Cellular phones

Life’s good with LG cellular phones

The cellular phone industry is already able to stand as a functional gadget and not merely luxurious toy. Because of this, manufacturer quickly jump into the cellular phone bandwagon, this includes the electronics companies and telephone companies. On the electronics side, LG Electronics is getting to be a figure to watch out for in the future.

LG Electronics is now focusing all its effort in making LG cellular phone an excellent and premium brand. This is a commitment made by the LG Electronics CEO during his speech at the 2004 International Consumer Electronic Show. To show how committed LG Electronics is to their promise, the company is poised on investing three hundred million dollars for the marketing activities of LG Cellular phone. LG Electronics likewise set-up a brand management team that will uphold the new LG slogan that “Life’s Good” for all its marketing efforts that will promote the premium LG cellular phone brand in the North American market.

Because of this strong commitment to develop cellular phone units as a premium and superb brand of cellular phones, consumers are sure that the company will soon introduce to the market cellular phone units that will give some major manufacturers a run for their money. This endeavor will surely benefit consumers who will find more premium brand cellular phones including LG cellular phones available in the market. The endeavor will further alleviate the company’s vision of sitting as one of the top three global firms by the year 2010. This may prove to be an easy task for the company coming from its success in achieving top brand image in India, Middle East and Africa. This endeavor of making premium brand LG cellular phones is not only a mission for it North American market but the plan includes Europe as well. I hope that in the future, for the world, this is a vision that LG Electronics is focusing on.

The campaign following the theme “life’s good” offers superior lifestyle for LG cellular phone users. The company keeps this promise by putting together a product development team that will focus on making premium LG cellular phones that will compete in the marketplace, functionality and beauty is a huge consideration.

The company is seeking to achieve an ambitious sales growth of 20% by boosting its marketing efforts for the globally competitive and premium LG cellular phone brand. To achieve all these, product development for the cellular phones units is the most important step. Organizational restructuring and improved distribution for LG cellular phone might also be a neat strategy for the company if they are serious in wanting to achieve a hefty 20% growth from its cellular phone business.

An increasing number of satisfied LG cellular phone users recognize the development as an effective way to get superior benefits from the increasing number of premium quality cellular phones with the introduction of the newly developed and innovatively designed cellular phones from LG Electronics. They foresee this development and the company’s endeavor to be beneficial and thus may work well to the mutual benefit of the company and its consumers.

LG cellular phones are poised on competing in the functional and beautifully designed cellular phone industry, their experience in the electronics industry give them the edge against competition. Await the development and the new LG cellular phone models to get the benefit from the company’s commitment to quality.

Purchasing Used Cell Phones – Is it a Good Buy?

There are many individuals out there who also want to

own cell phones however they don’t have enough money

to purchase one. The option left to them now is

purchasing used cell phones, but are used cell phones

a good-buy? That is a question that only you can

answer after reading this article.

When purchasing cell phones, you have to know your

needs. People want to have cell phones because they

simply want to keep their lines open wherever they go

and nowadays, it also ensures safety. There are cheap

cell phones as well as expensive ones but the less

fortunate people still can’t afford even the cheapest

handset. Because of this evident fact, they resort to

purchasing used cell phones.

What things should you consider when purchasing used

cell phones?

First, you have to check the handset. Is it still in

good condition? Sometimes, it’s really hard to tell

from the outside. You can check it when the cell phone

is open. Check the keypad, the features of the phone,

etc. You have to make sure that it’s free from

defects. Even if you’re buying a used phone, it should

still be in good condition. If you don’t do this, you

might be able to purchase a phone with too many

defects and you need to have it repaired. That is an

added cost on your part.

Secondly, who is selling you the cell phone? It would

be best to purchase a used cell phone from a friend or

someone you know personally. That way, you can be sure

that he or she is not making a fool out of you. If

someone you don’t know sells you a used cell phone,

you have to be extra careful. You have to check the

background of that individual to determine if he or

she can be trusted.

The third thing to consider is the price. How much

does the cell phone cost? You have to know the model

and then check it out online and see how much it

costs. If the price is too low, that is a warning sign

the phone might have a lot of defects. The price

should still be reasonable. Don’t purchase older

models of cell phone. You see new models of cell

phones are introduced in the market periodically and

so the older versions might already be outdated.

The fourth thing is to ask the phone’s service

carrier. The carrier should be the one you prefer.

This will determine the phone’s ability to get good

coverage or signal.

Aside from getting used cell phones from people you

know, you can also purchase them online. There are

dealers online that offers used cell phones. If you

try to search the internet, you can get in touch with

these dealers. Make sure that you check the reputation

of these used cell phone dealers. There are still

those that offer limited warranty and if you’re lucky,

you may be able to find a good deal online.

Are used cell phones a good buy? The answer is yes, if

you considered the four factors mentioned earlier. You

have to be wise if you want only the best deals.

Remember, you’re going to pay for the cell phone so it

has to be in good working condition no matter what the

unit or handset is.

The History of Cell Phones

A lot of professionals today can’t leave their homes

without their cell phones. The cell phone is no longer

a luxury nowadays; it is already a necessity so that

an individual can be reached at any time of the day or

night. Do you know the history of cell phones?

The cell phone only came into existence in the late

part of the seventies. Illinois Bell was the one who

tested the first cell phone in Chicago, Illinois. The

test was successful however, it was only in the mid

eighties when service carriers started their

operations. The frequency band used back then was

800-900 MHz. Several years ago, the cell phones were

still bulky units. Radio signals of the service

carriers often interrupt or interfere with that of

commercial radios. Before, cell phone service was

costly and unreliable due to the limited channels


Because of the increasing demand for cellular phones

all over the globe, new service carriers were approved

by the FCC or Federal Communications Commission in the

mid nineties. Way back in 2001, there are already over

120 million subscribers of wireless phones in the US

and who knows how much it has increased over the past

seven years. The regulators and forecasters didn’t

anticipate for such huge growth since the service cost

was quite high.

The cellular phone is truly an invention that has

achieved great success commercially. Cell phone users

believe that productivity is increased if you have at

least one unit and not only that, it can also enhance

safety. Today, almost every individual has a cell

phone. Repair technicians, delivery drivers, lawyers,

doctors, and many other professionals have adopted the

use of cell phones in their daily lives. The rates of

the service carriers have dropped and because of this,

more and more people can now afford a cellular phone.

Most of the cell phone subscribers reason out that the

units are very important due to personal security

reasons, for convenience, and for road safety. No one

really knows when he or she is going to be stranded in

a foreign place; but with a cell phone, they can

easily ask for help.

That’s all about the cell phone history. People owe

Illinois Bell for the creation of the cell phone.

Great improvements were made since the 1970’s and the

advanced technology of today’s times has even created

high tech cell phones that include many other features

aside from calling. Now, you can send text messages,

videos, pictures, and many others. You can even take

pictures now with the use of your cell phone because

it already has a built in camera. The cell phone units

today are also reasonably priced and so even ordinary

individuals can purchase them.

You can log on to the internet and check out the

different cell phone models sold in the market today.

You can compare their features, prices, and

appearance. When purchasing a cell phone, you have to

choose one that will work for you. You have to choose

the cell phone features you like, the size of the

mobile phone, etc.

The history of cell phones can show people how the

developments occurred. The cell phones have gone a

long way ever since it was created. Now, more and more

individuals are benefiting from the use of mobile

phones. How about you, do you have a cell phone?

History of Mobile Phones

In this day of high tech gadgets and toys, the Mobile
Phone, or Cellular Phone inundates the market with products
for every level of user.

While a patent was issued as early as 1908 for a mobile
phone unit, the actual technology of cellular network
calling, as we know it today wasn’t established until 1984
in Japan.

Even at this early time, mobile phones were too large to be
carried easily in a pocket so most were installed in
vehicles to be used as car phones until 1990.

The mobile phone has become so popular in some countries
that the numbers of phones outnumber the population. Africa
currently has the largest growth rate of mobile phone
subscribers and India has the largest growth market, adding
6 million subscribers every month.

What once began as a rare and expensive form of
communication has suddenly become the worlds most common
and inexpensive item kept on a person.

In the U.S. 50 percent of children carry their own mobile
phone. In many countries, mobile phones outnumber landline

This is due to the ease of use and the cost. Where it is
more expensive to run a phone line throughout a town or
village, people can own mobile phones at a much more
affordable rate.

Once used as a simple wireless way to communicate has
changed to almost a miniature computer small enough to slip
into ones pocket.

Now mobile phones can take photographs, can access the
Internet and e-mails, and even store a selection of
downloadable music.

What an advancement we have made in such a short time. It
makes one wonder what is next in the high tech gadget world
for our mobile phone users.

Health Concerns Around Cell Phones

Part of the radio waves emitted by a mobile telephone
handset is absorbed by the human head.

The radio waves emitted by a GSM handset, (Global
System for Mobile Communications) can have a peak
power of 2 watts.

An analogue phone has a maximum transmit power of 3.6

Other digital mobile technologies, such as CDMA and
TDMA, use lower output power, typically below 1 watt.

The maximum power output from a mobile phone is
regulated by the mobile phone standard it is following
and by the regulatory agencies in each country.

Swedish researchers from the University Lund, Salford,
Brun, Perrson, Eberhardt and Malmgren, have studied
the effects of microwave radiation on the rat brain.

They found a leakage of albumin into brain via a
permeated blood-brain barrier.

The rate at which radiation is absorbed by the human
body is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate
(SAR), and its maximum levels for modern handsets have
been set by governmental regulating agencies in many

Some users of mobile handsets have reported feeling
several unspecific symptoms during and after its use;
ranging from burning and tingling sensations in the
skin of the head and extremities, fatigue, sleep
disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental attention,
reaction times and memory retentiveness, headaches,
malaise, tachycardia (heart palpitations), to
disturbances of the digestive system all of which can
be attributed to psychological stress.

Although research is still undergoing and it’s not
entirely clear what the affects of cell phone use will
have, people continue to use it on a grand scale. With
research they hope to conclude the affects cell phones
use has in the near future.

Handless Headsets for the Mobile Phone

There is nothing more odd than seeing someone walking down
the street having a full and complete conversation with

At first glance they are seen as crazy or schizophrenic.
Upon closer examination we see they are just on their
mobile phone attached to a headset.

While the introduction of the headset to the mobile phone
user has made multi tasking even easier, you still cant
help but take a second look when you see someone in a fully
animated conversation with what appears to be themselves.
Arms flailing, voice raised and lost in their own world.

The one good thing that the introduction of the mobile
phone headset has accomplished is that drivers are slightly
less distracted when on their phones.

Of course, this is only slightly because a lot of the
distraction still comes from things like dialing the phone,
answering the phone, or even finding the phone when it is

The new version of the mobile phone headset is wireless. It
attaches to your ear and makes it so you can answer your
phone with just a push of the button on the headset. Sounds
like something right out of a sci-fi movie.

But what next? Many people think the next trend in wireless
headsets will be to have a microchip implanted in your head
that acts as the headset.

This seems to be taking things a little too far. But just
how far will we go for science?

How will we be able to tell the people who need
professional psychiatric help from those who just spend all
their time on their implanted mobile phones?

Ericsson cellular phones, top choice for those who require high performance gadgets

One of the top three market leaders in the United States cellular phone industry is the Swedish firm, Ericsson. Their entry to the top slot is due to the growing number of people requiring high performance and technologically advanced cellular phones. Although, Ericsson is in a broad-based spectrum of business units, and on the communications sector, they focus their business son the fixed-line operation and not much on the cellular phone unit developments, this notion change very recently. Of late, Ericsson is slowly realizing the greater need for technological advancement of Ericsson cellular phones because of the growing demand for this advanced design cellular phone. They are also doing this move because they can foresee the potential of profitable business in the cellular phone unit industry. Because of the wonderful and functional designs of the Ericsson cellular phones, the requirement for them is booming like a speed rocket.

Ericsson cellular phones support various cellular phone plans; in fact, they are the most suited for the various functional offers of big network companies. However, if you want a pre-paid cellular phone plan, very few Ericsson cellular phone units support pre-paid cellular phones plans. It is not advisable to purchase a cellular phone from Ericsson if you do not want a traditional cellular phone plan. Ericsson cellular phone is a popular choice of people who want high performance and functional cellular phones. This is because almost all cellular phone models include features like VGA camera with video capabilities and it support high-speed edge data networking. Receiving and sending internet messages are thus possible in a cellular phone from Ericsson. Ericsson cellular phones also include color LCD and superb imaging, which includes picture editor, if you want to play along with your pictures, cellular phones from Ericsson, has the capacity for this. Additionally, almost all models of cellular phone in Ericsson support blue tooth usage, thus easy navigation.

Ericsson cellular phones also support multimedia messaging and e-mail services. Technologically advanced Ericsson cellular phones are the best choice especially for corporate executives because of its functional features. This has accounted for the success of the cellular phone business of Ericsson. This is also the culprit for the high demand for cellular phones from Ericsson, thus the company endeavor to develop more advanced cellular phone units.

This ensures the public that other superb and high technology features development may continue to add to the strong benefits of Ericsson cellular phones. For this reason, it is worthy for consumers to await every development and new cellular phone models coming out of Ericsson manufacturing plants.

The information you get from this article may help you understand the best features of Ericsson cellular phones. This information will also help you analyze if Ericsson cellular phone is what you need. Ericsson cellular phones are getting to be the top choice because of its beauty and wonderful functional features.

With or without these functional features, buying a cellular phone need intelligent assessment, knowing what you need and how you need your cellular phone will help you buy the most suited cellular phone.

It may also help in the proper usage of your cellular phone if you can follow telephone etiquette. Because Ericsson cellular phones are popular to business executives, exhibiting telephone etiquette account for the respectable user. This will show how effective this modern day gadget can help in an executive’s life.

Choosing The Right Phone Plan

Alright, you have your cell phone in hand, now you
need a calling plan. With the competition being what
it is now, you will want to consider what your best
course of action is.

Do you purchase a Pay-As-You-Go plan, or do you choose
from a variety of other plans?

If you are simply using it for day to day « just in
case » reasons, a pay as you go may be all you need.

For persons conducting business however, having a plan
with unlimited or good rates would be favorable.

Cell phone companies compete for your business and
have a variety of plans for the phones they cell.

Shop and compare before you make your selection.
Ensuring you have the right plan to meet your cell
phone demands will help you as you need.

Some companies will provide the phone for « free » with
a calling plan. It’s important to know what the plan
entails before signing your contract; you will want to
make sure it’s something you are comfortable with and
that it’s not a plan you were « talked into » by an over
zealous sales agent.

Be selective and ask questions. When you know what you
are wanting, then you can check out the competing
companies to find the right plan for you.

To Buy or Not to Buy Cheap Cell Phones

Cellular phones are sophisticated gadgets and almost

every individual desires to have one. Although the

cell phone units are high-tech gadgets, it is still

possible to purchase cheap cell phones.

If you want to purchase cheap cell phones, you will

have to do conduct some research to find the best

deals online. Ever since the cell phone was introduced

in the market, it has already evolved into a unique

communications equipment. Before, only businessmen

owned cell phones but now, even kids and teenagers

have their own handsets. Cell phones are not merely

playthings because of the various functions it has to


Most people want to own high-end cell phones to let

others think that they can keep up with the trends.

But if you’re a practical individual who simply wants

a cell phone that can call and send text messages, a

cheap cell phone can already work for you. Well of

course, cheap cell phones have limitations and you

have to recognize them instead of being disappointed.

The basic models of the high-end cell phones will be

enough to let you call and receive incoming calls, as

well as send and receive text messages.

You still have to get the latest basic cell phone

model. Don’t purchase the old models since

technological advancement is at high speed. The

signals of the service carriers may also vary

depending on the cell phone handset so you have to

make sure that your phone has good reception ability.

With a basic cell phone model, you wouldn’t be able to

send or receive email but since you’re only after the

call and text features, it doesn’t really matter. You

can easily log on to the internet to check or send

emails, right? If you want, you can also check the

different packages offered by leading cell phone

providers/carriers. Perhaps you can find a monthly or

prepaid package that includes a decent cellular phone

at low cost. New launches are carried out by the cell

phone companies so you can expect to get a modern

basic phone with call and text features.

The best place to shop for inexpensive cell phones is

on the internet. Make use of the different search

engines like Google and Yahoo. Simply type ‘cheap cell

phones’ and you can choose the links to the sites that

you think can offer the best-deal cheap cell phones;

set aside your budget now.

The question now is to buy or not to buy cheap cell

phones. The answer will greatly depend on you. First,

you have to identify your needs. If you can do without

the advanced applications and features of mobile

phones, cheap cell phones may be enough. If you’re not

a businessman or a very busy individual, you won’t

need high-end expensive cell phones. Then, you have to

determine your budget. If you don’t have enough money

to purchase the advanced new models or handsets, the

cheap phones are a good deal.

Leading cell phone companies have cheap mobile phones

to offer their customers. They do understand the

various needs of their clients and so they can find a

way to provide you with the cell phone you need; one

that fits your budget and your desired

applications/features. Conduct your research now and

find the cellular phone you need.

Cheap cellular phone, only an alternative

The old concept that cellular phones are merely luxurious toys is now dismissed by the growing need for it. Cellular phones now became a very essential tool for everyone including parents who want to know where their kids are on a real time basis. Business executives do business more effectively with a multi-functional cellular phone. Eve teenagers need cellular phones. Gone are the days when cellular phones are toys to show off, now cellular phones evolve to be a necessity. Thus, cellular phones of various models and designs now flood the market. There are those cellular phones that can perform many different functions but there are also those basic telephones that come in cheap.

Because of this great need and want for cellular phones, manufacturers flood the market from cheap cellular phones to high-tech cellular phones. If you are one of those who are lucky and that you can afford high-tech cellular phones, then that is good for you, however, if you want or need a cellular phone but cannot afford high-tech cellular phones, then you may acquire a cheap cellular phone. Knowing what you need and how you need it may help you find a cellular phone with reasonable and useful features. If you are to buy a cheap cellular phone, you should never expect it to perform tasks a high tech cellular phone can give. Merely being able to send and receive calls may be enough for you to expect from your cheap cellular phone. Because you cannot afford the high definition performance of high tech cellular phone, having reasonable expectation may help you avoid throwing your cellular phone out of your window. Cellular phones especially cheap cellular phones may only give you basic communication capabilities. Having to send and receive call which is the basic function of a cellular phone may be the only functions if can offer. Thus, you need to check the reception of your cheap cellular phone, since this is the only thing it is good for, it has to perform well enough for this basic function. Sending and receiving text messages may be available for cheap cellular phone however, only on a limited basis. If your can find a cheap cellular phone that has text messaging capacity, it will be better for you. Sending and receiving internet communication may not be available for cheap cellular phone; you do not need it as much anyway. However, if you do need to be able to send and receive message in your cellular phone from internet sites, cheap cellular phone is not going to be any good.

Cheap cellular phones notwithstanding, if you can afford cellular phone plan that provide free cellular phones, you may choose a cellular phone plan that will provide free cellular phone with reasonable and advanced features. Not the high-tech cellular phone but definitely not very limited features like what you will find in cheap cellular phones. Various network companies offer this wonderful promotion and thus you may take advantage of owning a good quality cellular phone. If you can find a neat deal from a cellular phone plan, you may not need to content yourself with cheap cellular phones.

Even a simple as buying a cellular phone, one need to research a bit in order to get enough and reasonable benefit even form a meager budget, thus you may not need to settle for a cheap cellular phone.