Feng shui

Feng Shui

Feng shui is a term that means “wind-water”. There are
many versions of Feng shui that you can learn from all
kinds of classes whether online or in a traditional

The basis of Feng shui is that it allows you to
achieve harmony with your surroundings and the
environment. This is achieved through arranging your
space, planning your agriculture, and more commonly,
arranging the furniture and decorations of your home.

Feng shui has been practiced for over 4000 years in
China but only in the last couple decades has it
really taken off in the rest of the world.

The belief is that everything has energy and
everything in your home or office can either help you
accomplish your goals or even hinder them.

Feng shui teaches you to understand the energy that is
in everything from your body to pretty much anything
that exists. By understanding this energy, you gain
the insight to arrange your home or office to help you
reach any goals that you set by increasing the good
energy and eliminating the bad energy.

Feng shui uses two main tools. There is the Ba-Gua and
the compass. The Ba-Gua is a map that contains the
symbols of the I Ching upon which feng shui

The Ba-Gua consists of 8 specialized areas, what they
represent, and the color scheme that is best suited to
them. This is to increase the flow of good energy
throughout the entire area.

Feng shui is known to have many ways to improve a
person’s life. This is what makes it so popular. The
promise of well being, increasing your chance to meet
your goals, and improving your overall health is
something everyone wants.

Feng Shui In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important area of your home.
It is responsible for nourishing your entire family
and keeping everyone happy and healthy. In feng shui,
the kitchen is a symbol of wealth and abundance also.

The optimal place for your kitchen is the center of
your home. If the kitchen is located near the front or
back door, the positive energy can escape.

Food gives us all of our energy and enables us to
remain healthy. To keep this food energy positive and
healing, the food has to be cooked in an organized
kitchen that maintains a good balance of Chi. By
having a well balanced and energized kitchen, the cook
becomes more energized and the entire family benefits.

The best tips for the kitchen are pretty basic and
should go hand in hand with the rest of your home very
easily. Lighting is an important part of feng shui and
in the kitchen, there should be an abundance of
natural light if available and if not, full spectrum
lighting is recommended. The air should flow nicely
and the kitchen should give off a very welcoming

A great way to add positive energy to your kitchen is
by using plants and flowers. When placed on your
kitchen table, they are not only beautiful to look at
but increase the positive energy level greatly. You
should use plants and flowers that are yellowish in
color because in feng shui, yellow is a great
digestive aid.

Like the rest of the house, clutter should be kept as
minimal as possible. Since this is the very heart of
the home, keep it as happy and warm as possible.

Feng Shui In The Garden

A garden can benefit from feng shui and even help
change the energy in your home. A properly arranged
garden can be a place to be uplifted and energized and
also soothed and relaxed.

This balance is very necessary but is easy to
accomplish by using various plants, flowers, and

The best place to have an entrance to your garden is
facing South. The garden will get the maximum amount
of sun exposure. You should also use an arch or open
space instead of a closed gate.

There aren’t any specific plants you are supposed to
use but you should maintain a good balance between
colors. Since hotter and brighter colors increase your
energy, you should have them separated from your
cooler and mellower colors which will relax you.

One of the hardest things to do in a garden is avoid
clutter but this is a must in feng shui. When you
first plant, everything is pretty small and your
garden may look a little barren.

This is just fine. You want to make sure that each
plant has its own space so you don’t end up with a
cluttered jungle.

It’s easy and fun to incorporate the five feng shui
elements into your garden. A birdbath can cover water,
some lights or torches are fire, and for earth, clay
pots and small boulders work wonders.

As far as paths in your garden go, you should avoid
straight paths and instead opt for curvy, leisurely
paths made from rounded tiles. Avoid edges whenever
possible in your paths.

Feng Shui In Cubicle

A great deal of our lives is spent at work so it can
be very beneficial to have a positively energized work
environment. If your office has been properly set up
to take advantage of the energies of feng shui, you
can get a higher rate of productivity as well as
improve relations with coworkers and management. You
might even find you enjoy going to work.

Seating is very important in feng shui. If you are
sitting facing a wall, this is a symbol of a barrier
to improvement. Some steps to take to improve your Chi
in this situation are to hang up a picture of scenery
on the wall.

A painting of a mountain or phoenix is recommended but
they shouldn’t have water anywhere in the picture.
Feng shui recommends that your back be to the wall. If
your back is to a door, this is considered very bad

Clutter should be avoided whenever possible. By
keeping your desk clear and tidy, you can become much
more efficient and there will be much more positive
energy in your workspace.

If you sit at your desk and have sharp edges pointing
toward you, this is the worst thing possible. If it’s
the edge of a wall, try to move to a different

If it’s corners of office equipment or anything that
can be moved, by all means: keep every edge or corner
pointing anywhere but at you. Edges send harmful sharp
chi in your direction and nothing good comes from

Feng Shui For The Bedroom

The master or main bedroom is the most important
bedroom of the entire house. Everything from the
harmony of the house to the finances of the house can
be influenced by the master bedroom.

There are four major factors you should consider about
it. What shape is the bedroom? Where is the bed? What
area of the house is it in? What is used for
decoration? These all play a pivotal role in the flow
of energy in the house.

The shape of the bedroom is very important in feng
shui. A rectangular or square room is the best. If
your bedroom is oddly shaped, you can use a room
divider to help it maintain a more rectangular shape.

The bed shouldn’t face a door or protruding edge of
any kind. These are both symbols of negative energy
and can be impossible to correct without moving the

You should also avoid having any overhead beams above
the bed or windows behind the headboard. Mirrors
facing the bed also negatively affect the Chi of the

The ideal place for the master bedroom is in the
Northwest of the house. This might not always be
possible however and the next best choice is the
Southwest. These two areas represent the Patriarch and
Matriarch respectably.

Decorations are important but you don’t want to overdo
it. Depending on what your goals are, you can
configure and energize the bedroom for romance,
marriage, or relationships. You should avoid
energizing the bedroom for luck in wealth.

Feng Shui For Health

Feng shui has long been heralded for its ability to
increase people’s energy level and give them a much
healthier life. This may sound unusual to some people
but really think about it.

Feng shui calls for a clutter-free, well lit area with
good air circulation. That by itself can do wonders
but when applied with various feng shui techniques, it
can make amazing improvements in your state of mind.

Nobody likes living in a mess and that can affect you
mentally. To maintain a space that is beneficial to
your health, there are only three basic needs that
have to be met.

Fresh air is very important in the modern world.
Thousands of years ago there weren’t factories and
cars all over that seriously diminish air quality.
Even in your home there are many pollutants from
things like your stove, refrigerator, and animals.

The easiest way to help eliminate some of these
pollutants and to add something beautiful to your home
is to get some air purifying plants.

Many types of small palm and fern are renowned for
their ability to suck in toxic substances that are in
the air. In addition, they put out oxygen which is
always a good thing.

Lighting is very important also. Light is one of the
most powerful forms of energy in the universe. Many of
us don’t get enough sunlight exposure as we need on a
daily basis.

Feng shui encourages the use of natural light whenever
possible but in areas where that isn’t an option, full
spectrum lighting is recommended.

The last basic need is to stay free of clutter. Get
rid of stuff you don’t really need and don’t be a pack
rat. By starting with these three basics, you can
learn more and start applying feng shui cures to your
home and life.

Feng Shui For Education

Education has always been very important in China and
feng shui cures have always been used to help children
learn. The Western part of your space is connected to
the well being of your children.

If the energy is focused positively, it can improve
every aspect of your children’s lives and one of the
most important parts is education.

The Western feng shui element is Metal which prefers
the colors white and gray. Earth complements metal so
using yellows or sandy colors are beneficial.

You should avoid anything fire related as fire melts
metal. The use of your children’s artwork in the area
is a great idea. When placed in white or metal frames,
the increase in positive energy will soar.

There are many other things you can do to help
increase your children’s ability to learn
successfully. By placing a map or a globe between the
North and West area’s of your child’s room, they will
draw in energy that can expand thinking abilities and
encourage long term goals.

Avoiding clutter is a large part of feng shui and it
should be cleared out before rearranging the room.
This has many practical applications if the Western
area of your home is used as a place of study.

By having a positive environment surrounded by artwork
that your children are proud of, it can be a great and
peaceful place to do homework or study for tests. It
is a much more distraction free area than a bedroom
where there are toys, television, games, or siblings.

Feng Shui Aquariums

Feng shui aquariums are not only a beautiful addition
to any home or office but are hailed as a source of
wealth Chi. What makes feng shui aquariums a unique
thing to have is that they have a perfect balance of
the five feng shui elements.

** The water element is apparent since it’s the water
in the aquarium.

** The wood element consists of the plants.

** The metal element is the aquarium’s housing.

** The earth element is the gravel and any rocks you
put in the aquarium.

** The fire element is the lighting and can also be
from the colors of certain fish.

This type of harmony is very difficult to recreate in
another way and is probably not as cool as an

The optimal location for a feng shui aquarium is in
the Southeast part of your space. This is the area
that is connected with wealth and abundance. That’s
double the wealth energy flowing through that area.

The most common fish to use in a feng shui aquarium
are your basic goldfish or koi. They have a nice color
and are very hearty. The dragon fish is used in feng
shui aquariums also but they can be expensive. Make
sure one of your fish is black and don’t get more than
10 total.

As with any living creatures, make sure you clean and
maintain your feng shui aquarium so it can continue to
bring you positive energy.

You want to make sure to remove and replace dead fish
immediately and keep all the plants alive, green, and
healthy. The aquarium needs to be in top condition to
positively affect your wealth Chi.

Eliminate the Chaos of Home Office Clutter

The home office has slowly become the foundation of the modern day household. We pay the bills, organize recipe files and photo albums and develop calendars and schedules on our computers, and some of us make a living from here. With so many different activities happening here, it’s easy to see how it can easily become the most disorganized and unkempt area of the home. A clean organized desk and home office can save time, stress and even money if we work from home. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your messy desk and disorganized office, take a good hard look and see what’s overwhelming your order the most.

Mail is probably the biggest contributing factor to our messy desktops. Get in the habit of dealing with your mail on a daily basis. Toss what you can, place those things that need to be shredded into a shredding bin and shred them once per week, and file the rest away properly. This might also be the time to update your filing system and make folders for current years or months.

Another culprit of office clutter is computer storage media such as CDs, DVDs and floppy disks. Take the time to ensure each is properly labeled and placed in a protective file or case. Categorize and alphabetize them for easy access.

If you have an office area that is commonly used by all family members, it can easily become cluttered with glasses, coffee cups, food wrappers and dirty dishes. Since computer equipment can easily be damaged should something spill on it, it’s probably wise to impose a rule forbidding eating and drinking while using the computer. This would lessen the clutter at the same time. If you spend a considerable amount of time during the day in your office and your office space is large enough, provide for an area far from the computer and other electronic equipment where food and drink can be set without the fear of ruining equipment should a spill occur.

If you utilize a bulletin board, take the time to make sure all the items posted on it are current. If not, take them down and file away or toss. Make sure your calendar is always displaying the current month so you can see the month’s activities and appointments in an easy glance.

Office supplies have a way of easily cluttering up our workspace as well. Take the extra time to clean out and organize desk drawers if necessary and make sure all office supplies have a home other than the top of your desk.

With some forethought, planning and discipline, your home office can become and stay productive, efficient and serene.

Efficiently Organizing your Small Bathroom Makes Big Sense

Small, cramped bathrooms with little space and lots of stuff can present big problems for a busy family. With items strewn across the bathroom countertop with no designated space make it difficult to find that favorite pot of lip gloss, box of dental floss or can of hair mousse when morning routine time is at a minimum. You can conquer this problem with an honest assessment of your bathroom’s contents and some creativity.

First of all, look around your bathroom. If you have products in your bathroom that you didn’t like after the first use, or that someone who previously visited left there and your family doesn’t use, get rid of them. This can be a tough pill to swallow if you focus on the money that you spent on buying it, but if it’s taking up valuable space in your cramped bathroom quarters, it’s costing you more in headaches and stress than it’s worth. You’ll probably be amazed at how much space you can free up by clearing out these unused, unwanted items.

After you’ve cleared these items out, assess what’s left. If there’s a drawer for makeup, but nothing in it is sorted, consider some small boxes or baskets to place them in. Place lipsticks and glosses in one bin, another for makeup compacts, and another for makeup applicators such as brushes and sponges. If there are a lot of hair products, consider using a larger basket to place them in and stored under the sink which can be easily removed and put away each morning.

If you’re in the habit of stocking up on those products you seem to go through quickly such as toilet paper, lotion, or toothpaste, consider storing those in a pantry or linen closet instead of in the bathroom itself. Make sure all family members know where to look for a replacement or refill should they run out.

Most importantly, get your family to agree on using and maintaining the organization system that’s been developed. It’ll do no good to organize only to find things disheveled and unorganized the following week. Ask for input when devising a system, and make sure it’s one that everyone involved can live with.