What Is The Plasma In Plasma TVs?

As the electronics industry has moved from CRT (cathode ray
technology) televisions to the new plasma technology, we
have all watched as our television pictures became clearer
and crisper.

Even though plasma technology isn’t all that new, the
application of it in our televisions sets is. We all
understand how a plain picture tube works in a television

What exactly is this plasma stuff?

Plasma is formed when two gases, neon and xenon, are
electrified and the resulting phosphors (a substance that
can emit light after being radiated in some way) begin to

To get a little more scientific, the atoms that make up the
neon and xenon release their negative electrons to float
about and leave ionized positive atoms. When you have
enough of theses ionized atoms, you get plasma.

You don’t need to be a science teacher to understand how
all of it works, but plasma is showing up in more than just
our television sets.

It was used in computer displays in the 1960’s and is used
today in waste treatment, welding and drilling, propulsion,
lasers, and instrument sterilization in medical offices and

The average person, though, will recognize the technology
in their television sets.

As plasma televisions continue to advance, you can
guarantee the use of it in other applications will continue
as well.

Before long, plasma technology may become one of the most
widely used applications around the world for numerous

And it will still make ‘Star Trek’ look really good on your