience.

The one major caveat to using Craigslist to organize offline networking opportunities is care should be taken to ensure the safety of all of those involved. When setting up offline meetings, sales parties or other networking opportunities it is wise to arrange for these meetings to take place in a busy public place. This will help to deter the possibility of a potentially dangerous situation. It will also help to put potential clients more at ease and make them more likely to participate in your networking opportunity.

Using Craigslist to Organize Online Networking Opportunities

Craigslist can also be used to organize online networking opportunities. Examples of the ways in which Craigslist can be used to organize online network include the following:

* Directing traffic to a website
* Directing traffic to a message board
* Soliciting participation in an e-newsletter

Those who sell a product or service through an ecommerce website may be interested in using Craigslist to advertise their web address. An advertisement which is placed in an appropriate location on Craigslist can have the effect of reaching a very large audience. The appropriateness of the location on the advertisement depends on a number of factors. In general an appropriate location is anywhere on Craigslist where the advertisement is likely to be viewed by a large amount of members of the target audience.

Those who are interested in organizing online networking opportunities for likeminded individuals to share ideas can also use Craigslist to accomplish their goal. Placing an advertisement on Craigslist which directs traffic to a message board can help to create a thriving community. Again it is important to place this advertisement in a location where the target audience will be reached.

Finally, those who publish a regular e-newsletter can also use Craigslist to increase their number of subscribers. Whether the e-newsletter is published daily, weekly, monthly or according to some other schedule Craigslist can be used to solicit email addresses from those who might be interested in receiving these newsletters.

Using Craigslist to Find Networking Opportunities

Craigslist is not only useful in situations where individuals are seeking to organize networking opportunities. It can also be helpful for individuals who are looking to join pre-existing networking opportunities. These individuals would benefit from following links pointing to websites or message boards placed in advertisements throughout the community.


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The CD Burner

Many years ago, owning a copy of your favorite singer
or band would mean going to a retail store or buying
from an online website. With the average song
count, you would spend at least $10. If you were
one of those who couldn’t afford to buy a CD, you
would probably have to wait for the local radio
station to play the songs you liked.

These days however, several music download shareware
programs make it possible to get your favorite
songs directly from other uses without having to
go out and buy them. These programs will store
the songs you download to your hard drive, or
transfer it to your MP3 player if you prefer.

If you prefer to keep a complete collection of
the songs by storing them to a disc, you’ll need
one piece of equipment for your computer – a CD

The CD burner comes in two forms: internal and
external. External CD burners don’t need to be
attached to your CPU, and they can be connected
to your computer through a USB port with its own
power source. The internal type of CD burner
is the one that attaches to your CPU and fits
on the inside of your computer tower.

The CD burner is quite the piece of equipment
to have, as it can copy from one CD to another
or even from a hard drive to a blank CD, and
vice versa as well.

To use your CD player, you’ll need to have
software. You can find some types of this
software available to download for free on the
internet. Some great examples include ISO
Recorder, Deep Burner, and Windows Media Player.

If you prefer, you can also purchase quality
programs as well. Some examples of these include
Nero, Roxio, and Sonic Record Now. The programs
that are free have the same burning capacity,
although those that cost money will give you
more features and overall flexibility.

Keep in mind that CD burners aren’t limited to
only copying audio. You can also use it to
copy document files, programs, games, videos,
MP3, and many other types of files.

The burners with DVD burning capabilities will
enable you to copy your favorite DVD to another
CD in case you want to share it with a friend
or back it up. You can also burn a movie to
DVD if you downloaded it off the internet,
then watch it on your television or computer.

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