Pastlife regression

Understanding Past Life Regression

The idea of immortality has always very controversial, an idea which is easily traced back to its Indian origins, particularly in Hinduism. According to reincarnation, the soul moves from one body to another upon death and the cycle continues as the soul decides to be born repeatedly out of desire. The technique to revisit these past lives is through what is called the past life regression (PLR) and is achieved through hypnosis.

A Brief History

There are very limited accounts on PLR in history. The more substantial writing is that of Patanjali, a Hindu scholar, who said that the soul is always burdened by its karma and thus introduce prati-prasav or reverse birthing. This is a technique where the subject revisits memories to address present issues. Prati-prasav is currently being practiced in yoga.

PLR was revived through the efforts of Madame Blavatsky. She is the co-founder of the Theosophical Society and her studies have re-introduced the concept in the west. The practice was further developed in 1950′s when credible medical practitioners began their advocacy on PLR as an instrument to improve mental health. In 1967, Dr. Denys Kelsey was the first to use regression as a therapy.

The Practice of Past Life Regression

Studies made on religions believing in reincarnation did not take into account nor accept the idea of repressed memories. The practice of PLR is usually done to simply experience this spiritually and therefore, be able to venture the unknown. To draw information on the subject’s past life, practitioners would use hypnosis and ask their subjects a series of questions. With the use of bridging, the unearthed memories are brought to consciousness. This is very important for both the doctor and patient as unresolved issues in past lives are believed to be significant in healing the present issues of the patient. However, they are not always easily dealt with as in most cases; the memories are of a negative nature.

Past Life Regression on Television

Oprah featured Past Life Regression last May 2008, with the help of Dr. Oz and Dr. Brian Weiss, who have been studying Past Life Regression for many years. Their subject named Jodie, sought the help of Dr. Weiss to know why she fears dolls to a compulsion.

Fear for Dolls

Then it was described how Jodie got to see her dead grandfather shortly after entering state of hypnosis and minutes later, she began describing what she thought of as a car accident she got involved in then she began to cry. Apparently, she had died unexpectedly in her past life, leaving her children to grow up without her and this resulted to her fear of dolls which is a metaphor for her inability to care for her children.

Healing Through Past Life Regression

Months later, Jodie saw Oprah featured the Osmond family where Marie Osmond handed an Oprah-doll. She reiterates that had it not been for Past Life Regression, she would have immediately turned off the TV because of her fear of doll. But what’s good to know is that after the session, it seemed that she was already able to deal with looking at one.

There are many practitioners of PLR in the United States and more studies are being conducted as of this writing. Accounts of reincarnation and repressed memory studies are present in the history of man, and his natural curiosity would only encourage him to know more about past life regression.

Man’s Desire to Learn from Mistakes – Past or Present Life

Whether traveling through time to relive the lives we left behind is legitimate, that remains a question yet to be answered and perhaps today, no form of science can produce concrete evidence about past life regression or the past lives’ existence. However, the moral of these presumptions could easily be traced into man’s desire to learn from what mistakes he has committed – whether in this life or in the past.

Your Life’s Purpose and Past Life Regression

Its a popular belief that humans have souls. For centuries now, people believe in a superior being, God. God created humans with souls and without it, you will not exist in this world. According to studies, the world is part of a certain ‘oneness’ with energy and other planes. Humans now slowly understand this concept. They want to learn more about how the world works and what it’s all about. The only thing that’s permanent in this world is change. A changed world can bring new experiences. In order to know your life’s purpose, it would be best to know first about your past life. This is where past life regression comes in.

Life here on earth is a journey and everything has a purpose. As you grow older, you want to find out more about your purpose. Are you aware of why you’re here on earth or which path you’re trying to head out to? Was there ever an instance when you felt that a certain situation has already occurred? Or that you know someone even though you haven’t met him or her yet? If your answer is yes, then you need to know more about past life regression.

Your past shapes your present life and you need to focus on properly shaping the future ahead of you. You now have the power to create a much better life, a changed one. Try to think about all the things that you want to do and what makes you happy. Do the things that give you happiness and contentment. People usually take the easy path in life but did you ever think that you can have a better and more fulfilling life ahead? Without understanding yourself first, you can’t make desirable changes in your life. You see, you can’t blame others when things don’t go your way.

As long you’re still alive, you have a chance to live a better and more fulfilling life. When you make mistakes, try to learn from them. Don’t hesitate to explore new things. Do what you can do today and don’t leave it for tomorrow. Be aware of other’s feelings and don’t so something that can hurt or harm them. These things might seem difficult but if you simply exert enough effort, you will be able to perform them all.

Why don’t you try PLR? There are lots of PLR therapists around the world who can help you in exploring your past. According to studies, the only way to understand your present life is to know about your past. Not everyone believes in past lives but if you want to know more about your purpose, you should not hesitate to undergo a PLR session.

Find an experienced PLR therapist now. Hypnosis is usually being used to discover past life memories or experiences. Arrange for a session now especially if you’re having trouble in handling your problems or health condition. Perhaps the past can provide you with the answers. You might also find the answer as to your purpose in life.

Past life regression is already widely available although a great many still don’t believe in it. Now, the question is – do you believe in past lives? If you have a strong belief, this method may be able to give you the answers. Good luck for now and once you do find out about your purpose, make sure that you achieve it.

Self-Help Tips On Doing Past Life Regression

Many people are being haunted by their past. They dream about their phobias, traumas and problems. Moving on with their lives seems to be difficult because they are still « living in their past ». They are fixated. They can not face their problems and fears. They are in denial. For some, this has caused delays in their present lives. They become dysfunctional. With the very fast-paced world that is today, people can not afford to be stuck still because of their unresolved dilemmas. There are several techniques that can help any person to move away from their past, one of which is Past Life Regression.

Help from Psychologists

Mental and psychological problems such as this often entail seeking the professional help of psychologists, particularly psychotherapists. These are highly trained professionals specializing in the use of psychoanalysis or tapping the unconscious minds of people. Not anybody can perform the tests that these specialists are authorized and capable of doing because most of them requires years of expertise. However, the technique of Past Life Regression is some tool that can be employed without seeking professional help which most often are too costly for some.

Self-Help Tips To Consider

Below are some self-help tips that can be done by the person in need (or the patient) on how to do past life regression—the amateur way. Another person is needed to act as a therapist. He/doesn’t need to be a professional but at least, someone who knows and has experienced doing hypnosis.
1. The patient should needs to be very relaxed while doing the procedure. He/she may sit, lie down or do other positions he/she is comfortable with. It would really help to do the procedure in a quiet atmosphere as this can help the person be in a calm state. Playing smooth and relaxing music or lighting aromatic candles may help as well.
2. The patient should take deep, relaxed breaths—inhaling through one’s nose and exhaling through one’s mouth.
3. The process of visualization shall follow. The therapist may ask the patient to close his/her eyes and envision a certain picture or scene. The purpose of this step is to help the patient become calm. The therapist may ask the patient to imagine him/herself in a beach, playing through the water and walking in the sand. Make the person imagine a very relaxed vacation—just lying down, playing through the wind, taking a rest etc.
4. The next step is to make the person visualize snippets of his/her past. The therapist may ask the patient to imagine him/herself in a room surrounded by framed pictures of his family, his/herself and friends. The therapist may ask the patient to look at the picture of his/her family and ask what he/she sees in the picture. What are the people wearing? Are the people smiling? Are everyone in the family complete? Ask the patient the same questions to the other pictures as well.
5. Then make the patient imagine that the people in the framed pictures are now alive and standing beside him/her. Ask the patient to imagine him/herself holding several roses and swords. Instruct the patient to imagine him/herself approaching each of his/her relatives and friends and he/she needs to give either a rose or a sword to each one. Ask the patient to explain what he/she gave to each one. Give the patient time to do this.
6. After the visualization, make the patient open his/her eyes. Therapist should ask him/her how it feels and what he/she thinks of the activity. Patient should give his/her realizations.
7. The patient and the therapist can now go through each of the person in the visualization and the patient should explain what he/she has given and has told to each person. With this activity, the patient will be given an idea of his/her unresolved issues of the past.

This is the first step of the patient’s realizations. He/she needs to think why these issues are actually unresolved. Past life regression is just the first step. The patient needs to accept which are valid and which are not. It is only when these issues are accepted and no longer denied that the process of solving the issue begins.

Various Techniques on Past Life Regression

Recalling your past can be done through hypnosis. This is the most common method used for past life regression but there are also other ways to conduct PLR. Different techniques are used to uncover details of past life and it is up to the PLR therapist to determine which technique is best suited to a certain individual.

Hypnosis is the most used method because the therapist can get in touch with the unconscious mind of his patient. Prior to hypnotism, the therapist will ask the individual for the things that bother him or if he is suffering from any health condition. This will be the subject and it will be the basis of the PLR session. Two techniques are employed in this situation:

1. The therapist will use the subject as a root to accessing the past life of the patient. He will constantly prompt the individual with questions. The therapist creates a suitable atmosphere where the patient can go back to his past life. Once the patient reaches a relaxed state, the therapist can now access the recollections of the individual. After reaching the appropriate consciousness level or the in-utero stage, flashes of inter-life conditions can now be seen and so the individual can verbally describe such memories.
2. Karma or Cause and Effect – this cause and effect method is another PLR technique. The principle of karma is being used in this method. Your past life has a relationship with your present life. The effects are seen today so you need to discover your past life to determine the root cause. For instance, if you were a good person in your past life, you will also have a great present life. But if you’re bad, then your present life will not be very pleasant. If you’ve made unfulfilled decisions, thoughts, promises, and vow, the effects can be seen in your present life. Take note of your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health. If you notice anything abnormal, you may need to visit a PLR therapist.

In order to get information on your past life, the therapist will ask for your birth date and the time you were born. The therapist is the only person who can determine the right state for accessing your unconscious mind. Aside from hypnosis, the PLR therapist can also make use of non-hypnotic techniques. These are also called bridge techniques. It concerns your physical sensations, phrases, visions, words, and intense emotions. In this technique, the patient will automatically slip to consciousness and they don’t even need to undergo the transition state. If you’re having conflicts today, it may be connected to your past life. Only by accessing your past life can you resolve the conflicts you’re having.

Since it can seem impossible to believe having a past life, why don’t you check out online forums on PLR? You can get a lot of information there. You can have a chance to talk to people who experience PLR. There’s no harm in trying. If you have conflicts, health conditions, or any other problem that you can’t resolve, it is now time to try a different approach. Consider past life regression and see if it works for you. Contact a qualified and experienced PLR therapist in your area now. Try to arrange for a schedule so that you can already talk about the details of the PLR sessions that you’re going to have.

Reasons For Joining Past Life Regressions

People are drawn closer to Past Life Regression for several different reasons and people’s ultimate reasons for joining include the need for therapy as their very first reason. People sometimes stand as a symbol of concluding and interesting experiences which they have undergone so many times in their lives. And these previous events in their lives are what affect several facets of their manners as well as their performance to the point of they become extreme and foolish about all these things. Then that is when they will really need to have or attend the Past Life regression sessions to bring backorder into their lives!

People’s Reasons for Believing in Past Life Regression
In this field of past life exploration and technology, we are able to know if there are certain or various previous life experiences, as well as influences in our every day living that in one way or another, are able to persuade or manipulate our current, daily lives. We will also be able to find out why there are sometimes people wondering whether a certain routine, fear, or further strange or extraordinary behavior comes from their previous lives. Is it possible that these people have really ever been to the place prior to when he is talking about it?
Past life regression is truly an exhilarating trip into your very own previous lives, letting loose windows of your mind that disengage to another world, to a world that was perhaps rightfully yours in a previous time.

Previous Hurts Trigger Psychological Problems
In fact, in some cases, previous emotional events that have hurt us so deeply can trigger certain psychological troubles which can never be cured with an ordinary psychotherapy. And it is only with past life regression therapy that one will be able to release these self-conscious and withdrawn thoughts that may eventually trigger an advantageous and favorable change.

Understanding, Essential to Past Life Regression
And this is where the element of « understanding » should come in. Discovering and investigating around your past lives puts forward an entirely fresh dimension to the perception and consideration of your character. Suddenly, you recognize for the first time the reasons why you are attracted to a particular place or why you tend to have a certain interest in things.

Past Life Regression, Interesting to Many, Out of Curiosity for Others
While many people surprisingly find the experience of outlining their past lives enjoyable, some do it mainly out of pure curiosity. There are certain existences in the past that can be put together with so much careful details, even generating various names, many dates and several places known to the individual. And you should know that majority of the details have been well- researched and proven authentic and legitimate; thereby, leading to some captivating writing about the subject and past life regression.

Interacting Souls Reincarnating Together
Most often than not, groups of interrelated souls working together, reincarnate with each other. And they take on the functions and responsibilities of relations, peers or even contenders and adversaries. Many people believe this kind of event happens in order that people may balance the laws of what we call « karma » – the synchronization or disharmony as ushered in by people’s behavior towards one another. Sometimes, it really happens. Remember a time when you have met a particular person for the first time and yet you have this feeling that you have practically known this person all your life? Well, perhaps you could say now you believe in reincarnation!

The Rationale of Past Life Regression

Why should you even bother of discovering your past life when your present life is too much to handle? This is the common misconception of many people. You see, if you’re facing a lot of dilemmas today, it may be connected to your past life. By re-opening your past life, you may be able to find answers.

Here’s a very good example. A certain wealthy individual is suffering from an unexplainable trauma. In his past life, he discovered that he was extremely wealthy and barbarians killed him. The trauma experienced by the individual is connected to his past. Unconsciously, his mind has associated wealth with death which explains the trauma he is currently facing.

Women who are not comfortable in the presence of men especially in having sex may have been raped in their past lives.

A habitual eater may have been around during the Holocaust wherein thousands of people died because of hunger. At present, the individual is trying really hard to control his life and whenever he or she is in distress, eating too much is a natural tendency.

A greedy pirate in the past may find it hard to handle finances in the present life.

These are true examples of past life regression. These individuals were able to understand their present condition by simply subjecting themselves to PLR therapy. In fact, according to studies, health conditions may be rooted to the past life of an individual.

People suffering from asthma may have choked or drowned in the past. Those who suffer from back pain may have been shot or stabbed on the back. Healing may be possible through past life regression. If you’ve been undergoing medical check ups and programs for a long time but with no substantial improvement, perhaps it’s now time to consider PLR. Therapists claim that the memories of the past life lie on the unconscious mind of the individual. Oftentimes, wrong conclusions about the past are already imprinted in the subconscious and because of this the present life is also affected. For instance, in your past life, your husband left you so in your present life you don’t trust men. Another example is you were killed when the Romans attacked at night and so today you associate darkness to danger.

This is the rationale of past life regression. All your fears today including some of your health conditions may be the result of wrong imprints in your mind. Discovering the past may be your only chance to correct things. When you’re rediscovering your past life, you will not remember anything once you’re conscious mind is back. The details of the PLR sessions will be provided by the therapist. Talk to your therapist and reveal your past, no matter how good or bad it is. You must learn to understand your past life so that you can better understand the present.

Past life regression is not new and it has been practiced for many years now. Aside from hypnosis, the therapist can also use other methods to uncover your past life. After talking to a PLR therapist, the appropriate method can be determined. You need to be open to the therapist and provide all the necessary information. You will benefit greatly from PLR. If you’re having second thoughts about it, you can invite a friend or a family member to accompany you.

Past Life Regression-Self-Hypnosis Continuum

How nice it will be if you have a complete guide to uncover your past or previous lives, that’s one thing I know. There are about 75% of our populations who now believe in the truth about reincarnation. Reincarnation is a very intriguing yet captivating subject matter especially to those people who have had their own shares of experiences to tell.

Reincarnating to another Person

Can you really ever believe in reincarnating to another person when you draw your last breath? Well, while some people may believe this magical and mysterious event is really true, there are some who also believe otherwise. Reincarnation is believed to have happened when you know in your very own mind that the particular events you are experiencing right now have actually already happened in the past, or have been there with you before. Surely, these life-experiencing events have been so life-changing for them.

Some Believe in Reincarnation, Some Still Do Not

Sometimes, we tend to have recurring dreams in our sleep at night. And while some are attracted to this way of discovery, thereby firmly believing in reincarnation, there are still others who refuse to believe and follow. Most of the time, those who are inclined to believe are the sufferers, those who suffer in having recurrent dreams and the revelations of which, enable her to change her life in a more positive and ideal way!

Past Life Regression, a Spiritual Technique

Truly, past life regression is not just an ordinary event in a person’s life. Past life regression is a spiritual technique to help people empower their own lives, conquer their own fears, and fight their own struggles. Past life regression caters to people who are in dire need of having to learn the various ways of coming across their fears and finding out how best they can reveal or discover their past lives. And even for therapists and psychologists who are there to help the sufferers, this guide will help them achieve their goals and plans for their lives.

Examples of Problems that Require Past Life Regression

There are some patients who find it so difficult to understand certain events in their lives that they would rather undergo hypnosis to better understand themselves. There are some instances that would make a patient regress to an earlier existence like she was at one time, burned as she was thought of as a witch, considering her many non-conforming ideas and beliefs.

Hypnosis Sessions

During the actual session of hypnosis, patients could develop ridges or swelling on her neck as well as her upper chest as the patient recollects the precise events as to how she died or got to her demise. There are also follow-up sessions which are revealing that the patient was better off expressing herself. The patient was led to an understanding that overcoming her problem with blushing should be her top priority.

Complete Guide to Past Life Regression

Here is a complete guide to Past Life Regression that is truly beneficial and stuffed with important details to help others who may be interested in exploring their previous lives. And would you believe it, there is even a step-by-step procedure that includes path working, Tarot & Crystal Regression, free association, Self Hypnosis, Time Lines, Psychometry Pendulum Regression and the Christos Technique. Through the years, all these techniques have been proven effective to getting the desired results of Past Life Regression!

Past Life Regression or PLR

Do you believe that people have past lives? If you do, then perhaps you will be very much interested in past life regression. According to practitioners of past life regression, the soul of an individual has lived in the past but in a different body. Many people believe in past lives. There are even individuals who believe that they were animals before their present lives.

At present, there is little evidence on past life. To prove its validity, some experts in the field introduced past life regression. The details you can obtain from the process shows that there is truth behind the beliefs. Are you familiar with hypnosis? Through hypnosis, your past life can be determined. It’s already very popular in the different countries around the world. Hypnosis can touch your unconscious mind and this is a very effective way to withdraw information about your past life. Your past life memories are not accessible through your conscious mind because recollections are often stored in the unconscious. The therapist will simply ask questions and the subject (you) will answer all the questions. Responses are noted by the therapist because once the subject is no longer under hypnosis, he or she will not remember any of the responses.

It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in past life or not. When you undergo hypnosis for past life regression, you’re also benefiting from it. You see, some people suffering from a certain ailment or problem can find answers through past life regression. After the sessions with the therapist, they were able to find out the true cause of the problem or ailment and later resolved them.

Past life regression is also called PLR for short. Here are true examples of two individuals who tried PLR.

A man is complaining about his anxiety problems. After PLR, he found the cause of his anxiety. According to the responses he made to the therapist, he was a King in his past life. He was standing on a tower and looking down to his troops. They were about to go to war and he was leading them. It seems that the anxiousness started at this point of his past life. He was anxious about the war and this may also be the cause of his anxiety at present. It’s up to you whether you will believe that he was a king or not.

Another example is a man who suffers from neck and throat problems. During the PLR session, it was discovered that the man died from hanging. Later, his neck injuries and throat infections were cured. The man believed that his past life was true because he was able to solve his problem and now, he is living a more comfortable life, free from any health conditions.

Oftentimes, it can be really hard to believe that people have past lives. Whether you believe in PLR or not, there is no harm in trying it out. Find a therapist in your area who specializes in hypnosis and past life regression especially if you have a problem that you can’t solve. Who knows, perhaps you may be able to find the needed answers. Try searching the internet for PLR informational sources. You can learn a great deal about it. Why don’t you try it out and see if it really works?

Past Life Regression Known Exercises

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to travel through time, back to when you were young or even further into your past life? Would you like to find out how you lived before? Do you want a chance to revisit hurtful memories and resolve unfinished businesses by facing what you have long put behind your consciousness? Past life regression (PLR) can take you there and let you experience your previous existence before you were reincarnated to this life.

Keep On Trying
This exercise may or may not take you to your past life or let you linger outside your body. However, it largely depends on the level of your faith that you will see what you want to see or you will see what you really need to see. Remember that it may not happen for you the first time you try it, so keep trying until you finally are able to get it.

Keep an Open Mind about Past Life Regression

Remember, it is always wise to think twice or even more times before doing these exercises. While there are many supporters of past life regression, there are still many aspects to this technique that remains questionable. Other people also share positive experiences with Past Life Regression that may not be the same as yours so make sure that you have an open mind and an open heart before even trying to do it. Or if you are really intent in doing so, you should at least first, seek the help of professional practitioners.

So, what really are the techniques and exercises that your ancestors have not taught you? This has been practiced for so many years and ancient religions have taken this to account, here we give you simple steps that could help you achieve the state of trance needed to explore your past life.

Set Your Expectations

Before finally making up your mind to venture into Past Life Regression, examine yourself, keep your mind open and ask why you want to discover your past life. Ask yourself the following questions:

• How much faith do you have in these exercises?
• Are you revisiting your past life to heal some of your present wounds?
• Are you prepared to know about the pains you may have encountered in the past that may be affecting you today?
• Are you confident in your ability to control your reactions towards whatever you may find in your past life?
• Are you willing to accept whatever consequences the vision you might see could bring you?
Do you have the patience to try these multiple times should you fail to do it correctly the first time?

Final Decision for Past Life Regression

When you have answered all these questions already, then the final question you really have to answer before you decide doing Past Life Regression exercises is what is it in PLR that interests you so much you are near to trying it? Make sure it is not plainly out of curiosity that you want to try it. Because believe me, if it were just purely out of curiosity, then do not pursue it anymore.

However, should you believe that you are looking for something deep and more meaningful, then these tips are for you! Here are a few benefits you may obtain should you decide to unlock the hush-hush of your hidden past lives.

Past Life Regression for Healing

Reincarnation is a very interesting subject and for many years, it has captured the attention of many people. Almost all the religion systems that people know today believe in reincarnation. According to statistics, about 55% of people all over the world believe in past life. Past life regression can aid in the healing process and this is one of the reasons why many individuals are taking interest on this matter.

It’s quite impossible to believe in the death-rebirth stage of an individual. Death is the end of life here on earth and very few people believe in life after death. Through past life regression, the stage of death-rebirth can be illuminated and it will be easier to discover your past life. There are different techniques being used in past life regression. To some occultists, discovering your past life is like developing a unique and magical memory. Past life regression is now quite popular all over the world. If you want to investigate further on this interesting subject, you can find a lot of reading materials about past life and reincarnation and other online resources. Why should you learn about the past?

It’s not easy to uncover the past life. Firstly, you need to believe in reincarnation. As you go through life, you encounter a lot of experiences (pleasant and unpleasant). In most cases, your unconscious mind tries to send messages to your conscious mind; but this is quite complicated and most individuals don’t know how to interpret it. The inner mind whispers the messages but your conscious mind choose not to listen. The symbolic message can only be understood through PLR or past life regression.

Past life is like a fantasy and so very few believe in it. Only the expert can determine whether the symbolic messages come purely from the unconscious mind or from the past life; and that is done through simple checks and procedures.

The thought of having a past life is fascinating but it really does happen. You can use your curiosity to discover a past life that your conscious mind is unaware of. According to PLR therapists, reincarnation is all about learning the lessons of consciousness and life. It’s important that you learn about the past because you will be able to identify the mistakes you’ve done back then. If you’ve learned from your mistakes in your past life, then there is no need to re-learn them in your present life.

If you feel like a certain message is being sent to you by your subconscious, take some time to determine what the message means and consult a PLR therapist.

Your belief in reincarnation doesn’t matter. Past life regression can only be valuable to you if you put the knowledge you’ve gained to use. Past life is often regarded as a personal thing and very few would want to share what they have discovered. You need to apply the necessary changes in your life based on the things you’ve discovered.

For those people who feel like something’s hindering their creativity, success, and health, past life regression may be the answer. Don’t confuse past life with delusion. The latter is trying to fantasize a life that they want to live. For real healing, PLR can help you a lot. It can provide the needed answers to your long-time questions.