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More and more people are using electronic means to keep up with the fast-paced world today. That makes Ebooks the perfect solution for people ‘on the go’. They can quickly download an Ebook and read it at their leisure, while traveling, spending time between business meetings, and any other time they choose. makes it quick and easy for aspiring publishers to upload their Ebooks for sale to millions of potential customers.

To get started, you simply need to register for an account. It only takes a few seconds and you are ready to enter the world of publishing with your Ebook.

One of the most important things you will encounter when preparing your Ebook for sale on is pricing. You spent a lot of valuable time creating a book for a specific audience and now it’s time to reap your rewards. Setting your price takes consideration for the subject matter, the intended audience, and the timeliness of the information. Think about what people are willing to pay for the content and compare pricing to others with similar publications on the market.

As the publisher of the Ebook, Amazon will reimburse you a set percentage of the suggested retail price of the book. The good news is that you have complete control over setting that retail price so you can determine your estimated earnings based on this information. Amazon provides terms and conditions that must be adhered to, but other than that, you have freedom to set your price. Establishing a price that is commensurate with the value of the Ebook content will help ensure that sales are successful.

Over time, you may decide to change your list price and adjust it upward or downward based on sales or other factors. You can easily change the list price on Amazon. Visit the “My Shelf” tab on the dashboard to make changes. It just takes a click of the mouse to enter a new price and then you’re done.

Once you set the suggested retail price, which is the list price, your book is promoted through the Kindle Store on This is where Ebook content is sold and it is an invoice-free service. This means that Amazon pays you automatically based on the sales of the product. Amazon makes it easy for you to receive payment because 60 days following the end of the calendar month, any payments due to you are automatically sent to you by electronic funds transfer (ETF) to a U.S. bank.

As an author, creating your Ebook content is a rewarding experience. And as a publisher, you will enjoy seeing your content being promoted across the Internet and around the world. Once you begin receiving the financial benefits of your work, you’ll want to fill your bookshelf on Amazon with even more great books.

Publishing Ebooks for Amazon Kindle Customers

Electronic books have become even more popular than ever before thanks to the easy access to mobile devices. Ebooks are available on many different types of devices, including cell phones. If you’re thinking about creating an eBook or have already created one, it’s time to learn more about getting it published. Using a reputable resource such as for digital publishing is the best way to get started.

As an author, it is rewarding to finally see your work published and available to thousands of people. makes it easy to access their publishing tools and they reach millions of potential buyers for your niche eBook. You don’t even have to know HTML formatting or other formats because Amazon has made it easy for everyone. Writers typically don’t want to lose time with the technical aspects of publishing so this is the perfect solution. has already sold over a quarter of a million Kindle eBook readers which is the tool used by many people to read books. With that number increasing every day, it’s easy to see why publishing on Amazon can be financially lucrative. It’s a tremendous opportunity to reach an audience that is already seeking electronic books.

The Kindle is a wireless device that allows people to purchase books and download them for reading at any time. The device does not have to be connected to a computer so that makes it very appealing to people who are on the go.

Books published on are sold to customers who read the books with their Kindle readers. The good news is that you can write your eBook without having a Kindle, but then you can upload the content to be read by a Kindle. Using Microsoft Word is a popular format for eBooks uploaded to The content is converted automatically once you upload it to the website. also offers MobiPocket Creator Software for eBook creation and publishing. The software is free and just like Kindle publishing, it is easy to follow the directions provided on the website by

Logging in to the Amazon Digital Text Platform is the first step in the process. If you aren’t already registered, you can easily register in a matter of minutes. Then you are ready to upload your content, review what customers will see, edit and make any necessary changes, and publish your book. It is really that simple.

You get paid a 35% royalty percentage on retail sales of your eBooks based on today’s terms with (since terms may change quickly, be sure and check out the current royalty percentage paid to authors). Amazon may decide to offer your book at a discount price in the future and this could increase sales. The good news is that sales increase but you still get the set percentage of YOUR original list price. Amazon takes the hit on the lower price – not you.

Before you decide that publishing is too technical and complex for you, check out the easy publishing resource on Visit their Amazon Digital Text Platform for more information and get started on your publication today.

Once you succeed with your first eBook, you’ll be inspired to write many more. Happy writing and publishing.

How to get digital eBooks sold on 101 for EBook Selling

If you’ve worked hard creating an eBook and now you’re wondering how to sell it, you will be glad to know that has low-cost options that will allow you to easily reach tens of millions of customers quickly. They offer options for selling your digital EBooks through a Digital Text Platform. And EBooks can be quickly added to the Kindle Store for sale.

Amazon’s self-publishing tool guides you quickly and easily through the process of uploading and formatting your books so they look professional. Once you sign up for an account, you’re ready to get started setting up your eBook for sale. If you need to sign up for the first time, you can visit

Once you are signed in, you will be prompted through the set-up process. By clicking on the “My Shelf” button, you are on your way to putting your book on the shelf. This is where you add a new item by entering your publication details. This includes providing the title of the publication and the author, both of which are required responses. You also have the option to place your digital eBook in a category which makes it easier for customers to find. Using keywords that make the book easily discovered is recommended and you can simply click on the pop up boxes to enter this information as part of the set-up.

Entering basic information gets you to the next step in the process which is uploading and previewing your book. Browsing your computer to locate the eBook makes it easy to upload. Many formats are acceptable including HTML, plain text, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Reader. One important tip is warranted here. HTML allows you to experience the best conversion results so if possible, using HTML is a good idea.

Upload the eBook, preview and edit it for any needed changes in formatting, and save your file. Make sure to modify any content that appears inappropriate or difficult to read once it is uploaded. You can preview the eBook and see it exactly as customers will see it once they download it. This step is very important because it ensures your format is professional and high quality.

Now you are ready to go to the next steps which involve pricing and completing the set-up to promote your eBook to thousands of people around the world! The next critical step is related to pricing and it’s essential to determine price based on several factors.

Consider what people are likely willing to pay for the book.

Determine a suggested retail price (this is the list price you expect to get for the eBook).

You will receive a percentage of that suggested retail price according to Amazon’s current terms and conditions.

When pricing your book, make sure that the price is appropriate for the quality, topic, and nature of the book. Evaluate the prices of existing competitor eBooks if you need help assessing the potential list price of your book. This does not mean that you must set your price the same, higher, or lower. It is just a guide to help you establish a list price for your book. Always keep in mind that will receive a percentage of the list price so calculate your expected returns based on this fact.

You spent a lot of time creating a valuable, unique eBook for a particular niche audience. Now it’s necessary to spend time preparing your book for sale. offers an easy to use process for uploading the book, pricing, and promoting it. Once you complete this part of the process, you will soon begin to reap the benefits of your hard work and your passion for writing will be rewarded.

Format Considerations for

Using to promote and sell your newly created Ebook is one of the best ways to reach a massive audience. Uploading the content from your computer is the first step and then the Amazon Digital Text Platform (DTP) automatically converts your document to display well on the Amazon Kindle. Multiple document formats are supported including HTML, Microsoft Word, plain text, and Adobe PDF.

Since Amazon is equipped to handle multiple data formats, very little formatting information is lost or disrupted in the uploading process. This means fewer changes and formatting adjustments once you preview the Ebook. However, there are some considerations regarding format of which you should be aware.

First, HTML is the most highly recommended format since it converts easily. When using HTML, it is necessary to include all images through a ZIP file that includes images and HTML file referring to them. There is specific direction on how to handle this process on the site. Remember that the HTML and image files must be in the same folder inside the ZIP file.

Most all Microsoft Word ‘.doc’ files will be uploaded with little problem in formatting. Plain text files (.txt) must be properly formatted before uploading. Amazon’s tool will automatically make adjustments depending on font size and other factors. The less formatting you use with text files, the better. Avoid using ‘enter’ and creating hard line breaks to avoid formatting issues.

And finally, Adobe PDF files are supported but the quality of these files is often hard to determine in advance. Since PDF files are typically used and optimized for printing, they sometimes do not translate as well as other formats. Be sure to preview content uploaded from Adobe PDF for formatting issues.

Most recently, Amazon DTP has begun supporting Ebooks that are created in the ‘.mobi’ format. They provide access to a free MobiPocket Creator for use if desired. This allows you to create an Ebook with a few simple clicks by adding HTML and image files to the publication. It also includes a Table of Contents wizard and the ability to add a personalized cover page.

Amazon has an Upload and Preview format so you have the opportunity to see what customers will see in preview format before your book is published. This makes it easy to make changes in formatting if needed. Remember that uploading files in any data format may cause some shift in formatting and content so the preview step is a critical one in the process.

Check out the Amazon DTP capabilities today and learn how to upload your valuable content and Ebooks. Start making money quicker by using this easy to follow, user-friendly tool that helps you promote your Ebooks and make the money you deserve.

Amazon Advantage Pays Publishers More

Have you decided you want to get into the book publishing business after creating your own eBooks but aren’t sure how to get started? If you could reach millions of people simply by spending a little time uploading your content, editing, pricing, and publishing a book, would it be worth your time?


And now it’s easier than ever with and their Digital Publishing Tool (DPT). It is easier than you may think to publish books and Amazon has made it easily accessible for anyone. Self-publishers are able to quickly get their content uploaded and formatted for publication. Imagine seeing your books on the ‘best seller’ list.

The standard DPT publishing tool pays you a percentage of your sales. However, there is also a program called Amazon Advantage which allows you to make a higher percentage of retail (list price) when you join. Just like their traditional publishing tool, Amazon Advantage is easy to use. Uploading your content, editing, pricing, and publishing are simple steps and they guide you through the process.

The Amazon Advantage model is a consignment sales model meaning payments are based on how many books are sold to customers. You receive automatic payment when books are purchased and money is deposited in your bank account through electronic transfers, just like the original DPT program with

As of this writing, the percentage paid through Amazon Advantage is 45% of retail and the original DPT program is 35% (check current pricing models and percentage paid to authors since it may change periodically). If you have distribution rights to your book and a scannable barcode of the ISBN, you are eligible for Amazon Advantage.

There is an annual fee to participate in Advantage (about $29.95 as of this writing) and it is deducted from your account automatically. But you also have access to a massive audience and you receive a higher percentage of retail sales prices than other options.

If you’re considering publishing several books and you believe you have a good focused niche market, it is recommended that you consider the Advantage program with Your rewards will be great when you see your book published and presented to millions of potential customers.

For more information about and their Amazon Advantage program, click on this link. If you want information on the original Amazon publishing tool that carries no annual fee, check out the link and find out more at the Amazon Digital Text Platform “Quick Start Guide”.