Camping cars

What Is A Camping Car?

Want to spend your holiday camping in a forest or a
mountain? Camping cars will help you to travel and
stay comfortably while camping.

They are a combination of a vehicle and a temporary
home to stay put. Camping cars act as a transportation
medium. People also choose to live in these little
homes permanently.

They can park their vehicles in the special parking
lots while enjoying time with their kith and kin.

Car camping is something that people prefer these
days. The travelers pack up all the necessary
equipment and leave for the camping site.

They have all the necessary provisions inside their
camping car. They can cook as if they are at home, as
there is a mini kitchen inside.

They can sleep comfortably on their normal sized beds.
They can put on the AC if camping is being done in a
hot region.

The washrooms with showers make the stay even more
comfortable. There can be a refrigerator inside the
car. Other than this, there is large space inside the
camping car.

This comprises of camping equipments such as tents,
sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, axe or saw, ropes
and even bicycles. All these things can be easily
stuffed in the camping cars.

The camping cars are useful where the weather
conditions are odd. While at a hot camping site, you
can sit comfortably inside the camping car and enjoy a
cool atmosphere due to air conditioning.

Similarly in a cold or rainy season, you can take
shelter inside the car. There are many types of
camping cars out of which the recreational vehicles
(RVs) and caravans are the most comfortable and

So get ready for a perfect camping holiday in a
camping car.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles or RVs are the most popular
camping cars. These cars are like traveling homes.

Various camping cars and trailer towing vans are
aggregated under the same label – RVs.

The recreational vehicles can be used for many
purposes, such as traversing longer distances, camping
or sometimes even as a permanent home.

The largest and most luxurious recreational vehicles
are the Class A Motor homes. The smaller versions are
put under class B campervans. Class C recreational
vehicles are the smaller sized Motor homes.

Other than these, the camping cars are also made up by
combining the van with a trailer. All these
recreational vehicles are designed to provide space
for storage and accommodation place.

A recreational vehicle comprises of a bed, a small
kitchen area, storage space, table and a TV. Larger
recreational vehicles from Class A comprise of a
bathroom, showers, toilets, living room and master

These luxurious high end camping cars also include
refrigerator, satellite TV, internet facility,
awnings, slide out compartments and storage space for
a car, motorbike or bicycle.

The Class A camping cars are truly luxurious vehicles.
These are normally built on a truck or commercial bus
chassis for a larger space.

The recreational vehicles can be parked in a camping
space or in the special RV parks. It is very easy to
carry the RV to a national park, where staying can be
made comfortable with the vehicle.

There is no need to book a room at a hotel while
traveling in a camping car. One can prepare food in
the kitchen, hence no need to find a restaurant on the
way. The RVs also prove to be a good shelter for the

Manufacturers Of Camping Cars

There is a large number of manufacturing companies
that produce camping cars. Besides the original
camping cars’ manufacturers, several other van
manufacturing companies are taking part in the

People around the world love to travel and enjoy
camping in forests and mountains. For such camp
lovers, the car manufacturing companies are trying to
come up with innovative ideas everyday.

They have, till date, presented wonderful and
luxurious camping cars for the ease of their

The most popular brand in camping cars is « Winnebago ».

It is famous to such an extent that people use the
term, ‘Winnebago’, as the general term for a
recreational vehicle.

The company established the production of recreational
vehicles and camping cars in 1960.

Other than Winnebago, Roadtrek is the biggest
manufacturing company for recreational vehicles.
Founded in the year 1950, Fleetwood Enterprises was
the leading production firm for camping cars.

Jackson Center’s Thor Industries also has registered
remarkable production of RVs. Other companies such as
Newmar Corporation, Monaco Coach Corporation, Coachman
Industries, Starcraft RV, Trakka Motorcampers and
Carriage Inc are some of the leading manufacturing
companies that manufacture camper vans and
recreational vehicles.

GM or General Motors is also one of the mammoth
recreational vehicle manufacturers. Another age old
manufacturer is Airstreams Company. This company was
established in 1930.

All these manufacturers design the campervans to
provide the utmost comfort and luxury. The interior is
tastefully decorated.

The campervans are designed so as to accommodate most
of the necessary equipments. The camping vans can
occupy refrigerators, microwaves, portable toilets,
bathrooms and water storage tanks.

These facilities and amenities are provided by the
campervan producers on demand of the customer.

Makeover Of Camping Cars

Makeover of the camping cars is a comparatively new
trend. People love to enhance their dream RV or
camping vehicle, as much as they enjoy traveling.

More and more people are taking efforts to convert
their cars into mean machines. The makeover generally
reflects their thinking, taste and lifestyle.

The makeover of a camping car means changing the
outlook of the car and also to enhance its features.

The features can be, increasing the storage space
inside the vehicle, enhancing the kitchen space,
adding more advanced electrical appliances and

The outer enhancement comprises of changing the
flooring, coloring the walls, putting stickers and
paintings on the exterior, changing the windows.
Changing the lighting pattern can also enhance the
interior decor.

The feature enhancement of the camping cars is the
most popular trend nowadays. One can add some more
facilities to the vehicle.

A microwave and grill oven can prepare some mouth
watering delicacies while on a vacation. A
refrigerator can store the food for a longer time.

The bathroom accessories can also be changed and
enhanced during a makeover.

Adding some modern and enhanced technologies to the
interior of the camping car can make the travel safer
and comfortable.

One can also add some entertaining equipment such as a
music system and TV with satellite connection. The
ambience changes drastically with the change in light
effects. The flooring adds different effects to the

To get new ideas for the makeover of camping cars, you
can surf the net. There are hundreds of designs and
photographs available on internet.

To know about the accessories for makeover, you can go
through the specific magazines. You can even come to
know about the makeover prices with a little bit of

Interior Of Recreational Vehicles

The recreational vehicles and camping cars are getting
popular amongst the adventure freaks. With these
vehicles, one can experience the comfort and luxury,
despite of the camping site’s rough environment.

The interior of the recreational vehicles plays a
major part in a comfortable stay.

A recreational vehicle normally comprises of a bed,
bathroom, small kitchen area, and some storage space.

A luxurious recreational vehicle may comprise of a
living room with table, TV, kitchen with microwave,
refrigerator and a master bedroom with a large and
cozy bed.

The bathrooms are spacious and are fitted with a
shower. The toilets are generally the portable ones,
which can be detached and cleaned at a sanitary

There are several terms involved in the interior of
the recreational vehicles. The toilets generally have
a Black water tank in which the waste water from the
toilet is stored.

The kitchens of recreational vehicles have the Grey
Water tanks. These are used to store the waste water
from the shower and kitchen sinks.

The most important equipments in the interior of the
recreational vehicle are the generators and the
converters. The generator can be petrol, propane or
diesel operated.

It generates AC voltage, which is very useful in dry
camping and in the middle of the travel. The converter
takes the AC voltage from the generator or the
campsite hookups and converts it into DC voltage. This
voltage is used by the electrical equipments in RV.

House batteries turn out as one more source of DC
voltage source. The batteries have a smaller capacity
of 12 volts DC. The batteries are charged by the
vehicle batteries.

The inverters take the DC voltage from house batteries
and convert into AC. This voltage is used by the
electronic equipments which need an AC voltage.

Categories Of Camping Cars

There are many types of camping cars. These are
generally known as recreational vehicles or RVs, as
these can be used for camping as well as other
recreational activities.

The most luxurious and expensive type is the class A
motor home. These are modified trucks. Motor homes are
used for longer distances and for carrying a large
number of people.

The vehicle built on a commercial bus is just another
kind of RV. These vehicles offer larger space and

A campervan is a true camping car. Designed from a
typical van, this vehicle has a raised roof. Sometimes
in these vans, the backside is replaced with a coach
occupying cabinet.

A combination of the van and the truck is the class C
motor home. The front side is like that of a
conventional van, while the rear is built on a chassis
of a truck.

They are also known as Cab-over’s, in which the roof
is raised over the top of the van. These mini-Motor
homes include a bed and some type of entertainment

Truck camper is another type of a camping car. This is
more like a small camping car which is built on a
pickup truck.

This is mainly used by hunters and other jungle
travelers. The camping cars are also made by
connecting a folding trailer to the van.

The folding trailer is pulled by the van and has
sufficient storage space. A caravan is a bigger
version of a folding trailer. It is towed by a van and
also has larger space inside it.

The trailers and caravans are not exactly the mobile
homes. The extended storage compartments don’t include
the bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. One can only
store the equipment for camping and sometimes bicycles
and motorcycles too.

Camping Cars Rental

For a comfortable camping experience, a camping car is
a must! The cars provide accommodation and storage
space, along with luxury.

These camping cars and recreational vehicles can be
owned. Their prices vary from $10,000 to $100,000. For
a large Class A caravan, one needs to invest a large

Many times, these camping vehicles are of no use after
the camping trip. So, instead of buying such expensive
camping cars, one can simply rent them. This option is
more affordable as the vehicle needs a lot of

RV lifestyle and its experience can last for a
lifetime. For this, one needn’t buy a camping car and
should go in for an RV. For longer vacations, an RV
proves to be a cheaper medium of transportation and

Hence, for a camping trip, RV becomes an affordable
medium. One can rent the camping car to have an
experience of RV camping. The basic requisite of
accommodation is solved while traveling in a camping

The first thing to rent out is a camping car. Secondly
is to look out for a travel company which provides the
rental of an RV. One can find the links to the
companies on the internet.

Mostly people choose Motor homes to spend the
vacation. Some of the companies offer a partial sale
of luxurious high end RVs.

In this deal, the owner does not pay the whole amount,
but has to maintain the car for a specific period of
agreement of ownership. After the agreement gets over,
the RVs are resold to the next customer.

Camping Car Parks

Camping car parking is the space that is allotted for
the camping cars and recreational vehicles. They are
provided with the parking room, also known as the

These grounds provide tent facilities for camping. Not
every park offers all the services.

There is an AC power hookup provided at the camping
car parks. These are used to recharge the house
batteries inside the recreational vehicles.

The parks may house a central building where more
facilities and amenities are provided to the
travelers. The buildings are well equipped with the
necessary equipments.

These are inclusive of hookups for cable TV, telephone
facility, picnic tables, barbeque area, laundry, rest
rooms, showers, dump stations and Wi-Fi facility.

The recreational facilities that are provided include
swimming pool, health spa, beauty salon, gift shop and
convenience store.

Generally, these leisure facilities are provided at a
luxurious hotel or motel. Their exteriors act as the
camping parks.

Some of the lavish hotels and resorts have restriction
about the type of recreational vehicle that can enter
the premises. These are based on the length, type and
year of make of the vehicle.

The visitors can book the parking space for overnight
stay, or for few days, just like a hotel room.

There are several chains of camping car parking. The
well known RV Park in North America is Yogi Bear’s
Jellystone Park Campgrounds. These private entities
provide all the necessary facilities and luxurious
amenities to the visitors.


Campervan is a type of a camping car. This class B
recreational vehicle provides both traveling facility
and home like stay.

These are smaller than the Motor homes, but provide
similar luxury. These campervans are also called
motor-caravans in UK.

The structure of the campervan is similar to the van,
in which a raised roof spacious compartment is built
on the rare side. These roofs are called pop-up roofs
and they can be adjusted or fixed on the top.

The campervans include a small sized kitchen. There is
an electric/gas refrigerator, gas burners and a grill

The campervan comprises of water heater, shower and a
portable toilet. The electric equipments inside the
campervan operate on a separate dedicated battery or
the van battery.

The equipments can be run on the AC supply that may be
provided on the camp site.

Microwaves can also be transported in a campervan. The
entertainment mediums consist of radio, music system
and television. The holidays can be enjoyed at leisure
in a campervan.

For hot regions, AC can be turned ON, while in the
cold regions heater can be used. There are no worries
about water while traveling in a campervan, as the van
comprises of small water tanks.

The awning is provided so that one doesn’t have to
face the scorching heat of the sun.

The campervans are also known as Dormobiles in UK.

In Australia, they are called as ‘Kombis’.

In North America, Roadtrek is the most famous company
manufacturing the campervans. For the bases of
campervans, full sized strong vans such as Toyota
Hiace, Ford Transit, and Datsun Urvan are used.

Volkswagen is the most popular campervan manufacturing
company. This company manufactured the historical
Camper. There are several other types of campervans
that are manufactured by this company.

Buying The Camping Cars

Looking for a holiday outside the hustle & bustle of
your city? You must go for a camping trip and enjoy
the ride in a camping car.

There are different types of camping cars available in
the market. These vary from the high end recreational
vehicles to the cheap towing trailers. The capacity
and luxury levels vary according to the type of

The camping cars vary from $10,000-$100,000.

A camping car can be one of the most expensive assets
you can own. Hence, before buying a camping car, one
must consider several things. First of all, one must
decide whether a camping car is actually needed or
not. Some people make an RV their home.

Anyhow, for travelers, it may be a secondary option.
One can simply borrow or rent the RV for the camping

The second most important thing to do before buying a
camping car is to read the reviews about the vehicle.
These reviews can be obtained on the internet or in
car magazines.

Reviews often compare the prices, features and
durability in an honest manner. For a better
comparison in cost of the recreational vehicles, one
can check out the list of prices published on the

Once you are done with this, choose the type of
vehicle you want. Also, look if some auction is going
on for RVs.

You can strike a great deal at such auctions. Hence,
never miss a chance to attend such an auction.

Some of the internet sites also offer some good deals
for the customers of camping cars. Before the final
deal, do not forget to check for the warranties and
guarantee periods.